Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Errata Update: Missing Files

Hey all. We found out this week that there is a flaw on the DVD that contains the practice files for Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. (Thanks for letting us know, leachr and RobertJ!) On page 23 of the book, step 2, you are instructed to open the Balloon Thief folder.

Unfortunately, the folder’s contents did not reproduce correctly on the DVD. (How’s that for passive, non-accusatory language that doesn’t place any blame?) Please download the zipped file you’ll find here and use it to replace the existing subfolder in the Lesson 1 folder you got from the DVD. Your pilfered files will be restored, unlike poor Sammy’s balloon.

By the way, a complete list of errata (that’s error, versus erotic) is always available on the O’Reilly catalog page for any book (this one should show up there in a day or two). And if you find an error that’s not listed, you can add it to the list there and receive our gratitude and apologies at the same time.

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  • Thanks for the update

    I love the picture of both boys. One having pleasure while the other is crying. Good one.

  • Adobe TV

    I just saw your complete tutorial on One thing that makes me kind of wonder is from you tutorial on APSCS4 new features. You are showing drag and drop with shift key to register. It’s the road with the red sky. I’m not sure if you prepared the the road picture where you use some gradient tool and mask some portion of the image to get result what you did. You drag and drop and immediately the sky blended with the foreground. Then you add the moon and inverted it to add some creepy mood. Well I was looking in CS4 if there is any new feature that would allow you actually blend 2 pictures without any preparation together. This was possible with photomerge and other tools before but this was not good and you seem didn’t use this. You didn’t have even any layer active, maybe your selection on the road picture was feathered all the way to 100 points. Than you just dropped it. IDK Can you explain this?

    And here is one more. I was working on some pics in ps for painter work (my dog) and with my pen I accidentally hovered over some menu where it show something like preview picture in 32 bit. Hmmm. I wanted to find that menu. I don’t know what I did but if you know what I’m talking about I would like to know what I’ve seen. I played with B&W presets and it was somewhere with layer and channel panels. I don’t know drives me nuts if I don’t know.

  • CS4 Channels and Masks


    Is the new book going to be covering the same depth as PSCS3CM Essentials and Advanced? I learned a tonwatching those, but I would love to have a “manual” to this for a refresher. Can’t wait! BTW any new ETA????


  • Yes, same basic content

    Of course, a book forces you to take a more methodical, studied approach. So don’t be surprised if your understanding doesn’t grow that much more. Mine did. (I know, I’m supposed to know everything already. But there’s nothing like teaching a subject to learn what you don’t know.)

    I’m supposed to turn in the finished book December 3. And there is only one way that will happen. If you spend every waking minute on your knees praying for me. God, Zeus, Odin, Kanipinikassikueu, I don’t care. Just pray. And sacrifice things. Please, lots of sacrifice!

    Seriously, it’s going to be a squeaker, but we’re optimistic. When I get closer, I’ll post a page or two. It’s looking really truly beautiful. If I do say myself (which I believe I just did).

  • I swear, this is karma

    I don’t know whose fault it was that the images fell off the DVD. My burn folder has them intact. But it’s unknown whether something went wrong with the mastering on my end or at the duplication house.

    That said, I remember thinking when I was working on the book, “Can I really in good conscience keeps these pics of my boys from six years ago?” But I let them slide b/c, well, one has to pick and choose, doesn’t one? And there was so very much to change.

    So as I say, karma. Karma bit me in the kaboose.

    This is what they look like now, btw:

  • Yes, I prepared the two images

    They’re both the same size, in pixel dimensions.

    Otherwise, yes, the road was feathered. I thought I had explained that pretty explicitly, but perhaps it went by a little too fast. (Sluggishly by dekePod standards, I would think. grin

    Not sure about Painter, I’m afraid. Haven’t used that app in years.

