All Pirate Flag Files and Art

Today I share with you the essential pirate flag asset files. As described in this week’s 6-day video blog (which began with “Sketching the Pirate Flag” and continues until Friday, October 29), the flag art measures five feet wide by three feet tall. It’s an Illustrator file, so every line is razor smooth, as if drawn with pen and ink. And because Illustrator saves PDF-compatible files, you can open it in the free Adobe Reader utility. Even better, you have my permission to modify the file and print it as you see fit.

Here’s a picture of me with said flag that was shot this morning.

Deke and the pirate flag

It’s my gift to you. The only catch is that you have to be a member of dekeOnline.

For the base pixel-based black-and-red pirate image that I generated in Photoshop, right-click here and choose Save or Download.

For the orginal Live Trace demonstration in Illustrator, right-click here and download the linked file.

To download the final 5-by-3-foot pirate flag illustration, right-click here and download.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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