Creating an Infrared/Snow Effect in Photoshop

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques, Deke emulates an infrared photograph by applying the Channel Mixer. Then, of course, he applies it to some topiary elephants to create a snowy landscape. Because that’s the kind of thing Deke does: use Photoshop as his own personal weather machine.

This effect works particularly well on rich-green landscapes, because the primary ingredient here is turning the green channel up and then turning the red and blue channels down, in a way that compensates for potential clipping. You can get a better grasp on all this mysterious dekeMath in the video, so I’ll just point out that this:

Topiary elephants before

Becomes this:

A snowy infrared effect created in Photoshop

Deke’s Techniques, exploring the evil genius power tools in Photoshop each week.

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