The First-Ever Custom CS4 Palette

Dear beloved early adopters of Photoshop CS4,

As you may (or may not) know, Photoshop CS4 supports custom Flash panels. You can author your own panels using a free Open Source utility from Adobe called Configurator. Photoshop’s product manager, John Nack, has long championed Flash panels as a way for industry experts, teachers, and passionate users to customize Photoshop to better suit their goals. Interested as I am in all things Photoshop, I decided to put Configurator and Flash panels through their paces. So very late in the creation of Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One, I created a custom palette to provide access to common selection and masking features from one convenient (but tall) location. The book should be out in a month, but members of dekeOnline can download the palette today, for free, and install it in about a minute. It looks like this:

(I told you it was tall.)

Our understanding is that this is the very first-ever custom palette for Photoshop. Which is my way of saying, you places your bets, you takes your chances. (It won’t hurt your machine, but it might give you some difficulty when installing.) Again, you must have Photoshop CS4 to use this palette.

To download the installer, right-click here (do not click!), and then choose the Download or Save As command. Once the file appears on your desktop (or wherever), it will look like this:

Once you have it, do the following:

  • Double-click on the XMP file. This will launch the Extensions Manager.
  • You’ll get a legal message. This is not mine, it’s Adobe’s. Click the button on the left if you want to move forward.
  • That’s all it takes. The palette is now installed.
  • If Photoshop CS4 is running, quit it.
  • Relaunch the program.
  • Choose Window > Extensions > Channels+Masks. (Why is it called Channels+Masks? 14-character limit, & is illegal.)
  • You may get a message that begins with the pretend word “Plase.” (Again, not mine.) If you do, click OK (or whatever), restart the program, and try again.
  • Eventually, you will see the palette. Click the tools, click the buttons, enjoy.

My thanks to John Nack and fellow Adobian Jeff Tranberry for their help in this project. (Among other assists, Jeff wrote the script that makes the dekeOnline button work.)

Hope you enjoy. If you have installation errors, please write. Given that this is the first custom Photoshop palette ever (have I said that enough?), we’re all kinda on the bleeding edge. In other words, you and me, we’re one big Guinea Pig for Adobe.

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  • Awesome work, Deke

    Ya DA MAN - this is an awesome example of what you can do with Configurator—more importantly, it’s extremely useful. I was hoping to use Configurator to create some custom stuff for Illustrator, but alas, Illustrator’s scripting support isn’t optimized for Configurator… yet, anyway. I would create a custom panel for Photoshop too, but it would probably have a single button that says “go to”... :)

    Mordy Golding

  • Insufficient Authority

    It wouldn’t install for me (got a message about not having the authority to perform the install). Is this because my copy of PS CS4 is still a trial version?

  • Off topic: sizing up question for anyone that knows this stuff

    I have a 10.1 mp camera, and according to the megapixel calculator (found here:, I can print high res at 300dpi and get an image that’s 12.2” (309mm)  x 9.1” (232mm), or “photo” at 24.3” (618mm)  18.2” (463mm) - dunno what the print res is for that - 240dpi, maybe?

    Anyway, I’d like to get a large print of one of my photos on canvas. I’m thinking along the lines of maybe 1000mm or so on the longest edge.

    What is the best way of resizing (I’ve heard that it should only be done in increments of 10% at a time), and should I even attempt to do it at all, or will the results be just awful?

  • CS4 channels and masks book


    If ever there is a book that I am waiting for it is this one.  Can’t wait for it to be released and if I am lucky maybe Amazon will have a nice discount for buyers of this one and the CS4 One to One book.

  • Not sure

    Sounds like a system-level permissions issue, which can be gnarly.

    What platform are you on, Petra?

