Combine a Sketch and Photograph in Photoshop

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode, Deke finally finishes the sketched portrait he promised me by taking that line drawing that was absolutely slaved over inside Adobe Photoshop Sketch (starting two weeks ago), bringing it into the actual real Photoshop, and combining it with the actual real photograph here in order to create an awesome portrait if I do say so myself.

Deke describes it thusly:

“Now what I love about this is notice the detail inside the face. Compare that with the relative lack of detail in the line drawing and the great thing about this detail is we don’t have to draw it. We can just cheat, oops, I mean combine the two photographs inside Photoshop.”

A photo, a sketch traced in Adobe Sketch, and then combined for a portrait.

I, however, see it this way. Take a tired photo of me, draw an attractive but crazy eyed cartoon version from it, then combine the two in order to make a delightfully attractive avatar.

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