This Is Me in Real 3D

I’m so sorry to do this. But I get excited whenever I record a really great video. This one will be a Deke’s Techniques movie for, available (I believe) July 5th. Altogether for free. And it will document how to make a stereoscopic photograph with a single lens (i.e., standard) camera, perfect for viewing with a pair of red/blue glasses—that is to say, red on left and blue (actually cyan) on right. Get yourself such a pair and check out the following:

This is me in real 3D

This is me, btw. I imagine that some of you might want to see someone other than me, possibly a person with longer hair and more depth. But me is what you get. Me in real 3D.

The photos (b/c it requires two) come from Jacob Cunningham. Click the image above to see a higher resolution vertical shot, with lots of real-tree and real-grass action. (Damn, this stuff is real.) In case you’re curious, these sorts of images are called anaglyphs. Next thing you know, you’ll be at a party goin,’ “Dude, I created the most wicked anaglyph today.” And some hottie in the wings (presumably regardless of gender)‘ll say, “Serious, I’ve heard enough outta you. I’m taking you home!”

Me serious, I cannot tell you what a rad technique this is. And so simple. I managed to boil the whole thing down to two clicks. You’ll see in a couple of months. In the meantime, don’t despair—Deke’s Techniques is every week, so keep watching.

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  • Real 3D

    i have got real d 3d glasses from a journey to the centre of the earth. are there any images or videos on the internet that work?? any links appreciated thanks

  • CS5 or CS5.1 ?

    Hi Deke, I was just wondering if it’s necessary getting Photoshop CS5.1 ? What’s the difference between CS5 and CS5.1 ?
    Thanks in Advance…


  • cs5

    I just read that in the future adobe will be available through monthly subscription billing for me as I can’t afford the next master suite would be great to get it that way by subscrition

    is that true?

  • Here’s a title for this video:

    Deke’s Techniques — Creating Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

    (I wish I had 3D glasses…)

  • DekeKeys CS5

    Hey, wanted to start off saying thanks for your great books- they’ve helped me out a lot, and just purchased CS5 and uninstalled my prior version before that, losing all my settings.

    I wanted to confirm if all of the dekekeys are the same for CS5 or if the formatting has changed. I’m primarily concerned with InDesign CS5 (for which the 1on1 book apparently will not be happening from what I could ascertain from your comments on an earlier post).

    Can I use the old DekeKeys that came with my CS4 InDesign One-on-One book, along with the color setups and everything else??

    Many thanks again!

  • It’s available…

    Now. Just go here to read all about it and start your subscription:

  • There is no…

    difference between CS5.0.x and CS5.1 for Photoshop. CS5.1 is the shipping version that comes with the CS5.5 suite. Neither Photoshop or Illustrator were upgraded to the CS5.5 release. If you have Photoshop CS5, it should update to CS5.0.4 which adds the integration with the Photoshop Touch iPad products, the only added feature in the CS5.5 release for Photoshop. Adobe has also stated that ACR will update throughout the CS5 release cycle (until CS6 or whatever they call the new version is released in May 2012).

  • 3D

    Found one or two tools which can be used to create 3d animations, but looking for something.

  • Online discussion

    I found Fridays with Mordy on net and hope You will organize something similar for Photoshop. This discussions are recorded and can be viewed at any time. Discussions are on specific topics and very interesting. Mordy answers some questions from attenders.

    Bojan Živković

  • Illustrator CS5 Spiral

    Hey Deke,

    watched many of your videos including the new cs5 illustrator one on one which are great. I wanted to say that you mention there isn’t a way to flip the spiral on the fly, but you can with the “R” button, same for the arc, either “X” or “F” will flip the arc.

  • Thanks for the correction

    Someone once told me that I’ve forgotten more than most people know about these programs.

    That is, of course, an understatement. Your average person possesses at most limited knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and the rest. And while I know a fair amount (or so they say), the information leaks out of my head at a steady drip.

    R? Why R? X and F? And yet none crosses over between the spiral and arc tools. That’s some wacky, rollercoaster UI.

    Anyway, thanks. You just re-educated me! (However briefly.)

  • Real 3D

    can’t wait until July to learn the “secret”  on creating anaglyph “art” hehehe.

    LOVE IT!!!

  • The 3D I’d REALLY like to learn about… lenticular. Any chance you’re gonna do some training or tips on that subject?


  • Good post

    Good post

  • Creating & working with spot colors in Photoshop CS5

    I would really like to see a comprehensive tutorial on working with spot colors / channels in Photoshop A ‘best practices’ type approach, covering all the pitfalls and ways to output files for use Illustrator or Indesign.

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