  • Vista

    Cheers, Deke. It could be a system thing. I had to muck about quite a bit to bypass this paranoid system with a few other things, despite the fact that I’m logged on as an administrator. I’ll keep playing with it, though. If it doesn’t work, I’ll leave it on my desktop for when I actually purchase this CS4 baby after Xmas. It looks great and I’m keen to make it my default palette. :-)

  • Re: Off topic: sizing up question for anyone that knows this stu

    I looked at this web site you provided but here is a catch they do not specify the size of the sensor that took that picture. 10.1 MP P&S camera won’t give you result as 8 MP full censor camera. Note one thing also. People usually don’t realize that if the print is going to be on the wall where no one can go closer than 6-9 feet they will not see any problem. If they go closer they are going to see some artifacts between pixels - jiggled pixels from not having the pixels to fill the canvas. Also don’t up sample the original image with extra pixels in PS. If the original camera couldn’t add them to the scene, PS definitively can’t. It will add only some creepy pixels with no information.  One last thing don’t let this info from WIKI to mislead you not to try.  Again if you are printing something that big, you most likely want people to look at it from distance and not to craw there with microscope. WIKI info about HIGH res print and PHOTO is misleading, since most of all HIGH resolution images are print on same printers as large photos are these days. Unless you go for some graphic stuff with commercial printers.

    Deke has great series with the PS CS3 Sharpening lesson. Telling you about the resolutions, printing etc. It’s good tutorial as always.

  • Vista

    Petra if you are the only one who uses the computer disable User Account Control (UAC). This will let you do things without need to run stuff without popping nonsense and asking you all the time. 
    Go here to see it how

  • Thanks, Archee

    The camera I’ve got is the Canon 400D, and the sensor is a 22.2 x 14.8 mm CMOS, but I have no idea what that actually means. But I’m always learning! :-D

    Deke’s sharpening series is on my future viewing list, natch - though I have to say that I may be suffering information overload at this point. I’ve just watched the same video from Actions and Automations (in chapter 4) for the third time and I’m not taking it in anymore. Gah. I should probably go clear my head in the forest, and then come back to begin again.

    As for the pic - I haven’t even chosen a photo yet, but I know I’m getting some vouchers for Xmas that will allow me to print a large canvas (or maybe 2 smaller ones?) for a large feature wall I have in my lounge. It needs a splash of colour, and I love large canvases, so was just wondering what I could get away with without completely ruining it.

  • Thanks (again), Archee!

    Great info there. I’ll let you know how I get on. :-)

  • Custom pallette


    Just downloaded and installed Deke’s custom pallette. No problems, all went just as it should.  Great panel!

  • It worked!

    My lif is now complet. :-D

    You guys are like Santa Claus and happy flowers all rolled into one!

  • Decent camera

    Rebel XTI is good camera. It makes nice shots rate 8.5. It’s not a full frame Full frame is about 36 x 24 mm (8.64 cm²) but your rebel can do 3888 x 2592 on max resolution so perhaps it could work for you. Also maybe convert your picture into digital painting would give you the benefit of no need for extra high res picture for large print.  Put the Wacom in test. huh?  As of the learning. Try to implement as many your own scenarios and your own pictures as you can. Try it first on Deke’s templates and then use your own. Even though you have let say 10000 pics you probably know all of them and you can recall them in your memory immediately, where they are etc. Deke’s pics are nice but you have absolutely no link to these photos. So it might just happened that it comes in and out without a flash. However if you use your own pictures, it stays there. You as many as you can. So you memorized that this lesson did this with your picture, other done something else. Istock photo has great pics but unless you work with them like Deke everyday they are not saved in your head. This works for me.

  • My practice is done on my own pics

    ‘cos I’m not a premium member at Lynda - just a monthly subscriber - so I dobn’t have access to exercise files (which I think is probably a good thing). And to be honest, I’ve become so overwhelmed with new info as I gobble up the vids at Lynda, that I’m spending too much time watching and note taking and replaying the hard stuff, that it’s all becoming rather academic and I’m no longer practising on ANY pics - just kinda taking it all apart, but not doing any rebuilding. Like you try to learn too much all at once and then freeze as you no longer know where to begin with your own images anymore!

    But you’ll be pleased to know, Archee, that I have cleaned the mess in my office and have uncovered the Wacom again. I haven’t used it since I last did some restoration and repair work about a year ago. It was just too hard to get to. lol. Much easier now with a clean desk.

    Anyway, you’re very encouraging and full of good info, so thank you. :-)

  • Configurator in non english versions of Photoshop

    Here a tipp for all users of non english Photoshop versions which want to play with Configurator and the search feature.


