Top Five Reasons I Love the New dekePod Episode

I had too much Las Vegas last night, so I’m only giving five reasons why the new dekePod, Spirograph on Steroids, might just be my favorite.

Number 5) I hadn’t read the script or been present at the taping, so it was all minty fresh goodness to my brain.

Number 4) My parents are math (Dad) and physics (Mom) geeks, so spirographs (along with mobius strips and liquid nitrogen) were part of my childhood culture.

Number 3) Deke makes a timely chicken gesture.

Number 2) My 12-year old son loved it. Yes, I know it says not for children, but a little supervised subversion results in a 7th grader bandying the term hypotrochoid.

And the number one reason I love this dekePod…

Number 1) Two Words: Spiro Agnew

Also: “What are you, a penguin?”

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