  • Awww

    Looks like you’re raising a couple of fine young men there, Deke. They’re gorgeous! grin

  • Question on workflow

    I’m not sure where actually to post this question but I guess CS3 or CS4; it doesn’t really matter. I have a question to what kind of workflow the Deke Master uses. More in detail…. so you shoot in RAW and keep all those images? I’m faced with a dilemma and shrinking disk space on my computer. I shoot in Raw, go through my images, delete the ones I don’t think I need to keep or a “bad” then rename them and put them in their permanent folder. Once I narrowed all my good images down (I have to go over them several times to now keep all the images) I process them in Raw and usually also in PS3. So now I have a jpg or psd (if the file was hard to work with and has layers I like to keep) but also still have the CR2 file. Do I need to keep it? I mean… its’ a raw file for crying out loud and doesn’t loose any info no matter what I do to it…. and what about the Adobe dng convert.. do I need it?
    At this point I usually have images that have been processes and uploaded to the web on my PC in raw format as well as jpg and I’m not if I need to keep them as such. I like to know how the Deke and other tackle this problem. Any suggestion?

    So many images… so little space…..



  • Lightroom or Camera Raw??

    Hi Deke, my question to you (and others who use Lightroom) is whether it is really worth getting Lightroom.  I am an amateur photographer and use ACR for my non-destructive edits, then go into Photoshop and do whatever else needs to be done.  The NAPP guys rave about Lightroom, and I’m sure it’s great - kind of a turbocharged Bridge/ACR, but is it really worth spending the money and learning a new program?  Is there anything really significant that can be done in Lightroom but not in ACR or Photoshop?  I’m not sure my brain can handle one more image editing program.  Thanks.  DP

  • Cool Kid Photos


    Nice kids photo. I wondered if they were Deke2 and Deke3. Very cute. If you think they can be trouble at that age, just wait until you teach them to drive a car. Yikes, talk about scary. It will be just around the corner for you.


  • Sweet!

    Well hey, your a super busy guy that makes these publishers a lot of money. Not only that your have countless cult members at your disposal. I’m sure they can give you a grunting extension. Can’t wait! Pre-order time!


  • Balloon Theivery

    Blow my socks off!
    That was quick work and a rapid response Deke.  You just won a new fan.
    Great book too.  I picked it up in my local bookshop and coudn’t put it down.

    Must go as I have balloon theivery to attend to.

  • PSCS4

    Deke, the question about the 32 bit preview was about PSCS4 not Painter. I’m still trying to find out where this preview menu came from. 

    Also, about the sky red road, this was very short video about new features in PSCS4 on LDC so I guess you were brief but I’m waiting for those hours and hours of videos on November 25th. Can’t wait for it actually.

  • DNG

    Of course Deke will answer by himself but from his videos he mentioned that DNG format is the best. He converts the into DNG from Raw to keep the properties for archival purposes. In LT and Bridge Camera Raw. I usually keep all images in 4 formats RAW, DNG, camera JPG and resized camera JPG. The reason for last two is simple. Quicker previews. I make about 20-30K pics every year then I zipped them and put on 3 HDD for archival purposes.  Once the funds allows and time I will burn this on two double sided BD disc.

  • agree w/deke

    Yep, no better way to learn than to teach.

    Kicks it up a notch when you have to figure stuff out so you can prep a lesson plan or write a book.


  • Shortcut glitch

    I just got phone call from my buddy saying he has Shortcut glitch with the default shortcut set. He is asking if you got the same. XP users only. Mine is fine.

    Here is the issue.

    “Hey man, I got problem. once I open PCS4 and open several pics in lets say 1-3 mins, they are tabbed to main window where I see the name, bit a color mode.. I can click on each of them an it’s going to pop up the way it should However once I click Ctr+~ (tilda) key on the right under Escape on US keyboard, it should toggle pics and bring them up if you press Shift with the combination it should toggle them back. Well it does and it doesn’t. Sometimes. I restart the PS and it’s same. How about u? Can u check with Deke peeps? ”

    So PEEPS, can you check if you can toggle open photos. he told me also that he has set the regular everything to default maximized, essential workspace and consolidate view.

