Investigating Amazon Problem for Channels & Masks One-on-One: UPDATE

UPDATE: OK, apparently snows in late December caused the DVD to be delivered late to the printer which in turn caused the printer to have a slight delay in putting the book together which they informed O’Reilly of during the time O’Reilly was closed so we didn’t let Amazon know in time that there would be slight delay which caused them to have a discrepancy in their system between the In Stock designation and the presence of actual books which resulted in the purely awful message some dekePeople got about their orders being canceled.

If you got a message from Amazon that your order was canceled, you will probably have to reorder (and I apologize on behalf of the snow, the DVD creators, the roads, Santa Claus, the hard working printer, the equally hardworking O’Reilly staff, and the Amazon people who were understandably confused by eddies in the space-time-inventory continuum. Oh, and on behalf of Deke who is at sea at the moment and so therefore the one person who is in NO WAY responsible.) Please wait a day or two and reorder. And in the meantime please email me at Colleen(at)deke(dot)com with your story so that I can work on figuring out how to NEVER have this happen again, and so I can apologize to you directly.

If you got an “out of stock” message, then you’re probably OK, and you’ll probably get a note your book is coming in a day or two when the books are officially “shelved” at Amazon. You can write me too. Thanks to all for your patience. Oh, and send me your good thoughts that by the time Deke reads this he’s on his third olive-speared-with-umbrella martini.

Channels & Masks One-on-One exists, I’ve seen it. It’s beautiful. My deepest apologies to those of you who have been told by Amazon that they can’t get it. Sounds like a glitch in their system, and I’m trying get the scoop. I’ll post updates here.  I do know that this has happened on other products, and it generally gets resolved as soon as the book is actually in their warehouses. Here at O’Reilly, I’m being given an estimated retail availability of January 14, which means that it’s in trucks on its way everywhere including Amazon.

More as I know it, and thanks to all for your patience and for keeping us up to date on the issue.

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  • We call upon the author to explain!

    I kid…just listening to Nick Cave, and that’s the lyric playing.

    “Down in my bolthole I see they’ve published another volume of unreconstructed rubbish

    “The waves, the waves were soldiers moving”. Well, thank you, thank you, thank you
    And again I call upon the author to explain

    Yeah, we call upon the author to explain

    Prolix! Prolix! There’s nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix!”

    But I digress.

    It’s a good thing this book is out, because complex channel masking makes me cry. I suck at Photochops.

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