  • Thanks Mordy!

    Coming from you that is high praise. Made my Sunday.

    (Don’t mean to single you out. The other posts made my Sunday too!)

    Does Illustrator do Flash panels as well? B/c there are other approaches, or so I am told.

    So, on the topic of automation: Do you know that Cmd-M does nothing in Illustrator? Nor does Cmd-Shift-I. I think we should do an hour on “Common Things That Work in All Other Apps But Not in Illustrator.” B/c it’s a really great program, as you well know. But it’s kinda weird, if you know what I mean. It’s like that one kid in school who’s secretly a superhero but everyone else thinks is a big geek.

    Which is why we like it so much. B/c that’s us too.

    By which I mean, ;-)

    Ooh, speaking of which, check out this terrific movie: Special. It’s everything a movie should be: thought provoking, funny, and disturbing. (B/c if you aren’t jarred out of the four walls of today, what good is tomorrow?)

  • That’s awesome news!

    Thanks wen!

  • Nice!

    Great, thank you =)!

  • 110% @ the time is faster…

    ...and it’ll give you identical or better results when using bicubic interpolation when compared to 10% at the time.

    I’m going to assume that you already decided that the image needs to be upsampled. So I’m going to recommend a Photoshop plug-in called Genuine Fractals:

    “I recommend Genuine Fractals”

    It does a much better job than anything I was ever able to replicate using Photoshop alone. And I have developed some actions in my day, whose complexity bordered on alien technology (it utilized Velcro). Which is to say, I jammed my foot deep in my mouth by doing so, as I was once a hard-core advocate of Photoshop being THE tool to use for just about anything pixel-based.

    However, once I played with Genuine Fractals a bit, I quickly discovered two things. One - I was wrong, and two - athlete’s foot is not an adequate substitute for Roquefort.

    Speak of cheesy jokes; Deke, I really miss the approach you had in your Photoshop 7 series. You know - the wood shop ones? I have never seen anyone with such a capacity to make taping an African tribal mask to one’s face such a hilarious feat. Not to mention that the whole series was very well perpetuated by the very humorous opening and closing clips, and the Home Improvement-like structure. You need to do more themed stuff like that.

    And don’t get put off by my loose use of the word cheesy. I like cheesy.



    Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

  • \“special\”

    I’ll have to check out that movie. I do remember seeing the previews. But alas, who has time to go see movies?

    Illustrator definitely has support for Flash panels. In fact, it was the first app to do so (Illustrator is pretty much the lab rat over at Adobe—it always gets stuff first—transparency, SVG, SWF, Native MacOS X, Flash panels, etc.).

    The problem isn’t the Flash panel support—the problem is that Illustrator’s scripting model is geared toward content creation. Whereas Photoshop’s scripting model isn’t about automated content creation, it’s about automated functionality in the program.

    I’ll give you an example: In Illustrator, you would never want a script function that would call the actual rectangle tool. You’d have a script that would state “draw a rectangle with the following dimensions”. But there’s no need for the rectangle tool—that’s just there because we’re human and have no other way to instruct Illustrator to do our will.

    The way that configurator works is that it uses the JavaScript for the tool to allow you to access those tools in a custom panel. But again, Illustrator doesn’t have javascript commands for accessing the rectangle tool. It only has javascript commands for drawing actual rectangles. In theory, one COULD make a custom panel for Illustrator that had buttons marked “2x2 square” “3x4 rectangle” etc—but would that really be useful? Or would our time be better spent going out to the movies and letting the swelling go down on our brains?

    BTW, Command-M is a keyboard shortcut that Apple stole—for Minimize, which is what AI does. Also, I have Command-Shift-I mapped to Select > Inverse. Hey, if there weren’t any free shortcuts left, we couldn’t make our own!

    Mordy Golding

  • Run as Administrator

    Should also be able to right click the .mxp file and “Run as Administrator” to install on Vista with a limited user account.

  • Flash Panels in Illustrator

    Illustrator supports Flash Panels, but not Configurator panels. The panels need to be loaded via CSXS rather than the simple way that Photoshop supports loading them (i.e. dropping the swf in the plug-in folder called “Panels”) Photoshop actually supports both methods of loading a panel.

