Winners (or “For the Love of Deke’s Giant Head”)

Well, Deke and I finally crawled out from under our respective Channels and Masks rocks to have a discusssion about who did the most creative work with that sublime medium, Deke’s giant head. The fact is, the participants were so awesome, we had to discuss our long term strategies for “consolation prizes” for about an hour and a half. It’s probably not legal to send everyone a Bombay Saphire martini, so we’ll just be raising our glasses at the moment.  For now, the following shining lights of the dekOmmunity are our pics, each of whom wins a fabulous copy of Deke’s Photoshop CS4 One-on-One.

(Since I’m writing this, I’m going to put my favorite of the three winners before the jump.) Dek-E is just so dang cute and true to Deke’s sweet nature.

of course, Dr. Dekenfurter says something else about Deke’s nature:

and then there’s the one where I got the cool costume and the kickass weapon, leaving Deke to explain what the heck happened to his head:

The three winners should send their addresses to moi: colleen[at]deke[dot]com. For a glimpse at all the other fabulous entries, here’s a link to the post. Thanks to all the awesome dekeOlympians for joining the festivities!

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  • Oh, wow! Happy flowers!

    Thanks! What joy that brings me after wrestling with reformatting my computer over the last couple of days. (It took that long because I couldn’t find my mobo driver disk - gahhhhhh!).

    I’ll send off a message to you, Colleen, as soon as I’ve loaded my apps. grin

    And a warning to all the good people of this marvelous Deke community: do not tangle with Antivirus Pro 2008 - it’s a nasty that will install trojans, rootkits, and all manner of horrible dragons that only a reformat will effectively rid you of. I don’t know how I got it, but I did. So, folks, be careful out there.

    Thanks again, Deke and cOLLEEN - i LOOK FORWARD TO UPGRADING TO ps - oops capslock - CS4 with the Xmas cash I’m already working on my mum for. :-D

    Cheers! *Martini slosh*

  • I am so going to steal \“Happy Flowers\”

    Thanks for the advice, P. And I hereby claim North American rights to the awesome phrase, “Happy Flowers.”


  • Hey!

    Thanks, how cool is that! And all it took were some weird yet obvious associations.


    Turns out the old saying IS true: With great Photoshop training comes, well, more great Photoshop training! Hope the winners can live up to expectations and use the book for the better of humanity.

    That said, cheers to everyone! *Downs the martini with one gulp*

    “Don’t bother, leave the bottle!”

  • Have I ever laughed out loud at an animated GIF before?

    brilliant! more gin! more olives!

  • Hey Col, just so y’ know…

    ...the Shining was my favourite. Shame not to qualify as a contestant (sucks being a judge).

    So I figured I’d fire my congrats to the creator of “Best Work in My Opinion” award recipient. And just so you know, unlike the award, my opinion goes a long way. So much so, in fact, that I never contradicted it in my entire life.

    Great idea, solid execution; matched the poster perfectly.



    Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

  • Dek-E

    I’m missing in your picture those big, huge, giant b… You know the ones you covered with yellow tag in the video. hint (
    Just kidding.  I have question for you in one of the videos you holding dvd set APS CS4 One on One with Lynda packaging and book in your second hand. Is this going to be available through  The video where you holding the CS4 1o1 is Buy or Die on your dekepod I went to lynda and didn’t see it there.

  • Inspiring!

    Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Dek-e blows me away every time I look at it.



  • Congrats Petra

    You have contributed often to this site and it is great to see you win with your edgy entry… very nice!

    “Wal and the Dog” have long been my heroes from down under. Now, I add “Petra” to that list.


    p.s. You do know that we wierd “Mac” people have rather less virus problems, don’t you?.... jus’ a thought.

  • Thanks Guys

    Thanks Guys,

    I am continually humbled by all the great work I see done on this site by the community and thank you immensely.

    Just so you know, the book will be used for the job retraining classes I teach for the State of Texas to put out-of-work graphic artists back to work. It will touch many lives before the binding is totally wasted.

