Chuck Joiner Interviews Me Again

First of all, I have to say, Chuck Joiner of is a gem. If you haven’t heard of him, you got to check out his site. Because the guy is the most congenial, warm-hearted, patient host you could hope for. And his list of interviewees reads like a who’s who of the Mac community.

In my case, he’s content to say about three words and listen to me rattle on like a mental patient for one 70,000-word sentence, and then act like I said something insightful and ask his next question.

If nothing else, it’s a wonderful experiment in word conservation. Chuck makes his extremely wise points in as few words as possible, and I make no point whatsoever using up as many words as I can possibly utter without punctuation.

MacVoices titles

Based on this podcast, my favorite words include: “Uh,” “um,” “we-a,” “but-a-but,” “the the,” and “and and.” You owe it to yourself to check it out, if only because freakish things peak your curiosity.

Oh, and for those of you who are super curious, this is Chuck’s second interview with me. The first was this one about my “101 Photoshop Tips in Five Minutes” dekePod pilot. In which I sounded even more like I was on anti-coherence medication.

Seriously, I love these interviews. Chuck is, by nature, self-deprecating and forever extending his good will. So when a certifiable guy like me comes along—what with you listening to me and wondering what the hell I’m talking about from one millisentence to the next—Chuck refuses to treat me like anything other than a sane human being. Or someone he finds strangely fascinating from Mars.

Favorite part of the clip: 50 minutes in, when I suggest “Photoshop and a woman sorta got together.”

So, please, enjoy that.

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  • Loved the interview Deke,

    Loved the interview Deke, almost tempted to bye the one-on-one book, unless of course you want to send a signed copy to favorite Swedish fan ? smile

  • Great interview

    Enjoyed the podcast, going to ask Santa for the book!

  • But you sound so serious!

    Just kidding. Love how easily you laugh, Deke. But not at the expense of serious content. Nice interview. smile

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