  • Not too special

    Photoshop isn’t that much different that AI. We did add a bit of code to get the tools to work for CS4. Photoshop also has a mechanism for creating actions to “Insert Menu Item” which essentially chooses a menu item in PS. I’m not positive but couldn’t you just call a command via AI’s DOM and choose an option in the code to display the dialog associated with the command? That’s all the “Insert Menu Item” javascript code really does.

  • good question…

    Illustrator does have the Insert Menu Item command for Actions, but I have no idea what the scripting support is like. You’d have to ask someone on the Illustrator ENG team for that.

    Mordy Golding

  • Downloader doesn’t work.

    Couldn’t get the downloader. Will this be available for my MacBook? All I got was pages of gobbledegook.

  • I’ve been there….

    Right click the link and choose “save link as”, or whatever your browser prefers. Just as Deke instructed. :-D

  • Thanks, flyboy

    I’ve heard great things about Genuine Fractals - and upsizing to 800%! wow! But I’ll have to give it a miss for the time being - too expensive for me. Maybe I’ll just wait till I can afford it.


  • Right click? No

    My computers don’t have right click. No mouse either. MacBook doesn’t have this.

  • Control-click on a Macbook or one button mouse

    to simulate right-click. That’s Control not the cloverleaf thing.

  • Thanks Deke

    It downloads and works great!

    You have me excited to try my own Configuator panels.

  • One on One?

    Greetings, when might we see the second and third Photoshop CS4 One on One videos on

  • CS4 videos

    I would like to know when they will be coming out, too

  • You do not have the necessary permissions

    This comes up. “You do not have the necessary permissions to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission.” Windows Vista x64

  • resolved

    it was only to turn off the UAC in vista… ;)

  • You already watched all of Part 1?!

    I begin filming Part 2 Friday or Saturday, until I go home for Xmas on the 22nd. WIll finish up in late January. But it’ll probably be February before they’re up.

    I realize that’s a long way off, but I am sadly just one guy. (On second thought, make that “thankfully.”) But I have lots of nifty things planned. It’ll be 30 chapters in all, 10 chapters in Part 2 and 8 in Part 3.

    After that, I’ll finish up the Illustrator series (Part 1 of which is almost done.) And then on to side topics like smart objects, blend modes, more masking, etc.

    I figure that’ll pretty much take me thru the first Obama administration.

  • Desperately seeking Bernhard Modern Standard

    Deke - Is there any way you can convince Adobe to make this font available to purchasers of CS4 Design Standard who have also purchased your InDesign CS4 book? I bought the full-price retail upgrade version and none of the members of this font family are provided.


  • Ug, I finally confirmed

    . . . the complete and total lack of Bernhard with the Design Standard or Premium versions of CS4. (Or any version of CS4 on the planet, frankly.)

    Once upon a time Adobe apparently thought they were going to include it. But I’m guessing they pulled it due to licensing issues. (Typeface licensing is an amazingly, outstandingly complex can of worms. Honestly, the legalities of fonts makes the exonerations and convictions of OJ Simpson look altogether sane.)

    Anyway, no, there is no way we can implore Adobe to do anything where fonts are concerned. I and my team have a long and unsuccessful history in this regard. Just say the word “typeface” and watch everyone in the room grow seven layers of titanium armor.

    That said, we are working on a solution. My apologies. I hope to have something for you before Xmas!

    (Thx for the follow up, Personne.)

  • Submit Jpg to Deke

    Again I ask:  Is there some way I can send a small .jpg file of Sammy directly to Deke?


  • separator in Configurator?

    How do I get separator in Configurator?

  • Home Set Up?

    Deke, has Lynda even thrown the idea of giving you a home set up to film? Seems rough on you since they have such an ambitious schedule planned. I guess this is why InDesign is not included in your series on Lynda.

    Oh, how about a fun topic on fonts? I love font tricks.

  • Re: Desperately seeking Bernhard Modern Standard

    Check this link for your font and tell us if it worked.