  • Lol

    I just realized that he is probably pressing wrong keys. I actually didn’t realize what he is asking me to do.  He should press Ctrl+Tab and with shift press to go back.  I called him and he said that is advertising this on tilda PSCS4 Essential Training tabbed video. So it’s LDC creating the havoc or maybe Adobe?

    So guys whatever it is, It’s solved.

  • Is your Photoshop CS4 book available in pdf?

    It looks like a great book and what I need to learn how to use     Photoshop CS4, I am physically unable to hold big books.

  • I inspired the 100 photoshop

    I inspired the 100 photoshop tips and tricks in 5 minutes

  • Turning off default layer masks in CS4?

    Can it be done?

    You know when you create an adjustment layer and in the older versions you were able to turn off the option for creating a layer mask automatically with the adjustment layer? Well, I can’t seem to do this in CS4. I can turn off an option to have default layer masks with fill layers, but I can’t see where to turn them off with adjustment layers. I’ve looked in the layers palette options and in the preferences dialogues, but I can’t see it. I don’t want layer masks automatically loaded! Where did the option go?


  • unable to open lesson

    I could not get the escape.psd file for lesson 9 to open either. Great book.

  • I’m so all over this one

    Cuz we’ve been over it internally about 27 times.

    First, make sure you do not have an adjustment layer active. Then go to the Adjustments palette. Click on that indecipherable icon in the top-right corner that brings up the flyout menu. Then choose Add Mask by Default to turn it the hell off.

  • You did?

    Who are you?

  • Deke McClelland, you are a star!

    Thank you so, so, sooooo much!

    *worships once again at your altar*

    Please give Adobe hell for that one - on behalf of us all.


  • Really?

    I just tested it on both platforms (Win Vista and Mac) and had no problems.

    Can you give me more specifics? Platform? Error message?

    I’m happy to post a version of the file here on the site, but I want to make sure it’s going to work for you.

  • i was lucky enough to get

    i was lucky enough to get the last copy of cs4 one on one that was left in the shop! smile

    Shame i will have to wait till 25th Dec before i can see if i have the affected issue :p

    Other good bit of luck i had was getting my wacom tablet working on linux, so now i have a choice of what os and app to use smile

  • I have a Mac - Leopard. I

    I have a Mac - Leopard. I get the message that the layered photo was not saved with a composite image. Other than the balloon photo, everything has worked flawlessly. I’m totally amazed and thank you. It was great to have your book as soon as I got my CS4.

  • It’s true there is no composite image

    But that won’t prevent Photoshop from opening the file. Photoshop don’t need no stinkin’ composite. Layers are Photoshop’s very own babies.

    It sounds like you’re trying to double-click on the file at the Finder level or in the Bridge and it’s being handed off to another application, which might very well complain.

    Try opening the image from inside Photoshop’s with the File > Open command. Assuming that works, we can trouble-shoot the other.

  • thanks, that works just fine

    thanks, that works just fine opening it from photoshop.

  • Safari Online problems

    Hi Deke,

    After recovering from the shock of upgrading from PhotoShop CS2 to CS4 I went hunting for something to ease me into it. I found your book on Safari Online and immediately kicked out my old CS2 books to make space for the two slots that your book required.

    My disappointment were even bigger than my excitement to find that none of the DVD contents are available on Safari. No Video and no images. I always thought that the Safari platform provides the necessary protection for publishers so that their content does not end up in general distribution. The Safari Support team quoted me the following gem “Safari strives to make sure that the publishers include the sample images/pages/chapters/CD ROM contents.” This is particularly cute as both Safari and your book is published by O’Reilly.

    I use Safari almost exclusively for technical books as it is one less book to lug along when I travel.

  • Thanks for the heads up

    Honestly, I am frankly a little mystified by the inner workings of Safari, but from what I understand, my books don’t fit very well in the Safari mold. Nonetheless, I would like to do everything in my power to make sure that your user experience is as seamless as it can be.

