Adding Windows to the House Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Sorry for the delay in this week’s episode, my dekeOtonians. We’re traveling across the country to deliver son Max to college (with a truckload of more nerdy computer equipment than Deke and I remember bringing to school), and it turns out there are still areas of the great Western United States that don’t have reliable high-speed internet!

Many of said places do, however, have stunning landscapes to compensate. So here are Deke and son at Capitol Reef National Park. McClellands love to stand on top of rocks, I’ve found.

Deke and Max on Capitol Reef

Anyway, on with the project, which continues from where we left off last week. In this episode Deke will show you:

How to add the “window” with a custom gradient (3:00)
How to draw the “curtains” with the pen tool (5:37)
How to mask the “curtain” inside the “window” using Draw Inside mode (7:36)

If you’re a member of LinkedIn Learning, Deke’s exclusive movie this week finally puts this kooky, colorful pattern into… an actual pattern!

Deke’s Techniques, safe as houses with eyes and teeth.

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