  • One possible source for Bernhard Modern Standard

    Just as an FYI, Bernhard Modern Standard was included with InDesign CS3, the Design Standard CS3 suite, and the Design Premium CS3 suite. So if you’re upgrading from any of those, the font should be available on your original CS3 install disks. A temporary workaround for now—but a fix should be posted soon.

  • Free substitute seems to work

    Tried downloading and installing the “Bernhard Modern” family from the site Archee suggested, opened Deke’s first 1-1 file and selected the Roman and bold fonts when InDesign gave me the missing fonts dialog. The resulting file seemed to look fine as far as I could tell. I’m not sure if “Bernhard Modern” is exactly the same as Adobe’s “Bernhard Modern Standard” but I’m unable to compare them to tell if there’s a difference.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Archee.

  • NP

    U R welcome. I feel like Tech support here

  • Sending Images

    Hey there. Not sure what the file you have in mind is, but you can send it to for now. Going to take Petra’s advice and set up a Flickr group for dekeCommunity as soon as, you know, I figure out how.

  • The Bernhard knock-off

    Not sure I would advocate Archee’s solution.

    Technically, such knock-off fonts are actually (and surprisingly) legal. As I understand it, the only attribute of a font that you can copyright is its name.

    But I’m very suspicious of any site that has no discernible business model. If it seems too good to be true . . .

    Even assuming the knock-off is clean, it very likely has different size and kerning metrics that will throw off the page design.

    My designer David Futato has created two alternative sample documents. I will do my best to get them posted this evening.

  • RE

    I assume that is

    Thank you so much,


  • Flickr groups

    Good morning, Colleen!

    It’s pretty easy to start a group. Do you have a Flickr account? I’ve got a Pro Flickr account via my ISP by default, so if you like I could start the group and then I think I can transfer admin/moderator privileges over to you guys (but I need to look into that a bit more). Otherwise, all you have to do is follow the instructions at this link:


  • Font licensing

    So I worked at Yellow Pages for a couple of years, a few years back, and we would tell clients who supplied their own art via graphic artists to also make sure they supplied the font on disk as well as embedded, because as you know there are more fonts than there are stars in the sky. But I was reading about font licensing last night and it seems that this is illegal. Is it?

  • Love you for volunteering, Petra

    But I have to earn my sidekick salary somehow. I was hoping my Flickr/Yahoo sign-in info would pop back into my head. (Apparently I lied to Yahoo about my birthday and now I can’t retrieve.) I’ll get on it this weekend. You’re awesome. Thanks for the push.


  • This weekend?

    Are you insane?! :-p

    Crikey, guys - you’ve been working yer asses off, Christmas is next week, New Year the week after (and what a joyous year this one will be to leave, eh?) - for goodness sake, give yourselves some family and fun and friends time. We can wait.

    Relax. Be good to yourself. :-)

  • Why is it so HUGE?

    Does anybody know why it is that when I open a 12 MB NEF file in PS it is 35 MB!?  Before I’ve made any edits the document is already 35 MB.  I am in 8-bit mode.  Is this normal?  Why doesn’t a 12 MB file in Bridge open as 12 MB in PS?  DP

  • Why is it so HUGE?!

    That’s what she said!

    (Sorry….couldn’t he’p mahself….carry on…. )


  • Your NEF file

    Is a compressed linear file, meaning that it contains just one channel of 10 bit/pixel/channel data.

    When you open it in Photoshop, the compression goes away. (Images are never compressed in RAM, even if they hail from JPEG files.) Plus, Photoshop renders the image in three channels.

    I cover this kind of under-the-hood stuff in my video series Photoshop CS2 Mastering Camera Raw available from It’s a little long in the tooth, but many of the movies (especially the early ones) remain as viable as ever.

  • Same way you get a separator in old-school HTML

    You make a tiny solid-color graphic and add it to your panel/palette.

    Unfortunately, each graphic gets a thin border. So if you want to see whatever color you’ve assigned to your graphic file, the image has to be 3 pixels tall.

    That’s my experience anyway.

  • E-NEF Bits Already!

