Sampling from Illustrator 2020 One-on-One Fundamentals: Lines

“What I love about these tools is that they split the difference between ease of use and artistic expediency.”  —Deke, on the line tool collection in Adobe Illustrator

My dear dekeItarians. I know we here at can’t directly do much for your health or safety during this COVID-19 crisis, but I’m hoping we can do a small favor for your sanity by providing a little bit of free instruction, courtesy of Deke’s newly updated course Illustrator 2020 One-on-One: Fundamentals .

As always, the Fundamentals course covers everything from opening a file to sharing it online (the current preferred method of sharing everything!). No, I don’t expect you to master efficiently working from home while expertly home-schooling your kids and still have time to take on a new hobby, like Illustrator. But if you need a break, I’ve unlocked a few movies that may help you get started on a new route to much-needed creative expression. Or not, it’s hard to know right now. But it’s free for you to find out.

So, if hanging with Deke for a minute or two (as opposed to being stuck in the house with him 24/7) sounds like a nice distraction, I’m focusing today on the all new Lines chapter. If you’re relatively new to Adobe Illustrator, but you generally already know how to open and save files, this is where you really get to start drawing. In fact, the entire Line chapter uses every tool in the Line toolbox to create this delightful drawing.

Stylized landscape using all of Illustrator's line tools

(Leave it to Deke to figure out how to incorporate even the Polar Grid tool in those clouds.)

Here’s the introduction to the course, catchily titled “It’s time to draw.”

It’s time to draw from Illustrator 2020 One-on-One: Fundamentals by Deke McClelland

And if you’d like a sample of the kind of sound advice Deke has in store, check out this one “Working with and without the bounding box.” (This is key, because having the Bounding Box turned on or off makes Illustrator behave differently in ways you might not be able to psychically intuit on your own.)

Working with and without the bounding box from Illustrator 2020 One-on-One: Fundamentals by Deke McClelland

If you’re a member of LinkedIn Learning, you can of course watch this chapter from start to finish and see how Deke cleverly incorporates the use of each of the line tools by the time the project is over. If you’re not a member, you can still watch any movie that doesn’t have a lock icon next to it. More free Deke if you’re willing to dig for it.

Meanwhile, let your creative spirit roam wild while your physical one stays safely and responsibly home.

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  • Thanks for the unlocked content.  Especially appreciated since, having been forced to change to Linked In Learning from and losing the functionality of Export Transcript and ESPECIALLY the Search Within Course features,  I just cancelled my subscription.  I mean, even a PRINT text has an index. And no, browsing through the (somewhat detailed) table of contents doesn’t help me pinpoint what I remember Deke saying but lacking specifics to reconstruct the action.  The only content I used at the site was Deke’s One-on-One courses, and without the ability to use them adequately, the cost wasn’t worth it. BTW, before discovering Deke’s content, I had previously completed several print book tutorials over the years, including Adobe’s.  Compared to what I learned from Deke, these were Australopithecus versus Homo Sapiens!
  • You’re most welcome, Meg. I’ll try to put together more bits of unlocked content where we can. And I’ll definitely pass your Transcript/Search comments on to LinkedIn (at our level, it’s the same team it’s always been from Lynda, and before that, lynda).
  • I’ve had that problem with search myself and it’s very frustrating. Meanwhile, the kindness of your comment in the midst of this scary time is enough to inspire my reasonably sized brain down to my home studio to get back to work. Thank you so much!
  • Hi Colleen, it would be great if you could give the Linked In people a nudge. I was with Lynda for almost 20 years (or should I say with Deke : ) and am in the same situation as Meg. It is such a pity: Awesome content, hidden behind a way outdated interface (no keyboard shortcuts, 720p max resolution, no real horizontal mode on iOS). Prehistoric ; )  That said, many thanks to both of you for your awesome work and sharing!
  • Hi all.  I don’t see any unlocked content except the 1:56 intro by Deke.  Then I’m prompted to start my 30 day trial or buy this course.
  • Hey, @kdock! I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. The two movies I personally unlocked can only be watched here at by playing them from the post above, unless you’re a member of LinkedIn Learning. The unlocked movies available from Illustrator 2020 One-on-One: Lines on LinkedIn are indicated on the site with a play button (triangle) instead of a lock icon. In the case of the Lines chapter, it the two I highlighted in pink below.  (Note you have to expand the chapter contents by clicking on the down-pointing arrow in order to see this list.)

  • Very amazing choose. Thanks for sharing.
  • Sir, I bought your illustrator video tutorial 2020 one-on-one, but I want to complain to you that the magnify object track you draw is not playing very well on smartphone after I downloaded the all video especially the section where you inserted black shadow. I didn’t no how you inserted the half-circle shadow. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry for your troubles, @bethelokey. Do you mean the video won’t play. Unfortunately, you’d have to talk to LinkedIn Learning/Lynda tech support for that one. But in the meantime, if you have a specific Illustrator question we can answer, please let us know.
  • Great! thank
  • good post

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