Deke-eke-eke-eke on InDesign Secrets Podcast

What could make one of my favorite podcasts even better? Well, the collision of goodness that happens when Deke is their special guest, that’s what. Earlier this year, David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion of the awesome InDesign Secrets (site and podcast) welcomed Deke (and honored him with their trademark echo effect) to chat about things InDesign-ine-ine-ine, including their general love for styles. (And the not-so-much-love for styles of the Table variety.)

One of my favorite things about the InDesign Secrets podcast is that they post a transcript of the show. So if, say, you are listening in your car on your long commute and you can’t remember, say—how Anne-Marie explained how to do that thing that she figured out on the fly (this happens in just about every episode) or David’s recommendation of that perfect little script that does the thing that you’ve been going crazy without (ditto)—you can go back and skim the transcript for the info without having to listen through again (not that they aren’t charming…). Disclaimer: the InDesign Secrets Podcast transcripts are posted later, so either don’t be impatient or use your ears. Gotta say David and Anne-Marie are the kind of technology gurus who really do well by their gurees.

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    Just wanted to comment on your Photoshop CS3 One on One book….I thought I was crazy for spending $50.00 on a how to book…..I’ve had my head buried in the book for 2 weeks now and realize the money was well spent. I’m a Photoshop newbe, also see why the program cost so much. Thanks for the excellent book.

  • bridge

    hgk: I am an old beginner with a question about cs3 bridge.  In 1 on 1 the bridge rotate direction arrows are grayed and an icon (lock?)is in the upper right of each image.  This prevents certain actions, like rotating, in bridge.  What is the action to fix?

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