Create Place Cards for Your Holiday Dinner Guests in Illustrator

Long-term denizens of dekeWorld know how Deke loves a holiday-themed project. In this week’s free Thanksgiving-themed episode—-after years of variations on hand-turkeys—-we’ve finally come up with a project that might actually be useful for your actual seasonal celebrating: place cards for your holiday dinner table.

Here is an Illustrator view of the the foldable card project featuring photos of two of Deke’s made-up friends:

Photo themed place cards created in Adobe Illustrator

If you’re a member of (or you take advantage of a 10-day free trial at, Deke’s got two exclusive movies this week in which he gives you a couple of options for this project.

In the first, he uses the improved Pencil tool in Illustrator to trace coloring-book style versions of Constantine and Chloe. If their two rambunctious children keep getting underfoot while you peel your potatoes, you can hand them some crayons to color in their parent’s cards. Take that Constantine and Chloe!

Cartoon customized place cards for your holiday dinner guests.

In the second exclusive movie, you can fill in the colors yourself (or teach those charming kids to do it) in Illustrator, resulting in this very festive variation:

Colorful customized place cards for your holiday dinner guests.

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