    Thanks Deke, BTW, I had ACR set to 16-bit for a while, so when I opened the 12 MB file in PS it went to 70 MB!  Wow!  It doesn’t take much retouching to generate 200+ MB files.  In your opinion, is 16-bit ever worth the extra file size?  DP

  • Hue & Saturation

    I recently purchased CS4 and there is a disagreement between Deke’s tutorial and Adobe’s tutorial on hue and saturation control.  Deke’s tutorial claims that one can check the ‘Colorize’ box and then click on the ‘drag directly into image control’ icon in the upper left corner to adjust the hue and/or saturation in the photo.  This was also demonstrated in Deke’s video.

    However, CS4 disable the ‘drag directly into image control’ icon when the ‘Colorize’ box is check.  When moving the pointer to this icon when the ‘Colorize’ box checked, the pointer change to a diasable icon, a circle with a line throught it.

    Without the ‘Colorize’ box checked, I can use the ‘drag directly into image control’ as Adobe’s tutorial instructed.

    Was Deke’s tutorial for a beta version?  I recently purchased CS4?  Or do I have a bug?

    I have a Mac 10.4.11 and CS4 Extended.


  • Colorize dims the target adjustment tool

    So, no, the behavior you’re experiencing is exactly as it ought to be.

    Can you direct me to my video in which you think I say otherwise? All the videos I can say are technically correct, but I want to make sure I’m not putting any misinformation out there.


  • Hue & Saturation

    The following is from CS4 on-line help file, in which it has your written tutorial that replicated the video.  The tutorial is titled ‘Making Adjustments’, dated 15 Oct 2008.


    To change the color of an object, you add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

    1. Choose Hue/Saturation from the Color Adjustments menu.

    2. Select Colorize to color the entire image. By default, the image is tinted red. To change the color and saturation, you can use the Hue and Saturation sliders or the onscreen selector.
    3. Click the Toggle Onscreen Selector button in the upper-left corner of the Hue/Saturation panel.
    4. Drag to the right inside the image to increase the saturation.
    5. Drag to the left inside the image to decrease the saturation.
    6. To change the Hue, Ctrl+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac OS) the image.
    7. Select the Toggle Onscreen Selector button in the upper-left corner of the Hue/Saturation panel.

    8. To advance to the right in the color spectrum, drag to the right inside the image. To move to the left in the spectrum, drag to the left.

    I did exactly what was stated above, but once Colorize is selected in step 2, it disables the Toggle Onscreen Selector.  In fact, every thing else is disabled in the Adjustment panel, except for the Saturation, Hue and Lightness slide bars.  I can replicate your steps 1 through 2.  After that I use the sliders.

    Thanks for the quick response, I enjoy watching your videos.  For a first time user, your videos got me navigating around Photoshop in a short time.

  • This isn’t mine

    I’m confused, I didn’t write this. For example, there is no Color Adjustments menu. And I don’t call it the Toggle Onscreen Selector button (it’s the target adjustment tool). And you’re right, the whole damn thing doesn’t work as written—several problems, in fact.

    Do you have a URL for this? I’m eager to see how I’m connected to it.

    Thx for your meticulous documentation. (And your kind comments.)

  • I regard 16-bit/channel the way I regard a necktie

    By which I mean, normally, ye gads no.

    In fact, the whole proposition is rather absurd. Assuming you get most of the heavy lifting out of the way with Camera Raw, why give yourself an auditorium of space to edit a relative double-wide trailer of data? And once you start adding layers, then you’ve got yourself a nine-floor auditorium for your tiny, dismal double-wide trailer.

    Argument: C’mon, Deke, are you seriously suggesting that a 12-bit/channel image doesn’t deserve 16-bit? Put it this way: You own a McMansion that costs you $4000/month. For whatever reason, you are forced to move your family to either a double-wide trailer for $256/month or a nine-floor auditorium for $65,500/month. (Those are your options, where Photoshop is concerned.) Which do you choose? Completely up to you, my friend. Me, I think: I got my beer, my woman, my little bitty chilun’, what’s so bad about the double-wide?

