Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season

First, thanks those of you who contributed to the Photoshop Top 40: The Contest. I had originally planned to announce winners today (Dec 24), but we had so many entries and so many of them are great that I’ll need a bit more time. Colleen and I have culled the list to the Best 40 or so. and now comes the hard part. I’ll shoot for getting the winners announced this weekend.

Second, and probably more important, permit me to wish you the happiest of all possible Holiday Seasons and a sensational 2010. Here’s a picture of me and my two thoroughly awesome boys (care of Target, of all places!). If there are two more beautiful or exceptional children on the planet, I would like to meet them and shake their fortunate little hands.

Best of luck and a bright tomorrow.

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  • merry christmas

    Target… ;O) that’s great… thanks for the laugh… and yes I know you are serious, but.. well you know… the irony….

    Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year to you and yours.


    (I guess I can stop checking the contest post every 10 minutes now…)

  • Merry Christmas Boss…

    The Most Famous Photoshop Boys…God Bless them with thier Awesome Father….

    My Heart Stopped Beating this Moment and I’m Still waiting for the Weekend…I Know that you have a hard job ...

    The Most important thing in the contest ...it made Deke.com my homepage..

    Love ya Boss & Wish you a Wonderfull Christmas celebration for you and the Cutie Colleen.

    Black Seals ... White Reveals…!

  • Merry Christmas to all!

    You look awesome! Similar warm glimpses in the eyes :).

  • Your boys look like gifted

    Your boys look like gifted children, Deke. The real question is whether they inherited their father’s cornball sense of humor! Personally, I think they will be better off it they did. Merry Christmas, Dan.

    P.S. I would like you to shake hands with my two granddaughters, however.

  • Frohe Weihnachten!

    Hi deke - hi community!

    I also want to wish you a great christmas time.

    Here in Austria we wish “Frohe Weihnachten”!


    Stay with your families and have a lot of fun!




  • Merry Christmas

    Hi Deke
    I hope that you and your family will have a Merry Christmas.
    I love to see Children unpack presents, and the look of their faces,
    Their expression when they get something they really, really want.
    My spouse and the two girls she has given me, is the best gift a man can get.  :-)
    Our daughters are 2 and 8 yeas old!

    So the picture of you and your sons, makes me warm around my Heart. :-)

    And a merry Christmas to all out there.

  • Thank You Deke

    Hi Deke
    I just want to say Merry Christmas to you and to your two wonderful boys Sammy and Max. And thank you for everything your teaching us. I feel very comfortable while using photoshop because of the little i have learned with so far.
    In the past i have seen other courses on photoshop and ullustrator but you are the only the one who really teaches how to use the programs (One-on-one). I am sorry to say that some teachers just show how they get their work done and that’s about.
    So thank you again Deke and Merry Christmas.

    French: “Merci beaucoup et Joyeux Noel”

  • Merry Christmas Master! :)

    To a one of a kind teacher that inspired me so many great things… a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Your sons are so precious… I hope you guys are going to enjoy a great time together!!!!!

  • Merry Xmas & a happy new year 2 all of U

    thank you, Master Deke, for many things :
    - for teaching us so many things;
    - for showing us new ways to think the workflows;
    - for being so effiscient AND entertaining;
    - for having created this community;

    - for giving us contests (regardless the result, it has been great to have a reason to go live with a picture).

    4 those things, and 4 many more, i thank u, and i wish you, all your family and related a merry christmas, and a happy new year.

    best regards from Paris, France

    Carmina One

  • Happy Christmas to you and

    Happy Christmas to you and yours :) 

    Thank you so much for not only being a inspiration, but also one hell of a character!  On the other hand, up yours for getting to spend time in France and Holland while I was stuck in a cold Canadian winter.  CHEERS!!!!

    Take care, and all the best.  Oh, and I hope everyone out there has a great holiday season!

  • Hi

    Hi Deke, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!!

  • Best Wishes to All…

    ...on the blog. May all your Undo’s (command-option-z on a Mac, control-alt-z on a PC) in 2010 be little ones…

    ...and Stay Healthy - the healing brush (J) only works on images.


    “Thanks again, for another day full of something that I
    just can’t put my finger on.”—Kim Knoche

  • Frohe Weihnachten und einen \“Guten Rutsch\” ins Neue Jahr

    (Merry Christmax and a Happy New Year)
    wünscht Dir und Deiner Familie
    Uwe aus Wierstorf

    (Norddeutschland - Lüneburger Südheide)

    Photoshop Top 40, next time completed on Lynda? Great stuff!

    See yaeh (:-))

  • Happy Holidays

    Here is hoping you had a great Christmas and a even greater new year

    John Jackson


  • Help with Adobe InDesign CS4 one-on-one


    I hope that this is the correct forum to request assistance as I was not able to locate an e-mail or contact number.  I recentl purchsed CS4 one-on-one.  When I view the CD tutorials they are truncated in that I can not see the tools being used on the left side.  Can you advise as to how I can correct the problem or am in in receipt of a defective CD.  I really enjoy the videos I have seen on the internet, which is the reason I purchased the book.  I would really appreciate any feedback to help me resolve this issue.  Thank you very much.  My e-mail address is sharkee43@aol.com.

    Thank You!

    PS:  I have learned a lot from your videos on the web.

  • Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season

    Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year too

  • Warm wishes for a happy holiday season

    And all my best for a wonderful, healthy, prosperous 2010.

  • Discussion about the holiday season

    I look forward to seeing everyone, i havent been to my families christmas in about 2 or 3 years because ive gone to my boyfriends families but this year im looking forward to seeing my 22 month old cousin, even though i see him usually once a week i look forward to seeing him open his presents from us and stuff.

  • Can’t view files

    I recently purchased Photoshop CS$ One on One.
    I have a Dell PC running Windows Vista Ultimate.
    Following PC instructions on Preface page xvi, I am unable to find the folders as shown in Figure 4.
    The only irems I can find are :
    A folder named Assets
    A file called AUTORUN.INF

    An application file named Learning CS4.exe

    Where are the PsCS4 videos.htm, Lesson Files-PsCS4 1on1, Best Workflow CS4.csf and dekeKeys shortcuts?

    Anxious to get started.

    Please help.

  • Ignore ‘cannot find files.

    Please ignore my last Email ‘cannot find files’.

    I had the wrong disc in the drive.

    Best Regards,


  • I like your post, it’s

    I like your post, it’s really great!

  • Missing photos

    I am missing photos for the ‘balloon thief’ in lesson 1 of Photoshop CS4 1on1.  They are not on the CD.  Are they available on the internet?  If so, can you provide the web address for these files? 

    Thank You

    Dan Dailey

  • Those files are available here

    Just click on this link.

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