Metadata Forensics, What a Crock

dekePod Episode 001: They said it would never happen. Oh sure, a guy like Deke can manufacture a one-off in which he rattles off 101 tips in just 5 minutes set to music while dancing like a crazy monkey. That totally makes sense. But to come through on his promise of a video every other week? Never! And yet, here’s proof that it can and will happen. Returning to first person, I don’t sing or dance (for which, honestly, you should be heaving a big sigh of relief). Rather I do something better: In a strange twisted way, I teach. Here’s the official marketing description:

We all know digital photos can be modified. So much so that, at least in the popular lexicon, Photoshop is synonymous with turning fact into fiction. But at least one facet of a digital photo, a variety of metadata called EXIF, is supposed to be secure. EXIF records when and how an image was captured, and if credible, might actually be judged admissible in a court of law. But not if Deke has anything to say about it. To hear Deke tell the story, metadata forensics is pure baloney. Learn how to cook your own EXIF in this episode of dekePod.

Some will ask, “Where’s the singing, where’s the dancing, where’s the circus?” (To which I say, we got elephants!) Others will whine, “You call this a technique? It’s just Copy and Paste!” (Which is the point, of course.) But you, I think you’ll like it.

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    I listened to the your interview on the MacVoices podcast during my LA commute. It made the bumper-to-bumper traffic a little easier to handle. I thought you spent a lot of time on the video but I didn’t realize how much. It was very interesting listening to the way you went about making the video. What other blog has two dekePods and a video from the TV show Love American Style? So much variety on your site. No wonder you’re getting so much traffic. Keep up the good work.


  • Informative AND funny! A

    Informative AND funny! A rare but awesome combination :)

    You rock, man.

  • Thank you!

    Finally, a photography related podcast that is well edited, informative, fun and to the point. Bravo! Can’t wait to see more.


  • Mmmmmmetadata

    Cool stuff Deke—for once, metadata now works… for US….. muah hahahahahaha…..

    Mordy Golding

  • You’ve done it again!

    Damn it Deke, you’ve done it again!

    Nice video - informative, fun and smart!

    Can’t wait for the next one



  • Thanks for the kind words!!

    If I had been thinking, I would’ve made it possible for people to enter their comments as metadata in the actual video file. Then we could have buried it in a time capsule and shot it into space. Doh! It’s so obvious now!

  • I’m Hooked

    Great site!  Reading your sharpening articles released my inner geek…really glad I found your site.  I can’t get enough of deke POD.  Please keep the great content coming!

  • Like any pusher . . .

    I’m glad to hear it!

  • Hooked-addicted-strung out: Crocked

    You are seriously wacked and your stuff is like PewWee’s playhouse for the creative imaging crowd.

    So the quick jump-cuts to images are possibly anxiety seizure-generating activity. and what’s with the postmark from columbus ohio? And not that I’m paranoid but what do you think I was DOING july 1, 1971? Huh? It isn’t your business so just let it go and quit watching me , OK? If i have ichat but no camera and I don’t have it turned on and I have a cable modem that’s always connected to the internet does that mean you can see me out here? STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!

  • A bit ‘off-topic’...well, ‘waay-off’...

    Uhhh, A bit off-topic here..But, If there’s an opportunity to post some (video preferably) tutorials…or tips…or even hints, riddles, rhymes, etc…regardingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ...(oops, sorry…I dozed-off for a sec. (with me blooday finga’ on the ‘G’-key)...Kidding, but serious…

    it’s only a blister…(“I got blitas’ on ma’ fingas!”)...

    At any rate, I’d really like to see some Deke-Style-Info on ‘data-driven graphics’ ... As in utilizing data sets in my pages…I’m just a bit unclear on the procedures, the ‘do’s & don’ts’ & integrating the graphics with variable images / info / text into my pages…I’m still new to Dreamweaver (well, OK…All web apps), but I ‘do’ have quite a bit of Illustrator & Photoshop experience…But the use of data-sets / data driven graphics: It’s one area I’m struggling with and could really use some concise ‘how-to’ info’ on the subject (which would also be greatly appreciated)...

    Mr. McClelland, if you ‘secretly-monitor’ these posts…(I hope you do)...please impart some some of your ‘grotesque-wisdom’ on the use and implementation of data-driven ‘stuff’ in (Dreamweaver produced) pages…

    As I stated, this is ‘a bit’...well, ‘waay off-topic’...But, any assistance here would be ‘greatly’ appreciated…Adios & Kindest Regards (Yaw’LL)...

      Sir Vertual~

    ” It’s a sunshine-life for mee…If I could get away from this cloud over meee…Sail-away, ‘rainman’,... sail-awaaay “...

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