    Meanwhile, Lab in 8-bit gives you way more latitude than RGB in 16-bit. And 8-bit Lab keeps it cozy. It’s like a double-wide trailer with a crazy scientist on board. Who brews your beer. And makes your gasoline. Like a mute and innocuous version of Harry Dean Stanton’s Brain from Escape from New York. (And hubba hubba if Brain comes with Adrienne Barbeau, it’s 2^n good.)

    On the other hand, every once in a while, it’s a special occasion. And so you throw on a necktie. (Make it a $40 one; why waste time on the $5 stuff?) Which is how I treat 16-bit/chan. The occasional black-and-white line art. The occasional hard-to-fix image. The occasional pain-in-the-ass event.

    Otherwise, me, not so much. My midsize TV is so much bigger in my little trailer. With Brain and Adrienne at helm.

  • Hue and Saturation


    The above instruction for Hue and Saturation is in the following URL, in which I was directed to from CS4 help.  Write ‘Hue and Saturation’ in the search box, and it will direct you to a list of help topics on this subject matter.  The second help topic ‘Adobe - Photoshop CS4 tutorial : Making adjustments’ is the one I’m referring to with this URL.


  • Custome Channel & Mask Panel

    Hi, I’m looking forward to being able to use this panel but I’m having trouble with installing it on my computer.  I’m running Vista Ultimate (if that matters) followed the above directions and I just end up getting a file on my pc that won’t open.  I get prompted to search the web for the appropriate program to open the file and so I tried that and the web doesn’t seem to have anything that recognizes the file.  If you can please help, I’m excited about having this new tool. 

  • Hey

    pixelpunk, you are looking for the Adobe Extension Manager. It should have a shortcut in the Creative Suite start menu folder after installing CS4. You might run into the problem that you don’t have the necessary permissions to install the custom panel, in that case try launching the extension manager with administrator rights by rightclicking its icon and choosing “run as administrator”.


  • Thanks Fab

    I did exactly what you said and it worked out great.  Great big buckets of gratitude your way!

  • Channels+Masks Palette


    Thank you so much for this Palette!!!  What a big gift !

    I am actually following your videos at  It is so well done and easy to understand even for a french girl like me.  I’am there for at least one year :-).

    Thanks again,


  • New Channels and Masks Palette crashes CS4


    I posted this message on the comments for the book as well - before I saw this comments area.  I am wondering if I can re-create it if I can’t get it to work.  Any thoughts?

    I am fired up to start leaning from this book. Installation of all the extras went great right up until I clicked on the extensions: channels+masks. Photoshop shuts down so fast I had to look around the first time to see that it was actually gone. I am running photoshop CS4 in Windows in 64bit. Other than this little issue I have had absolutely now problems with the program - I have been stitching together panoramas and multiple image collage and generally having a good time on large high intensity operations without so much as a hiccup. Does this palette not work in 64bit? Is there a setting I need to change? Please help.

    Thank you,


  • Can’t help

    Chris- I’m sorry, but I haven’t had any issues.  I’m running CS4 on Windows XP (not 64-bit) and the Channels+Masks pallette has worked fine for me. -Jeremy

  • New Channels & Masks Palette Win XP 64

    Since posting I have found out that it is only on XP 64 bit and that XP 64 is specifically not supported by Adobe.  They MAY fix this in a few weeks.  BUMMER!  It is so much better than Vista 64 - more stable etc.  Wish they would unofficially support it.  Even palettes that you make yourself cause insta-crash.  If anyone finds a workaround please tell me.



  • Dang, that’s unfortunate

    Sorry to hear you can’t use the C&M palette with 64-bit Win XP. I must admit, I have 32-bit XP and it didn’t even occur to me to test.

    The good news is that the book doesn’t hinge on your having the C&M palette up and running. I created it after the main body of the book was written, so with the exception of the Preface, the text does not specifically reference it.

    That said, your pain is my pain. Here’s hoping Adobe gets on it. They have the usual market incentives to do so. And I know from personal experience that product manager John Nack champions both emerging and proven technologies to the best f his ability.

    (I hope you’re okay that I modified your comment headline to better reflect the problem.)

  • C&M palette source


    I love the palette and will use it as I go through your book. 

    However, I think, at some point, I would like to modify…personalize…the palette to meet my specific needs.

