Tryptophan Hour 001: In Which Colleen and Deke Give Thanks for Our Tasty Lives with All the Trimming

It seems like just a year ago I was tracing around my hand to make a Kindergarter-inspired Colleen-O-Vision image for the Thanksgiving dekeLand newsletter. Well, come to think of it, it was a year ago. This year, I put Deke in charge of drawing the hand-turkey. Is he making fun of me?

In the last year, we’ve consumed a veritable cornocopia of tasty treats here at dekeVille, USA.

First, we’ve been able to keep our crazy idea of Martini Hour—in which Deke and I consume adult beverages and talk about the digital imaging issues of the day—going strong. Although we’re taking time off to be with our friends and families this week, Martini Hour will be back from its turkey-induced coma next week with an amazing show, featuring photography luminaries Katrin Eismann and Jay Maisel. Throughout the year, we’ve had a blast inviting over our highly qualified friends for drinks and enlightening conversations, and we hope to see even more cocktail-fueld conversations coming your way in the year ahead. Work really doesn’t get any better than that.

I personally am also grateful for having survived the revival of Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One, due out next week. For years, we’ve wanted to bring this book back to the One-on-One family, and this time we get to bring the prodigal child home for the holidays. For those of you who are already Photoshop experts, this book will help get your Elements-weilding friends and relatives up to speed. Plus they can learn just how much of the “serious imaging work” they can do with this younger sibling to Photoshop Proper. And after years of working in book publishing, I finally have a book with my name on the cover (shared with Deke’s of course) that I can show my mother.

The community here has really been inspiring this past year, most recently with your engaged participation in our current contest. Although this site was inspired by the talents of Deke-luimême, the way our supporters jump into our reindeer games never fails to amuse and amaze us.

And finally, there are our families, most notably our stunningly brilliant and handsome children, without whom life would just be a meaningless parade of martinis and pixel manipulation.

Hope you all have a brillant Thanksgiving holiday. And if you’re reading this site from a far-away land, we’d like to extend our holiday dispensation to you as well. Tell them that in dekeVille, everyone gets to celebrate Turkey Day regardless of their geographical location. Eat enough turkey to fall into a lovely stupor, drink enough wine to think everyone is charming, and we’ll be back next week with Photohsop Top 40, Martini Hour, a new book, and whatever else you need to get you through the rest of 29.

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  • wow!

    nice picture your such a talented person! love it.

    Thanks for sharing smile

  • Thanksgiving

    No better day to extend my thanks and good wishes to you and your team. Have a great break, I’ll be here twiddling my thumbs until you return.

    Bit of a Photoshop nut.

  • Thanks, Deke!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

  • Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Happy TGV to all members, and site staffers as well.

  • text wrap image variable

    I am new to in-design, I am creating a 50 year reunion book for our 1958 classmates.
    I have various information - text from each student. Some as small as ‘general’. Others several pages in length.  Flowing the text, assigning breaks, etc. is challenging but not too bad.
    Formatting the pictures - using a standard style - I CANNOT FIND HOW TO DO THIS Styles for text are clear but for pictures ????
    Formatting the pictures with wrapping based on they may have a picture or several or NONE. The pictures appear in various places depending on the text availability or not.
    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving and the days following!

  • Cool Picture!

    Cool Picture!

  • Cool

    Such a cool picture..a very kids inspire, would like to have a copy of that…

  • Awesome creation!

    The person who made this picture has a great future in the art world.


  • thanks a tonne Sir..

    I’ve become an adobe certified expert Sir, in photoshop cs4.I got 86 marks only, but I understand there’s no way I can figure out what questions I answered incorrectly, as we don’t have any feedback or access to our answers.

    Still, its largely because of your one on one series, and the channels and masking, actions and automation and all other tutorials that I could clear the exam.I’ll try to improve on my score and here looking 4ward to your other books.

    Lots of thanks and Regards.

    Apurv Chaturvedi, your die hard fan
    New Delhi


  • cool pic…

    Thats really cool..

  • I really like your picture

    which you provide in this commenting site.

    I think you are a really nice person and talented.

  • Great work! I really

    Great work! I really appreciate any master piece…keep your imagination going…hope you can do more like

  • cool one..what a

    cool one..what a would able to appreciate it as well

  • funny

    it’s very funny.. great job…

  • Very funny picture.

    Very funny picture. Photoshop is great. Chek aut also when you have some free time

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