    I know there is some issue with getting the videos up. And that may take some time to resolve.

    Re: the images—you mean the sample files that you open at the outset of each exercise? Those should be readily available. I’m guessing their omission is an oversight.

    At the moment, I’m not your best go-to guy on getting this resolved. So do me a favor and email Steve Weiss: He’s an excellent guy, and I know if he gets your message, he’ll sink his teeth into getting the problem resolved.

  • Another thought

    Would it be helpful for registered users of this site to have access to all sample files for my books?

    (The videos are another matter—for now, I’m just talking about books.)

    If so, let me know and give me time to contemplate . . .

  • Bird’s Eye Zoom

    I downloaded a trial version of CS4 prior to my receiving a purchased one with Serial Numbers ! I also sprang for your excellent one-o-one book and have been religiously following the instructions-but I guess I chose the wrong religion because one of the tasty shortcuts was for ‘Bird’s Eye’ zoom. I cannot get this to work. I have an NVIDIA card ,GEforce 7600 G7 which has been properly set up per the info on Adobe’s site and is approved by Adobe.
    Opening edit and preferences and general,I see no option for this facility. I wonder if the trial version has some shortcomings. It is Version 11..Am I missing some other preferences set up menu or should I just wait for my ‘registered’ version ?


  • This is good one

    Any answer on this miraculous person. I guess they want to say they are inspired by Who knows. We foreigners think in different dimensions.

  • Nvidia

    I"m sure you meant GT not G7 right? I have XP so here is what I have to say under XP. I wonder what MB size you have on the Nvidia,7600 GT. If 256 and above it should work. What is your configuration. Do you have installed 4 GB ram on XP machine. It plays also role. Since XP can allocate max 4 GB ram per all devices connected. So if you have 512 card and 4 GB ram usually XP sees only 3.2 GB if you have PAE selected in boot up file.  Check PS and If you card is listed and shown under GPU settings and you can check Enable OpenGL Drawing you can use it if not then you can’t. Solution 1} Get the latest drivers. I have on one machine 6600 GT with 256 MB and it works purely but works. 7600 is newer but not necessarily better, it had lot of issues with dual display. I actually burned one week ago in my Sony machine. 2) Try this. Get latest drivers from Nvidia., install it restart it and see if its there. If not then uninstall the all nvidia drivers drivers including ntune using drivercleaner (free web appl) and install the latest driver again run ps and see. 3) If this doesn’t work repeat the step above and uninstall ps and and install ps back. There might be some issues if you had cs3 installed before. Clean temp files. If you using Vista ask someone who knows here. I have XP. If you have MAC good luck. If you have XP and none of this works get new card They are less than $80 and it is going to work. Don’t expect miracles. To my knowledge PS trial is same as PS standard. I’m not sure if Extended plays any different from the regular mode but this should work same under XP SP3. Also make sure your card is not overclocked and in control panel of the Nvidia all controls are set by application.

  • Birds Eye Zoom in CS4

    Thanks,Archee,for your input. I do have sufficient memory in the system and display board. I have followed your suggestions-including ‘Driver Cleaner’-now not free !I have installed the latest Nvidia drivers and they are recognized by the CS4 program and open GL is OK’ed.

    Still does not work. The image shrinks quickly followed by a large selection rectangle which lasts for about 50 ms. I shall now wait for my Registered program before tryiing anything else.

  • Why not?

    Hi Deke well why not? I’m not sure if you you are publishing this sites in any of your books. (you should) but in case of any incorrectly burned dvd’s they can get all together, in the same time if some yahoo is going pdf your book, that’s the only protection you have. It’s up to you

  • Hmm

    I’m sorry to hear that. I saw similar problem with someone’s GT 7600 as well. They replaced the card. I really don’t think that this is an issue of trial or reg version. Unless you had some 1st Stonehenge beta release.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one

    Just received my new Ps CS4 book one hour ago!  Everyone love’s you so much Deke….Raves on every side!!  I don’t know who is happier…you or… Your MOTHER & FATHER! Having said that, I need your help. I can’t install Best WorkflowCS4csf, because a Ps pop-up keeps telling me that “Photoshop doesn’t recognize this type of file.  I know it does, or you would not have it in the book! 

