R & R in the R-Rain

Hey, gang. Just a quick note to let you know that I’m back from my week-long Caribbean cruise along the Yucatan as far as Honduras and back. On the plus side, we had a great time, filled with rollicking adventure. On the minus, we experienced a few “showers.” At least, that’s how the cruise directors described them. At the risk of sounding contrary, I might argue they were more akin to monsoon-style deluges. This thru-the-cab-window shot in Mahahual, Mexico on the way back from the coldest dive of my life pretty well sums up our bright shiny vacation:

Mahahual showers

That’s it for now. Will fill you in with pics and details in a day or two.

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  • Cruise

    Cruise ships are like paradise on water. It’s nice you could get away on one for a week.

  • Yeah, Cruises are pretty wonderful

    - even in the rain. Hope the dekeFam had a great time and everyone is now relaxed and stress free. grin

    I’m also going on vacation, next week. Waiheke Island for 5 days. Yay!!! :-D

    Welcome back, Deke. grin

  • Sorry…new…don’t know where to put stuff…

    I’ve only watched just started watching your cs4 ps one-on-one vids, and the B alphabet block that brilliantly turns into you with your fantastically well played hand gestures…you’ve absolutely had me in stitches. I truly enjoy your work; you know your audience, do keep making videos.

  • Well it still had to be

    Well it still had to be warmer than summer in Colorado. I’ve seen snow in July in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Of course there’s not much diving in CO either.

    mike meyer

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