dekePod the Series Begins

After two dekePods (one two years ago about money and another a couple of weeks back in which I rattle off 101 Photoshop Tips), it might seem ridiculous for me to claim that “Metadata Forensics, What a Crock” is somehow the first episode of the series. But it’s true. The money episode was the first pilot. (In reality, we had no money but we were eager to test the concept.) The 101 Tips episode was the second pilot. (Okay, that was pure conceit.) And thus, this episode is the real deal.

Fittingly, it’s also the first dekePod to feature a brief but welcome cameo from God (below).

The Word

A couple of props: First, if you like the video’s use of ironic imagery, don’t look at me, credit the creative minds at Flying Moose Pictures and the vast and affordable library at Second, both audio and soundtrack are the work of Potrero Post, who rather excel at making the anemic sound enormous. These things you should know.

There’s also a funny story about the school sign. But I might let Colleen tell you about it. After all, she’s the one who more or less single-handedly solved the problem.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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