    I use Mac 10.5.5.  Thank you in advance for forthcoming wisdom. Billie Cosby

  • Best Workflow CS4

    Hey Billie,

    The color settings file goes here:

    You can Command-click on the title bar to confirm.

  • CS4’s bird’s eye

    Sorry for the delay in responding. We had this book that was kicking our keisters. But we ultimately kicked it back and thus we return, only slightly disheveled.

    Just to clarify, bird’s eye is actually a panning feature. I can’t find any way to turn the feature off. Are you certain you’re doing it properly? (There’s some wrong info out there.) In the interest of science, here’s how it works:

  • Zoom way in. You should only see a fragment of your image.

  • Press and hold the H key. No spacebar stuff. H. Keep it down.

  • Click and hold. Bird’s eye.

  • Drag where you wanna be.

  • Release H. Release the mouse button.
  • Did that Help? Or Hurt?


  • Graphic card

    Deke, he has problem with GPU not the feature itself. He can’t get the OpenGL options to work. So any ultimate panning rotating etc are disabled by default. (this might never be your case because you have always top of the latest technology -  running vista on 17” Macbook Pro and similar

  • Bird’s Eye Zoom

    I thought that my video board might be too old or incompetent, so I bought a new
    EVGA GeFOrce 9800 GT with 512 MB memory. The Bird’s Eye sort of works,but when it goes back to the un-zoomed image,instead of a small selection rectangle,there is a huge selection rectangle. If I start with a more zoomed initial image,the rectangle gets smaller burt still too large. Trust a beginner to get weird results-must be my English upbringing.


  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one

    Thank you Mr. McClelland, for your speedy reply.  I have already tried that, Home/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings, a zillion times yesterday, and half the night…..earlier this morning, and again just now.  I still get the Ps pop-up telling me.“Could not complete your request, because photoshop does not recognize this type of file”.
    Your book says “Copy the color settings to your hard drive”.  I cannot perform this.  I click Best Workflow CS4.csf.  Then I, Press Action Button…..from the pop-up menu…I can choose…Open, Open with, or Copy Best Workflow CS4.csf.  No matter what, or which, A Ps pop-up ALWAYS says “COULD NOT complete your request…can’t drag it, can’t click it…  Isn’t that funny?  My mother always said, “If at first you don’t succeed….keep on succin’ till you do succeed!  But now?

    My Ps CS4 is an upgrade to a CS2 Education version.  I carefully checked with Adobe here, and in the USA, and was assured that there is no problem between regular versions and Education versions.  However, even though I have activated and can use CS4….I can still activate CS2 seperately.  I have not tried using CS2, but Is this normal?  There is an AWFUL LOT i don’t know about….computers!  Billie

  • Try this:

    It sounds like you’re trying to open the file from the Finder, which won’t work.

    After copying the file to Home/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings (you did that, yes?)

  • Launch Photoshop.

  • Choose Edit > Color Settings.

  • Select Best Workflow CS4 for the Settings pop-up menu.

  • Click OK.
  • That’s it.

