Two Smart Guys Discuss Smart Objects

Over at O’Reilly Digital Media, Derrick Story has posted an interview he did with Deke at last Spring’s Photoshop World, wherein Deke enlightens O’Reilly’s evangelist on the mysteries of smart objects. It’s a fun conversation, with Deke the graphics guru and Photoshop connoiseur enlightening Derrick the photographer and Photoshop anarchist. (I like the audio only when my eyes need a break from the screen, or you know, I’m driving a car.) OK, so this picture is actually from last month in Las Vegas (y’all are going to figure it out from the dekePod logo on the screen anyway). But it is, in fact, Deke and Derrick, and they are talking about something related to Photoshop. It could be smart objects. And my shots from Orlando were apparently affected by humidity.

It just so happens these are the two guys I’m putting out there for my Photoshop CS4 book offerings this fall. You all know what Deke has to offer, and the Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book will be ready as soon as the project launches (thanks to Deke’s amazing amazing team—Carol, Spink, Ron, Julie, David, Toby—woohoo!). Derrick’s book, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, will be day-and-date with CS4 as well, providing photographers with a streamlined plan for Photoshop that gives them everything they need, and nothing they don’t. See? I gotcha covered. ‘Cause I know smart when I see it.

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  • Um, I think

    We need to attend a seminar on posture.

    Good news, we got slumping, holding mikes, putting hands in our laps, and being perfectly symmetrical mastered. (Even if Derrick is a magnified version of me.)

    Why do I have a green dot on my leg? SECURITY ALERT!

  • Where to Discuss Everything ?

    Now days it is very difficult to find a community where you are free to Discuss Everything.
    Lets be frank for a minute here, we are currently living in the society where rules are above and beyond
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    Actually speak your mind, Discuss Everything that comes to mind without a fear of being punished.

    We are always ready to shout “We live in democratic society” but if you really think about what this

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    Your comments are welcome.


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