    Thanks for all the valuable time and assistance you give to us all. Although Obiwan is mos’ likely yawning at my enthusiasm, nevertheless, this site is a major revolution for us Adobe geeks (I was so tired of what was out there)  and I thank you for “covering his back”.


    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Texas

    p.s. I sent you an email Colleen with my address. Let me know if you don’t get it. I hope to see you this year at the O’Reilly booth at SxSW and thank you in person.

    p.s. p.s. Get past Channels and Masks (great stuff there in Photoshop) and plz finish the new Illustrator book…. yah… I know I’m bein a bit selfish here… but Deke’s Illustrator book will change everything and I’m psyched about that.

  • The Shining was ever so close

    That wasn’t CW, that was me.

    I ruled out The Shining (despite my love for it and my blog post devoted to it, btw) b/c the credits were the real movie credits, not something enormously clever. It’s not just implementation, man, it’s concept!

    I know, I’m a dick. God I’m a dick. But you gotta be a ruthless dickless dick to be a judge.

    Besides, the number of times I’ve been called Dick, you cannot count.

  • PsCS4 1on1 DVD

    Will be available in December, I think.

    More importantly, I am told that the first 170 movies of Photoshop CS4 One-on-One (which internally, they are calling the dekeOpedia) will be available on the OTL starting November 26.

  • Hey Thomas

    First, let me go on record as saying: I yawn at nothing posted on this site. CW and I and Toby and lots of other behind-the-sceners delight in the activity that goes on here to a degree that you cannot possibly imagine. We don’t actually perform a circle jerk, b/c that would be crude and unsafe without protection, but we do that thing that civilized people do that’s analogously analogous but still appropriately appropriate.

    Don’t worry, the Illustrator book is well under way. It’s not under my personal supervision, but in time, all things will be. (Which is the ghastly unspeakable horror of being me, quite frankly.)

    Incidentally, we’re looking into rewarding the really solid contributors to this site with an elevated status. Would you be interested? (This goes for a handful of you, and you might imagine who you are. Yes, including James, our local toss-down-his-pint-and-hit-some-guy-in-the-nose defender of all things holy.)

  • Thank you, Thomas

    And congrats back at you! (and fabulacious for the fabulacious Deke-E)

    By the way, I’m impressed and surprised that you’ve heard of Footrot Flats. And old favourite, to be sure. We had another great comic strip here called “Bogor” ( ), which was one of my faves. Do you know it?

    Oh, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show was also written by New Zealander Richard O’Brien (who also played RiffRaff). I had the good fortune to meet him at a party in the 80’s, when he was back in Hamilton for some reason or another.

    As for the Mac?  Apple evangelists tease me mercilessly with their shameless and unmitigated Mac-o’philia. And when I finally win the lotto, I will join the Apple pie’d MacWeirdoes. grin

    Don’t dream it. Be it.



  • RiffRaff was from NZ?!

    Well now there’s a bit of info you don’t stumble upon every day.

    Of course, you met him “at a party in the 80’s” in utero. Right?

    Same here. Few people know this, but I am 11.

    Wow, so RiffRaff. Wow. But see, for me, it was always about Columbia: “Well I was walking down the street, just a-having a think, when a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink. He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise. He had a pick-up truck and those devil’s eyes. He stared at me and I felt a change. Time meant nothing, never would again.”

    Cuz, see (ahem), that guy wasn’t Meat Loaf, it was me. I was that guy in the truck. CW will tell you. That actually happened. When it came time to film the rockumentary, I was otherwise engaged, so Meat Loaf had my back and stood in. Plus, all I had at the time was a bicycle with a bell (I was 11!), and Meat Loaf had an actual motorcycle. And an ID (I was 11!) for driving motorized vehicles and buying beer.

    Sort of embarrassing to recount, b/c I’m so humble and everything. But you know, this site is where the truths come out.

  • Thanks Thomas

    seems we think along the same lines as I originally had a HL2 spoof in mind, great you got that covered! Franknfurter however is so bizarre even I couldn’t come up with it, damn wink Whatever, congrats to you and Petra!

  • Yes, indeedy

    Columbia for you,. Deke - Tim Curry for me. Sizzling hot stuff, oh yes indeed.

