Crop and Develop a Great White Shark

779 Crop and develop a great white shark

Hello, all. Colleen, here, recovering from an emergency appendectomy this weekend during a chance trip to San Francisco. I like to keep my travels exciting. But this was ridiculous!

Still, it’s nothing compared with the bite I coulda took. In this week’s free episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke shows an example of what I’m talking about as he explains how he developed this close-up portrait of a great white shark that we encountered off the coast of Isla Guadalupe last fall.

Unfortunately, given the pain in my side—OMG, how do you women who have emerged from C-sections endure incisions beyond this and somehow immediately transition to mothering your newborn infants??—this shark’s teeth and Deke’s Camera Raw skills are the only sharp things around my parts. So I’m gonna rest my unsharp mind and let you get the news straight from Deke.

Fortunately, there’s a follow up movie for LinkedIn Learning/ members. And it’s full of classic dekeSharpening skills.

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