  • Best Workflow CS4

    Dear Deke, if I may address you in such a manner.  I have truly come to the conclusion, that I can never arrive at the goal I aspire to (in Photoshop), without you!  I finally remembered in your 1on1 in CS2 we were walked through the “edit color settings” on your video lessons, as well as Photoshop preferences.  So now, i am almost ready to start lesson one….if I can get over the hurdle of keyboard shortcuts in Spotlight.  I’m not doing something right in Leopard, which is new to me.  I’m a beginner, as far as the computer is concerned, and had just barely gotten to the “crawl…stand up, and fall stage in Tiger, then had to buy a new computer to increase processor speed. Maybe I really didn’t need to, but since I don’t know anything about computers, I buy anything, almost.  If I were home, I doubt I would have this much trouble learning this machine.  But, I live in the country, and almost no one speaks English and if I do find somebody, they aren’t using computers,,,,and if they are….it’s not Apple!  So forgive me for my ignorance!  I’m very excited about your lessons.  Thank you so much!  You’re a Godsend…billie

  • The hurdle of keyboard shortcuts in spotlight

    Hi, Billie. grin

    Hope you don’t mind me jumping in, but I watched a vid by Deke on this very thing last night while marching my way through the Actions and Automations series at, and Deke devoted a whole lesson to “Remapping Mac Shortcuts”. It’s in the free trial area, so you should be able to watch it whether you are a subscriber or not. (Though, by the sound of your situation, you’d benefit by becoming a subscriber - you’ll not regret it).

    Anyway, here is the link to the video:

    Best of luck!

  • The Hurdle Of Keyboard Shortcuts In Spotlight

    Hello Petra, thanks a million for “jumping in”, everything has been solved perfectly!!

    How magnificent of you to take the time to help “desperate me” in Japan.  Can’t begin to express the joy, that came across the wires.  billie

  • Marvelous!

    I’d love to live in Japan for awhile. I hope you are taking lots of photos as the light is wonderful from what I can gather - very soft. And that whole Orient thing is gorgeous.

    And as for the wires - we are lucky indeed. And they beckon us, like Maneki Neko. grin

  • Marvelous

    Hi Petra, I haven’t visited this website lately and only saw your message today.  Yes, Japan is very beautiful.  However, I have found that every where IS beautiful!  It’s a matter of “right” perspective…..often hard to come by.  I came here 58 years ago, for just one year.  I never dreamed I would not be returning to my home, except for visits to see my family.  One of the “mysteries” of life, I guess.  Thank’s a lot for your help and interest…I’m glad.  Billie
  • Move the Preview panel

    Hello Deke, I apologize, for bothering you soooo often.  But this time (and every time) I’m really in trouble!!  PsCS4 10n1, lesson 1, page 11.  Instruction #4.  I moved the preview panel, Metadata, and Keywords, as instructed. I’m at present (and for the last 3 hours) at Instruction #5.  I can’t find the Preview Tab, and the Collections Tab and Metadata Tabs are both blank.  Not any info there.  In trying to find the answer for myself, I consulted “Bridge Help”, which directed me to the VIEW window and to click on >show hidden files. Which I faithfully performed, and now I have three sheets of paper, along with my thumbnails, in the “content” window of Bridge.  At the bottom of each paper is written (in order) Bridge Cache, Bridge CacheT, and .DS-Store.  These may well be simple copies of something my computer has in it’s stomach…and canceling them may be the right thing to do.  But, before “jumping out of the frying pan into the fire”, I thought it might be prudent to ask!  Especially, since I’m still without Preview and have Blank Collections and Metadata Tabs.  Only You, can ease the pain!!  Thank you.  Billie

  • In the Bridge

    Click the Window menu at the top of the screen. Look down the list. Does the command Preview Panel have a check in front of it?

    —If so, it’s on screen somewhere.

    —If not, choose it and it will appear.

    You have to have an image selected to see anything in the Metadata or Preview panels. You’re not ready for Collections yet.

    “At the bottom of each paper is written (in order) Bridge Cache, Bridge CacheT, and .DS-Store.” Paper?

    Those are “invisible” files that are created by the Bridge and the Macintosh operating system. Nothing harmful—just ignore them.