    RiffRaff wrote the whole darned thing, and he is from Hamilton Boys High School. I got to meet him because he played in a high school rock band with my then boyfriend (who was about 15 years older than my 22 years - I’m no longer 22, of course, but I’m pretty sure than Neil is still 15 years older than me. I must ask him next time we catch up for Xmas parties).

    Hamilton erected (so apropos) a statue of RiffRaff to honour his sexy marvellousness. Images of the statue can be found here:

    Hmmm. I thinks I may have to teach youse Merkins about the wonders of Kiwiland. You’d be surprised! :-D

  • Good stuff!

    Congrats to all ya’ll wieners-I mean winners! Seriously, though, good stuff. I wish I would have won that sweet new book/dvd, but alas, I didn’t spend enough time on my idea. I’m pretty damn sure I’ve got the skillz to hang with you guys, but hey, skillz ain’t shit unless you exercise ‘em right?

    So when’s the next battle?

    Anyway I’d just like to say that I’m thrilled that this site exists. I’ve been reading Deke’s books since the Photoshop 6 Bible, and, well, without being too much of an obsequious, fawning butt-smoocher, Deke’s the frickin’ man, man!

    Thanks to Deke, Colleen, and everyone else who make all of this great material available to us. I’d be attracting far fewer babes with my sweet image editing skills if it weren’t for you guys! Heh.

  • Ummm… Sure, Ok Deke

    Coming from a man of letters (there are 10 letters in your last name alone!), your offer is generous, Obiwan.

    Does this mean I have to start making solid contributions? Ratz!

    All seriousness aside, I am always willing to help as I am able.


    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • Shining - a little tarnished!

    HI Guys, I was the Shining entry creator based in the UK and, True I was a little disappointed that I didn’t win the comp, after logging on for a week or more to see if the winners had been announced, it was almost like watching bids on something I was selling on ebay in the last couple of days… I was really hoping for a win, as the entry had triggered off/or related to another article that Deke posted near Halloween… Damn those Movie Credits! lol, and I am heavily into InDesign at the moment and have Totally fallen out of love with Quark - so I was planning got ask to swap the PS prize with the ID book… but hay ho! Thats life! Just got CS4 today though and its great! and am busy watching the PS and ID movies on Lynda!!!

    More competitions Deke!! lol



  • Pardon me

    My bad. I thunk it was Col as it’s her name under the post.

    Don’t feel bad about it Steve, your work still rocks. Credits would have been a nice touch, but at the same time I’m sure there is something in the bag for you the next time ‘round (unless I don’t miss the contest that time; bwa-mwa-ha-ha).

    Hey, how’d you end up being signed as Coleen in your original post, anyway?



    Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

  • The Shining was awesome

    And definitely in the running, especially because it revealed yet another Facet of Deke—-maniacal. Nice work, Steve. We’ll have plenty more opportunities.

  • Great

    Move to main section

  • Great

    I’m so glad. I know the masking book is coming up as well so I will get sister to the one sitting on my table APSCS4 1On1. Can’t wait. Deke I’m very impress with your work. 2 reasons.

    1) I used to watch TTs about 6-7 years ago. Only few courses including all yours were great the rest d I was falling asleep. It’s not the exercise and it’s not the subject. Is the person that demonstrates and teaches the product. You know after working all day I come home when it’s quiet. You know. Partner is sleeping already, dog stopped chasing everything in the house and neighbors stop moving the furniture at   2 AM, I sit down for couple hours and watch my course. You are keeping me in. You got my attention. Not because you are the master of it, that too, but because you keep in clear mind and thinking. There is only one guy from lynda. com that ever achieved the same. Chris Orwig. Young and pasionate. I like that.  (we don’t have to say that I have ADD but pssst) Seriously. I love your courses. No harms to others but listening to Collin Smith from PScafe, uuuu, aaah, boom boom. Same tonal voice for more than 10 hours. My partner is joking that she could listen to him once doing her yoga session.

