Channels & Masks Video Lesson 5: “Using the Image to Select Itself”

Note from Colleen: For a while there was a glitch at the video server which wasn’t picking up my carefully crafted screenshot here, so if it happens again please enjoy this perfectly masked triangle before you enjoy your video (which works fine once you press play.)

The title of today’s video treat from Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One is one of Deke’s favorite ways to describe masks. Now at last, you can find out what he means by that pithy statement. Once you understand the way Photoshop “sees” the image, you can use that information in your favor when you’re creating masks.

Meanwhile, at last, thanks to the dekeCommunity for keeping us up to date on the Channels and Masks at Amazon situation. Books seems to be shipping without a hitch now, so if this one whets your appetite for more, you can grab a copy and work through the written tutorials that make up the rest of this valuable masking lesson.

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