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Time for a rare moment of public introspection. Yes, you’re welcome.

Recently a member of this very site asked me if my real name was Deke. Answer: it is (as if I would choose a name that rhymes with eke, freak, reek, and oblique). But, to be honest, the reason I got the name is unclear. Maybe it’s a Scottish nickname, maybe its a hockey thing, maybe I’m named for the grounded Mercury Seven astronaut. But after a friend forwarded me this movie, it all became clear. Quite obviously, I was named after a Hindi movie called Dil Deke Dekho. I mean, consider the facts:

  • The movie came out in 1959. I came out just three years later.
  • The movie is in black-and-white. According to my early photos, I started in black-and-white, but somehow (science?) I was eventually converted to color.
  • This funny guy who sings the song “Dil Deke Dekho” (gosh, it’s good!) pronounces my name deh-keh. Not only do I not, I have never once sung my name, not ever, in particular not in a tux and a bow tie.

Whoa, kinda gives you goose pumps. Huh?

Anyway, can’t argue with facts. Just wanted to clear that one up.

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  • do I really need a subject for a comment?

    Thanks for the clarification. ;p
    My name came from a soap opera… not from a creepy guy in a tux.

    Your so lucky.

  • I agree with agraygirl

    Why are we subjected to come up with a subject for our comments? I now have to hire an editor just to come up with “catchy” subjects to ensure that everyone reads my comments.

    Mordy Golding

  • Your anti-subject subjects

    Your anti-subject subjects prove that subjects are useful. Otherwise, how would I have known at a glance how intensely you dislike subjects? Just you hush, or we’ll add fields for Summary, Footnotes, and two References.

    If you omit a subject, one is created automatically for you, as in the case of this helpful example.

  • At least

    At least now we know what to sing, when we sing your praises!

  • You have the right to omit a

    You have the right to omit a subject. Any subject you enter may be used against you in a blog. You have the right to hire an editor. If you cannot afford an editor, one will be provided for you.

    Sorry—with all the “hock” about metadata and the law and alibis and all, well, I just thought I’d keep the theme. What’s next Deke, how to use Photoshop to add missiles to your country’s perceived military prowess? Oh wait, that’s been done. Can you tell us then how the US staged the moon landing 20 years before Photoshop existed? I need to know these things… I need to know…

    Mordy Golding

  • I vote for the \“Hockey Thing\”

    I just bet your parents had as strange a sense of humor as you display. wink

    Oh, and thanks for providing the strangest song to ever get stuck in my head. It’s gonna take hours to get it out!

    I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

    -Douglas Adams

  • Crazy update

    It’s been brought to my attention that the guy in this video—whom I have decided on repeated viewings is an unwitting comic genius—is an actor named Shammi Kapoor. According to Wikipedia (the hamburger emporium of information), he was not only part of a successful Bollywood dynasty—the Indian Elvis Presley?—but also an Internet pioneer, founding the Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) and the Ethical Hackers Association.

    So let’s recap: Dude writes catchy song about me (in advance of my existence, which is the freaky part) and then conveys Internet to a billion people in the world’s 2nd-most-populace country. That’s an eclectic skill set. What’s next? Discover a parallel universe in which apes rule the world? Logic would dictate. Whatever he does, guy’s officially my hero until next Thursday, which is my hero-switchin’ day (tho, frankly, that varies).

  • How about covering up a murder?

    Like the time I almost murdered . . . YOU!

    If I could embed an image into a comment, I’d show you a photo of my Jeep, the instrument of your almost demise! How’s that for pixel-based scariness? Mwa haa haaaa!!

    Hmm, “Faking Your Own Moon Landing in Photoshop” . . . that has future-episode-of-dekePod written all over it, Thanks for the idea, Mordy. Too bad I had to go and almost MURDER! you. Mwa haa haaaa!!

    (No actual Mordys were murdered in the making of this comment. All Mordys, living or dead, are purely coincidental.)

  • almost doesn’t count…

    ...although a photo of that jeep head long in that snowy ditch would be priceless. How’s THAT for a Photoshop lesson? Oh yeah—I’m full of ideas for episodes. Should I send the invoices directly to Colleen, or do you want to just keep that between us? Mwa haa haaaa (ok, now we’re starting to treat Mwa haa haaa’s like drop shadows…)

    Mordy Golding

  • your name means,

    Ohh.. to add to this, Dil deke dekho = give your heart and see what happens!, which means deke can be approximated to “give”!

  • Fascinating Video

    Always amazed at what can be found on the internet

  • According to one o’them baby naming sites…

    In English, Deke means “dusty one, servant”, and in Hebrew it means “palm tree”. So it’s my guess that you may be a fairly well-hung submissive that could probably use a bath. Of course, coupled with your family name “McClelland”, you also run around in a tartan skirt and no knickers. Which makes you totally hawt, imnsho.

    You also have a coat of arms, which can be found here:

    A coat of arms must come in very handy when you’re multi-tasking, I would imagine.


    PS:lovelovelove that video!

  • Add this to your list of meanings

    I was told that Deke means “rooster” in arabic.  Of course this was from an arabic speaking person and I have to assume it to be true, as I am not fluent.  I thought it was much more interesting than a dusty palm tree.  I hope this new meaning doesn’t get converted to a dusty cock though.

  • Your Name

    I am taking a beeeegining computer art class.  We have an assignment to do a report on a digital artist and I picked you Deke (are you flattered or what?)  In pulling up information on you not only did I find your delightful blog/pod/press/stuff but I also pulled up something that said your name is Dikembe Mutombo McClelland—Ha! there goes your theory-‘cause if you see it online—it must be true.  Thank you for your skills as a teacher and being entertaining at the same time.

  • \“Photoshop Fakes Moon Landing!\”

    Now thats what I call a headliner.  “Oh bugger” sorry guys that was a subject wasn’t it?
    Never knew photoshop would be so interesting!
    Cheers Michael
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