Cool Thing of the Week: The Birth of the Peace Sign

This week’s cool thing is this quick bit about the birth of the peace symbol, which is actually based on the semaphore letters N and D for nuclear disarmament.

Number 78 above comes to us from a very cool (but sadly currently dormant) site, Design Facts. Nevertheless, despite the last entry being Number 145 (about Gutenberg’s failed investments in “holy mirrors,” whatever those are). It’s still very cool to pull up a random fact, read commentary about it, get links to more info, and send it off to your designery friends.

Speaking of friends, our LyndaFamily in Santa Barbara county are just getting back to their offices in Carpinteria after the horrifying mudslides (which came after the devastating fires, so Deke’s Techniques has been delayed this week. I’ll be back as soon as it’s published.

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  • Hi Deke - Are you planning on doing any more of your DekeConstructed videos? Sure would like to see more. Thanks. -Virginia
  • That is cool! Thanks :D
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