  • Preview panel in the Bridge

    Thank you very much Deke.  That problem seems to be OK now.  However, I still have been unable to activate the “Best Workflow” in Color Settings.  I e-mailed this subject to you on the l4th of Dec.  I got as far as getting the icon in settings folder, but when I try to activate it, the same Ps pop-up informs me that Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.  I also found a “best workflow” icon in the settings folder from the CS2 installation.  Next to the icon is the following message, “Unsynchronized;  Your Creative Suite applications are not synchronized for consistent color.  I cannot even get that far with CS4.  Please forgive me, for bothering you so close to the holidays…..and thank you for your patience.  Billie

  • Best Workflow CS4

    Well Deke, I did it again.  I just submitted mail to you two minutes ago, in which I referred to a l4 Dec mail titled Best Workflow.  I forgot I sent two different mails to you on the l4th of Dec.  The correct title for the unsolved problem is “Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one.  Sorry!  Billie

  • Book vs info

    Hi Deke,

    I am a Premium member at, mainly for PS, and l have learned tons from your CS2 and CS3 Masking videos. Your book just arrived, and looking quickly, flipping the pages, I note that the images are familiar from my travels at (deja vu). Could you please answer these questions:

    1) Is there any video and photo content with the book NOT at, even though the Lynda titles are CS2 and CS3 masking?

    I ask since the book title is CS4. If identical videos and images are at Lynda, then I don’t need to put them on my compter; as I have a very fast internet connection.

    2) Since it’s easier to access the video (and images) online, could you furnish us with the Title, Chapter #, and movie name at corresponding to the book; so that we can find it easily online as we read the book?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work,


  • Much is different, much is similar

    All of the video content is unique to the book. Although it was produced by, it is not part of the Online Training Library.

    The sample files are often the same or similar. But they so differently organized, I would recommend you go ahead and copy all.

    Writing a book uses a different part of your brain (which scientists call The Book-Writing Lobe), so I altered my approach to a few projects. And I think there is much to be learned. But the idea was to keep the books and videos in line with each other.

  • Page 378 item 9 ? White stroke?

    I just get two black outlines, they duplicate OK but disappear when we get to step 16.

    Any ideas ?


  • cs4 1-on-1 Rotate View

    When I get to page 161, click on the Rotate View Tool and try to use it I am told that it “only works with OpenGL enabled document windows.

    What’s up?

  • Unless you disabled Open GL by accident…

    ...which is turned on by default, it’s likely due to your video card not supporting OpenGL. Meaning, you can’t take advantage of some features built into CS4 (things like flick-panning, smooth & continuous zoom, hand-tool-super-ninja-fast-zoom-out and rotate view tool to name a few).

    Go to preferences/performance dialog box and make sure “Enable OpenGL Drawing” checkbox is checked (right under “GPU Settings”). If it’s dimmed, your video card doesn’t support it.

    Lest I’m mistaken (Deke?).



    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  • You were right!

    Enable GL was not checked even though my video card supports it. Rotate View now works.

    Thanks much


  • Nice work, fly

    You’re getting good at this!

  • It’ all in a day’s work for flyboy

    It's a bird; it's a plane…


    P.S. “Will work for pixels”

  • An addendum

    After getting things working as you outlined, I upgraded my NVidia driver from version 181.22 to the current 182.5. Rotate view no longer worked. I went to preferences/performance and was greeted with a message that says GPU features do not work on the Standard version of PS4. (I had installed update 11.0.1). So I rolled back the video driver and rotate view works once again. My video card is Nvidia GT 8800 with 512. Windows XP 32 bit.

    BTW, I found the lengthly article about rotate view on the Adobe web site. I couldn’t see that it mentioned this latest problem.


  • I got the same card

    Only, it’s Vista 64 so it’s a different driver.

    However, I’m one of those folks that never updates their driver, lest there’s a burning need for that. Or at least well singed.

    I always stick with the good ol’ “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Or “hit it with a hammer” - I never learned which one is the right answer. Explains the pile of hardware outside the house and an empty bank account.

    At least I’m broke, so no need to get hammered… Again.

    Is there a reason for updating your driver?



    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  • Preface Page xviii, Instruction 7

    Today is my first day, and I’m just starting out, going through the book step by step.

