Deke (and his Techniques) Breaks the Internet (Well, Part of It)

Good news, Deke. You have created the longest course on LinkedIn Learning. Bad news, well, the system wasn’t quite ready for that.  Or as Deke put it on Facebook:

“For the last few weeks, “Deke’s Techniques” has been mysteriously hiccupping at LinkedIn Learning. Episode 917 (pictured here) was supposed to go live yesterday. Turns out, the problem is that “Deke’s Techniques” has grown not just to be the longest, yuuugest course at LiL, but now weighs in at more than 121 hours, or about 5 days if you play it continuously from Episode 001 (January 4, 2011). Solutions are under way. But, hey, in the meantime, I BROKE THE SITE!”

Good news, you will soon be able to once again spend five days watching Deke’s Techniques! (We expect at least a short term solution shortly!)

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  • First- I LOVE Deke’s Techniques as well as your other courses. I am going through your illustrator courses now. In Deke’s Techniques though- another problem is that with the exercise files - the ones you are looking for to go with whatever chapter you are working with, are impossible to find. My solution- break down the Deke’s Techniques into multiple courses on LiL. So you would have Deke’s Techniques 2011, Deke’s Techniques 2012, and so on. The exercise files would be easier to find as well- especially if you label them better- such as DT 2011 Jan 1, DT 2011 Jan 2, with the number being the week you are on- that way if I am watching Deke’s Techniques Aug 2016 on week 4 I just look for DT 2016 Aug 4. Hope that makes sense!
  • And that is one of the solutions we might be considering. As for the exercise files, I agree that their labels mess up the order and make them impossible to find. Starting today, we’re going to include them at the bottom of the post here at, just in case, while our talented friends at LinkedIn are working on the Big Fix.
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