Two CS4 Features

I’m am slowly in pursuit of aggregating what videos I can from the various online sources, all in the name of getting you educated.

The players in this video: Me, of course. That voice, right at the beginning of the move, that’s Melanie. The guy soon after is Garrick. He and his buddy Larry (of The Jellybricks) did the music to “101 Tips.”

I’ve spent a lot of time with these two. So has the fourth voice you’ll hear, Mordy Golding, a frequent contributor to this site.

En masse, the Fantastic 4 of us show you the best features in Photoshop and Illustrator. (Well, two — content-aware scaling and multiple artboards — but still, absolutely best features.) Enjoy!

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  • preserve scale

    Watching an adobe e-seminar now and there’s other ways (masking) to preserve scale using the content aware scale feature (besides the skin tone button).


  • The masking is in there

    Isn’t it? It’s how I preserved Sammy against the dock (which is the poster frame). Also appears ever so briefly in the dekePod CS4 episode.

    Did they offer any advice on masking? My experience so far is that you’re better off under protecting than over. Otherwise, you leave CAS very little to work with. And ultra-soft edges.

  • Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    Every once in a while, Adobe makes a move that makes me go huh?

    Don’t get me wrong, the CAS is an excellent feature! Slicker than them deer guts on a door knob; I can see myself using it a lot (the CAS, not the guts or the knob).

    But ‘sup with the masking? White for “do not modify” and black for “allow modification”? Hasn’t it always been the other way around? I guess as software gets feature rich, some inconsistencies are bound to creep up.

    But tell me (I have been waiting for this one for 10 years): does new version have a “play it again, Sam” function? As in Ctl+Y in so many other programs? It would be soooo nice to be able to apply the last used command to a selected item using the same shortcut. And they wouldn’t even have to make a stretch to do it. The fade command engine is perfect for the job, it just needs a tweak in the other direction (hey Adobe, ya reding this? pure genius!)

    I envy you, man. You get to play with the cool toys first. And we all know that the one with the most toys wins.

    Dagnabbit! I lose…


    Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

  • the masked one

    They did go into masking abit (to preserve) but I didn’t take notes. I did mention that Deke does it another way, that requires two steps + preserve skin tone. They didn’t demo it with the skin tone check box, the sample was 3 surfers in wetsuits.


  • Yes, would love a Play It Again shortcut in InDesign too

    Totally agree, flyboy. The closest thing ID has to play it again is to repeat your last successful Quick Apply, but that’s not the same thing. Repeat formatting! A simple wish.

  • White protects

    You know, I can see this one from both sides. Normally, black conceals and white reveals, so white should isolate the portion of the image that you want to change.

    But I can also see how white should protect b/c . . . this command can wreak some major damage and . . . the hero wears a white hat and . . . storm troopers . . . uh.

    Actually, you’re right, black should protect. The mask is black, after all.

    Who knows, Maybe Adobe’ll switch it by time the software ships. But in the current build, it still works like in the video.

    Cmd-Y is a great idea, btw. I’ll suggest it next time I talk to the team. I’ll say, “Hey, you guys, I came up with this really great idea. Should be simple enough. Totally original thought on my part. Even came up with a great shortcut. Cmd-Y. How money is that?” And they’ll be like, “Whoa, awesome! Who’s idea was that again?” And I’ll say, “Mine.” I can’t wait.

    Actually, I wanna say this has come up in the past. But I’ll ping them and see what’s up. Ain’t in CS4 tho.

  • tutorial

    This is the one that I really can’t do in photoshop. I badly needed a tutorial on this topic.

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