    No being a programmer, starting this from scratch is a bit “daunting”.  Would you be willing to share the “source” of the palette….to use both as a basis and a learning tool?


    jrsforums at

    EDIT:  Found out from JN that the “source” is already there…in the /plugins/panels directory….the .GPC file.

  • Excellent

    I’m away from the office at the moment, furiously recording content by day and writing dekePod scripts by night. So I don’t have all the files I used to craft that thing.

    But if you can work from the GPC file, then fantastic.

    Needless to say, I have no problem with you or anyone else customizing the palette to suit your needs. I’d rather see it accommodate your workflow than the other way around.

  • No link for martini hour or C+M pallet download

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have the links active on this page?

    All other links on the page work. Only the ones for the audio MH download and the C+M link are dead.

  • should work now.

    should work now.

  • Works now Cool

    That is one TALL pannel if you hadn’t added the slider to the right side I wouldn’t be able to access everything (only a laptop) Now to mix a drink and relax at the bar;-)


  • Adding the 4 Bernhard Modern Standard fonts

    I am working from the beginning of InDesign CS4 One on One and amtrying to get the 8 fonts copied from my CS4 Contents disk.  The Chaparral Pro and the Myriad Pro fonts are listed, but I can not find the 4 Bernhard Modern Standard Fonts listed.  Any ideas?  And if they are not to be found, what kind of effect will that have while I am trying to do the excersises in the 1on1 book?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Nice tools

    Woww.. that was very nice tools. It can make us fun in designing. Thanks for this useful tools

  • The Average Color of the Universe

    What color is the universe? More precisely, if the entire sky was smeared out, what color would the final mix be? This whimsical question came up when trying to determine what stars are commonplace in nearby galaxies.

    To determine this, astronomers computationally averaged the light emitted by one of the largest sample of galaxies yet analyzed: the 200,000 galaxies of the 2dF survey. The resulting cosmic spectrum has some emission in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but a single perceived composite color.

    In a contest to better name the color, notable entries included skyvory, univeige, and the winner: cosmic latte.

    Here are the RGB values of the universe: 255:248:231

    Whip up a batch of cosmic latte and see what the color looks like.

    courtesy NASA (listed in Wikipedia too!)

  • channels & masks.mxp

    Deke, I’ve been trying to load your channels and masks.mxp plug in from your “Photoshop CS4 Chanels & Masks, ” book. Iget the following message.“you do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission.” well I am the administrator and am logged on as such. Any clues?

    Sorry, my bad. got it to work. Fantastic book

  • Message

    I get the same message; what did you do?

  • found answer lower in post

    Hi there.  I just posted a reply about the same thing but as soon as I sent it I read further down in the post and found the answer.  Guess I should have read first! ;p

    Oh well here is what I found…


    Submitted by fabulacious on 5 January 2009 - 8:51pm.

    pixelpunk, you are looking for the Adobe Extension Manager. It should have a shortcut in the Creative Suite start menu folder after installing CS4. You might run into the problem that you don’t have the necessary permissions to install the custom panel, in that case try launching the extension manager with administrator rights by rightclicking its icon and choosing “run as administrator”.


  • I too am not authorized

    I too am having problems installing the palette.  Please let me know how to get past this as I am so looking forward to using this book!

    OPPS…nm I found it!  Thanks

  • Me too

    I am having the same challenge. It’s too bad that nobody has posted a resolution to this challenge. I think this will be a great book, but it doesn’t look like I have reason to ever visit this website.

  • There is a Bernhard fix

    To download it, go to this link:

    (I found it by searching for “Berhard” in the top-right Go field. It’s not perfect, but the search option often works very nicely for finding posts and fixes on the site.)

  • Channels+Masks Note for Windows 7, X64

    It installed fine.  The extension Manager shows installation only in the X64 version, but it also installed in the X32 version.  Why am I concerned with X32?  Many of my plugins are not X64 compatible, and I do not wish to purchase the X64 upgrades coming out.

  • Channels & Masks Custom Palette

    Is this Palette also available for CS5 as I note when I install the CS4 version is does not appear in among the Extension choices.


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