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I’ve been wanting to post like crazy. But I have a book (Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One) due to the printer tomorrow. And my team has taken to keeping an eye on the site, watching for posts when I really owe them a lesson.

See how they are? What with the economy collapsing, you think it’s all about the bulls and the bears? These animals, they make books. They do not fool around.

I would think anyone who is reading this has seen my Photoshop CS4 dekePod. If not, see it.

But that represents just 6 minutes out of 7000 hours (an exaggeration) that I’ve recorded on the topic. The upcoming posts, they will show you a few others.

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  • cows & books

    Was wondering how come the publisher hasn’t sent me one yet. Ah, you’re still working on said book, Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. And I’m sure they’ve got you locked up in the cow barn ‘til you’re done.



  • Thanks Deke!!!

    Deke, all I can say is you are saving my brain! Being out of work for two months, I watch your videos to keep my creativity and sanity going. I appreciate your style and look forward to more books and videos from you. Thanks for all the hard work and keeping your loyal fans alive with drive and hope!


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