    2) it’s again about your approach to people. No matter what audience you have, they can go by. 10 year PS pro can find interesting things as well newbie and you don’t judge them. That’s the point. You don’t You said it clearly. for you newbies it’s not enough to watch this you need more. Other Morons promising that you can be pro after 22 steps start PS, open, Save, close. -  that’s 4 what’s left. You don’t do that and I like that more than the above. Honesty is very rare. People don’t say anymore to each other that you are wrong. You can’t do it this way etc. People use sweet words to encourage others rather than to point them in right direction. So you have that and I’m glad I’m part of this (at least for moment being)  and I think it makes you happy that new people sign up here and you give them your time. You are not afraid to share. Like someone could replace you. Yeah right. I always escape in my cyber dekeworld and that’s what makes me so happy.  I thought I just share this with others.  ( don’t kill me)

  • Thanks for your kind comments!

    Funny about what you wrote: I’m also a big Chris Orwig fan. When I was considering switching from Total Training to, it was a big move for me. But then I watched a few Chris Orwig videos and I knew that LDC was where I belonged.

    And he’s a genuinely good guy. We should get him blogging on this site.

  • Deke, the amount of hours

    Deke, the amount of hours you spent in teaching is amazing, you really are our hero !, thanks

  • I agree, let’s get him here

    Absolutely. Btw. I just saw your complete tutorial on   One thing that makes me kind of wonder is from you tutorial on APSCS4 new features. You are showing drag and drop with shift key to register. It’s the road with the red sky. I’m not sure if you prepared the the road picture where you use some gradient tool and mask some portion of the image to get result what you did. You drag and drop and immediately the sky blended with the foreground. Then you add the moon and inverted it to add some creepy mood. Well I was looking in CS4 if there is any new feature that would allow you actually blend 2 pictures without any preparation together. This was possible with photomerge and other tools before but this was not good and you seem didn’t use this. You didn’t have even any layer active, maybe your selection on the road picture was feathered all the way to 100 points. Than you just dropped it. IDK Can you explain this? 

    And here is one more. I was working on some pics in ps for painter work (my dog) and with my pen I accidentally hovered over some menu where it show something like preview picture in 32 bit. Hmmm. I wanted to find that menu. I don’t know what I did but if you know what I’m talking about I would like to know what I’ve seen. I played with B&W presets and it was somewhere with layer and channel panels. I don’t know drives me nuts if I don’t know. Anyway enjoy your weekend.

  • 1On1

    “Photoshop CS4 One-on-One (which internally, they are calling the dekeOpedia”

    is this what I got with your book ACS4 1On1 or are these combined with the masking book that’s due in December or is this something completely new. Hehe, I’m getting very excited.

  • Name mix up


    Reason why it was Col’s name is that I originally had to send the entry via email, so she uploaded it for me.

    Until next time flyboy! The photoshop gloves are off , phwar ha ha ha….


  • Photoshop Masks & Channels One on One book coming soon?

    I’ve been waiting for this book for months! But the previews now say it’s for CS4?  How much value can a CS2 user get from the book?

    Love your books, Deke!


  • Yes, there will be a C&M book

    I’m working on it right now, 24/7, and it’s the reason I’ve been a bit dark lately.

    It will be updated for CS4, but channels and masks being what they are, about 80 percent of the stuff is applicable to CS2. (CS2 lacks quick selection tool, Refine Edge command, Masks palette, and a handful of other features. I would think you’d be able to work around those omissions.)

    Here’s the final composition from the lesson I’m working on now, It’s all about the pen tool.

  • Can’t wait. . .

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting the book, then!  I can’t wait. . .  but I will. . .

  • LDC

    Deke, did you say that LDC is going to release some extra 1on1 videos today November 25th? I marked this in my calendar but I couldn’t find anything extra.

  • I am berating

    My producer as we speak.

    “Where is my One-on-One series?” I am asking? I await a reply.

  • Thanksgiving

    Well maybe they have it ready for your Thanksgiving.  As a gift instead of turkey. Going sleep now man. Too late to be up 1:45

  • Like the Pixar one the best


    I like the pixar one the best. Good article!



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