    When I double-click on the Windows .kys file, instead of Ps CS4 springing to the foreground (it was running in the background from the previous steps), I get a dialogue box that says my system (Windows Vista) can’t open the file and to select a program that will open it.

    The only Adobe programs that come up on my list of available (associable) programs are Acrobat and Dreamweaver.

    A search of the Internet for .kys fixes brings up some iffy sites I don’t trust.

    Is there a reliable way I can navigate to the right place in my system (that is, to the Ps CS4 launch file—what is it named, and where is it located?) to do the proper file association for a .kys file (which is somehow not included in the extensive list that Vista shows me under “Start > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program”) and to then include the .kys extension in the directory of possibles?  Or can I just rename the file in such a way that Ps CS4 will launch when I double-click on it per the instruction?  If so, what file extension is recommended?

    Thanks.  Eager to get going.  Great book.  Love the way the instructions are given, by overview instruction, purpose, details, and every eventuality that could stump a newbie.

  • OpenGL

    The Adobe site states that for Windows XP systems Photoshop does NOT enable OpenGL by default even if the video card and drivers support it. You need to go to the EDIT -> PREFERENCES -> PERFORMANCE dialog, click to select the “Enable OpenGL Drawing” option, then click OK, close Photoshop, and reopen it.  Even so I’m not finding any guidance on what options are most appropriate for the “Advanced Settings” features…anyone?

    If Deke mentions anywhere in the book the need to verify that OpenGL may need to be enabled in Photoshop I didn’t see it.

  • That may very well be the case

    I assumed the XP would behave the same way my Vista did. I had a trial version of CS4 running on my XP when it first came out, but that video card didn’t offer OpenGL support so there was no way for me to test that. Thank you for updating me on that.

    As for the advanced settings; I just accepted the default values. But I would like to hear what the experts have to say on this.


    Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  • Lesson 6

    Page 183. Step 8. Unfortunately, “Fade” is greyed out under the Edit menu, and the shortcut s unresponsive as well. The “Fade Variations” command on page 73 worked fine. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Problem with openGL responding

    Hi All!
    My compliments to Deke.
    I started learning Photoshop CS5 but I have problem with openGL.
    I have an Acer laptop and it has Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family graphic card (to be more exact: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator x3100; Windows 7; 32bit; RAM 2.5MB;) I am deeply aware about performance of my graphic card and my computer configuration but I also know that openGL and 3D are supported i.e. everything works slower and doesn’t look so great but it works.
    I instaled GPU Caps Viewer and it shows that my graphic card supports openGL version 2.0 but when I use Photoshop some tools which require openGL support don’t work (for ex: Rotate View Toll etc.)
    I also checked my graphic driver and it’s the latest version. However I downloaded it again and installed but the problem still exists.
    I also uninstalled Photoshop and installed it again but the problem still exist .
    Photoshop doesn’t see my graphic card but if I go to Help-> Sistem Info I get following information about openGL:
    OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
    OpenGL Drawing Mode: Basic
    OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: False.
    OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: False.
    OpenGL Crash File: Not Detected.
    OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
    Does it maybe mean that Photoshop CS5 doesn’t support openGL 2.0 version?
    Would someone be so kind as to help me with this one?

  • Interesting pixels

    When you discuss pixels as colored squares and how you don’t necessarily need more when you print a large image, you might refer to the Wikipedia entry on Chuck Close, particularly this image:

    Cheers, and thanks for the keys.


  • Missing

    Yes there are quite a few important missing exe files from the CD , and that seems like a foolish error I mean we payed a lot for this piece of software and we bought it already broken.

  • Are you talking about my CD

    Or Photoshop’s?

    Just want to make sure we’re okay.

  • best workflow cs4 .csf

    Please can you tell me where I can get this file to download. I have tried to download the zip from the link you have above, but no luck.

    I have had to reinstall my cs4 and now I desperately need “best workflow cs4”

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


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