The Instant Liquid Diet

dekePod Episode 010: I love this time of year. The crisp breeze on my back. The slight shiver. The smell of the new season.

It’s nature’s way of telling us to stock up. To fatten ourselves for the hard times ahead, when the ground is frozen and the crops are dead or bare. Only problem is, most of us don’t have no stinkin’ crops and the frozen foods aisle is as overflowing in December as it is in June. So every Holiday Season marks the introduction of a couple of new pounds that never seem to leave.

But what if this year was different? What if all photographic evidence pointed to a thinner you at the end of 2008? Let dekePod show you how. Here’s the official marketing description:

Ah, the holiday season, a time of expansion. Great physical expansion. Fatty, high-calorie food is everywhere you turn. And so we grow. But not this year. In some distant future, when you review Thanksgiving 2008 in your photo album, you’ll look back on it as the first of many years that you actually lost weight. “Thank you dekePod,” you’ll say. Because in this episode, Deke teaches you how to transform fat into fit using the Liquify command. And with smooth, stretch mark-free results!

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You can also check out the page at my book publisher O’Reilly Media.

You’ll have time to lose weight and firm up next year. But the time to make yourself look good “in post” is today. Learn to Liquify, smooth those rumply edges, rip yourself to steroidal shreds. Be that person who can look back from his or her dotage and say, “Look at me. I used to cut quite a figure.” And they’ll all pretend to believe you, too, cuz you’ll be so damn old.

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  • Ah, martinis…

    *That* I can look at for a week.

  • What happened…

    to Mr. Belly-fur? That vampire-teeth girl scares me.

  • Scares you more than the belly-fur?

    Funny, Deke and I didn’t notice the fangs until after he switched the image. We are apparently easily distracted by gin and olives. Because what could be more than someone who stays up all night and drinks martinis?

  • Colleen made me

    Get rid of the gigantic belly dude. She couldn’t bear to look at him all week.

    And somehow, I came to agree with her . . .

  • Aww

    pity, he sure was special. But then again, I think I’m over him already.

  • You and me both

    It’s like all the kids are sayin’: Martinis are beautiful.

  • Up Late

    what fun for my cold congested dry hacking body to experience. Reading can make you smart?
    is turkey stuffing smart food?

    Won’t working on the treadmill after indulging in a large turkey killing spree leave you slipping in giblets?

    this cold is worse that I realized. I’m going to bed

  • martinis

    Thought I checked the martini check box here on the site. Do you email them?


  • Liquify

    Wow if only dieting were this easy, we’d all be shaped like Greek Gods and Goddesses! At least now I can dream!

    Thanks Deke

  • You know what I noticed

    About the vampire-woman-drinking-a-martini image?

    Her top teeth and fangs are rendered so perfectly. They’re recessed into her natural tooth/gum line. Plus, the fangs are translucent. That only happens with real or expertly manufactured false teeth. (I should know; I have six caps as a result of landing face first on the bar of a trampoline. Gosh, I love trampolines!)

    But look at her bottom teeth. They’re pearly white, but way out of alignment. Two explanations:

    —The woman had a very talented Beverly Hills oral surgeon switch out her incisors for fangs.

    —She really is a vampire.

    I’m inclined to go with #2. I mean, if she’d had her teeth worked on, she would’ve have fixed the bottom ones too, right? Ergo, dekeOnline can finally go public with the first recorded really actual empirical evidence of a real actual empirical vampire. I imagine Associated Press will have the story tomorrow.

  • Ha!

    I knew it! I thought there was something evil about that witch in the first place. Which made me research her and as it turns out there was a time when she was one of us.  I wonder what did that to her…

  • My guys edited it?!

    I didn’t even know—wow, they did a great job! (No wonder I use them.)

  • Actually she comes in vampire and nonvampire from iStockphoto

    And it does say the vampire was the “original.”

  • Hey!

    You’re supposed to be working on the book!!

  • Off topic again for this podcast, but in answer to your question

    ...the one where you asked your viewers in the Lab series on whether they would like to see a series dedicated to smart objects…the answer is a “YES, PLEASE!” shouted from my rooftop.

    (just in case you don’t already have enough to do…. )


  • NIce Work on dekePod 10

    Hi Deke,

    Just wanted to let you know dekePod 10 past the wife test. She really isn’t very interested in most computer stuff but enjoyed the new dekePod 10 video.

    Even made her laugh a little. Great job.

    I have it posted on my website today along with a video on how to fold a t-shirt in 2 second. Just thought they went together, I’m not sure why.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


  • I hate to hijackthis thread

    I hate to hijackthis thread (I cant find a way to create a new one or email anyone here) but in one of Deke’s great podcasts he briefly showed how to remove noise from a picture using Gaussian blur but I cannot seem to find it now. Does anyone know what eposide this was from? Thanks in advance for any and all help provided.


    “The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE.” - Ernst Haas

  • LAB

    Maybe I’m shooting out of control but in Deke’s LAB tutor he is setting the mask on the lightness channel in LAB mode and pushing Gaussian blur to like 6 pts with copying new layer on the top of each other. I’m not sure if this is what you asked but he basically convert all to smart object and applied smart sharpen on the top of lightness channel then obviously all points were sharpen but not the a and b channel only the L and this way he didn’t have any crazy fuzziness and luminance between colors. Only shadows. After that he use smart object again and duplicate the the background image. Select mask from lightness channel and applied Gaussian blur. There was still little grain but the only if you really zoom into the picture. If the original picture has lot of grain shooting with iso over 800 you are going to lose the information by applying any type of blur. You have to mask it and bring up the shadows and black to keep the picture nicely sharp. Try to play with Raw mode in bridge with matching the white with white balance tool.

  • After I see this video, I am

    After I see this video, I am sure the famous aren’t handsome.

  • Weight, this is something

    Weight, this is something that I think almost all people all over the world keeping thinking and thinking about. yes those who are poor and cannot afford a day’s meal or make ends meet with a degree of difficulty i mean not to show any disrespect.

    We all want to have the healthiest of foods and also not want to leave junk food, we love to remain couch potatoes and love to hog on extra cheese on the pizza.

    Take natural sugar and burn it. Use something like pure agave it is really helpful

  • Quickie

    My favorite 2-stepper for getting rid of dig. noise in RGB:

    1. Apply Gaussian Blur to remove the noise

    2. Hit “Edit/Fade Gaussian Blur” and choose Color blend mode to restore the luminosity values

    No need for Lab, however cool it might be (and cool it is).


    Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  • Juices are a great liquid

    Juices are a great liquid diet and you can sometimes send an entire day just on liquids.

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