101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

dekePod Pilot #2: After just one Pilot episode and two years of darkness (during which I was romancing my sponsors, not just sitting on my hands, BTW), dekePod is back and with a vengeance. We’re calling this one Pilot #2, to be followed by regular episodes once every other week, assuming we don’t all kill ourselves. (These things are massively time-consuming.) Here’s the official marketing description:

If you’ve ever read a computer magazine, you know the idea behind “101 Tips.”; One gala issue, lots of first-rate contributors, lots of quality information. And lots and lots of pages. But when’s the last time one lone guy tried to capture 101 tips in video? In just 5 minutes of video? Set to music? This is the realm of dekePod, the once-every-other-weekly series from Deke McClelland. It’s bold, it’s brash, it’s ridiculous. It’s a podcast with serious issues. Enjoy.

The above movie is served up by blip.tv, which I have to say, rocks. (In-site embed + no branding + widescreen = rocks.) It auto-converts the file to a Flash movie and (I think, tho it’s difficult to confirm) lowers the frame rate. For a smoother, less compressed version — that you can download! — try one of these links:

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You can also check out the dekePod landing page at my book publisher O’Reilly Media.

For a full transcription of the lyrics (available to members), click here.

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  • Great job very

    Great job very infomormative, look forward to more =)


  • Awesome, Deke!

    Lifehacker just profiled this, and I didn’t even realize you had a website. I’ve been watching your Lynda videos for years (tech support for a certain large company that produces a certain piece of software) and have recommended them to a lot of people.

    But this take it to a new level. I’m spreading this through the office as I speak (to watch at home, of course) and people are digging it. Nice!


  • Deke, funny video, is that really your name, Deke?

    I paused it at a minute, but couldn’t keep away and finished it. Wow, funny! I laughed. (Does anybody remember laughter?) You have so much energy. I can barely type, caps are a bother and hell if I’m gonna reach all the way up to the F-keys. I’m sure people hear different hidden things in your message, thought I heard something about pizza. The blue tshirt and jeans are cool, the jumping and bending reminds me of George Costanza as Coco. I enjoyed it and will come back for more. Thanks!

  • Love the video

    Hiya Deke!

    I’ve seen your tutorial videos in the past, they’re what got me started in Photoshop.  You always seem to make tutorials with your own unique style and this latest one continues your trend.  No one makes Photoshop tutorials the way you do!

  • nada surf?

    sounds very inspired by the song “popular” by nada surf.  remember that song, children of the nineties?

  • Crazy!

    The video is very cool Although I’ll never remember all that, I was entertained.

  • Uh. . . Uh-h-h-h-MMMMAAAAAY- ZING!!!!!

    Geesch . . . I have known, did know or once knew, perhaps 50% of what you sang here. . . and was impressed with what I knew. GEEEEESCH I say again: I bow to you my friend, for the energy, the knowledge, and just to be able to REMEMBER it all! (I’d forgotten all about Select-All-Copy-Merged-Paste as an absolutely INVALUABLE tool . . . among many, many, MANY others here.)



  • Hello new members!

    Hey, guys, a pre-emptive thanks before I rethank you in just a moment.

    So’s you know, quite coincidentally, my little team and I are just this minute resolving a last-minute crisis on the next episode of dekePod. But I think we should mostly be good to go know (he says, crossing fingers).

    Thanks for everyone’s kind comments. (See? I told you I’d rethank you.) To answer questions: Wasn’t sure how it’d be received by that certain large software company, so glad to hear it’s going over well. To my knowledge, I’ve never been called anything but Deke. And yeah, definitely inspired by Nada Surf (we credit them at the end of the video), tho ours is a unique song in that every note, progression, instrumentation, and lyric is different. But still, without “Popular,” one could safely argue my song would not exist.

    And, on a side note, thanks.

  • Nice

    Ok.Study it and Try to be BEST!

  • He say the words too fast!

    Seems to be a rap…

    Lead me nothing understand LOL..

  • What do you have against the sharpen tool?

    The sharpen tool can be very useful if you want to tighten up a mask. 

    but a better way to do that is to select the part of the mask you want tighter and blur it, them apple m to curve it darker or lighter to bring the mask closer or further away from the image, then repeat.

    the worst tool in photoshop it the type tool.  that’s what in-design’s for.

  • Hilarious and oh-so-educational

    Intense fun, in the realm of geek Deke-dom, dispensing Photoshop wisdom via gonzo filmmaking.  Not really, but I like to say “gonzo filmmaking.”

    My favorite part happened to be the mention of Dan Gookin and CTRL + V (for vomit), as Dan is a friend of mine.  But please don’t think I was not amused and enthralled by the rest, including the tip:  don’t use the useless tool.  Excellent tip.

    Great fun, and looking forward to more.  I can’t believe you’re going to do these things every other week.  Perhaps you’ll have to cut back on the production values?  Or else…go the gonzo filmmaking route.

    (Three times!  Mentioned gonzo filmmaking three…FOUR times!)

  • And thusly I agree

    Actually, zenbob, *my* favorite part happens to be the mention of Dan Gookin and Ctrl+V for vomit. Here’s my backstory:

    Twelve years ago, Dan and I were at a Waterside conference (Waterside was our agency, back in the day) and we had the following conversation:

    Dan: (Reflecting on some book of mine) I like how you tell people to remember Cut, Copy, Paste by order of the keys on the keyboard, X-C-V.

    Me: (Reflecting on that same book, whatever it was) Yeppers.
    Dan: Cuz I came up with another way.
    Me: (Reflecting on my reflection) Pray tell, what?
    Dan: Cut is X for scissors. Copy is C for Copy.
    Me: (Skeptical) But, but what about the V?
    Dan: V, that stands for “vomit.”
    Me: . . . (um) . . . (duh) . . . That is . . . (um, duh) . . . genius!
    Dan: But my publisher would not let me print that.

    Me: No, no, no! (stunned into silence for 0.12 sec) As I live and die, one day, young Daniel of 12 years ago, I will avenge thee. And lo, the story will be told. Unto the world, I will say: Once upon a time, Dan Gookin proffered a shortcut memory stimulator, and it was Ctrl+V!

    Cuz nowadays, that’s how I remember it. Ctrl+C goes into tummy, Ctrl+V goes back out. What could be more natural?

  • pod cast

    That was whack, dope and sick.  Uh, I mean I loved it.  You are crazy, but still the best.

    mike meyer

  • holy. moly.

    You rule. This is pure awesomeness. Give us more. More!!!!!

    Chris Ritke


  • Is Deke Donnie Hoyle?

    Back in April after seeing Deke at Photoshop World Orlando, I was convinced that Deke and Donnie Hoyle were one in the same. When the news broke about the real talent behind “You Suck at Photoshop” came out I wrote about it on my blog (http://www.campphotoshop.com/you-suck-at-photoshop). So now Deke has this new Photoshop 101 tips in 5 minuets deke pod thing podcast rap. All I can say is you are one hard core Photoshop geek mf. Oh and please keep it up!


    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop


  • Thanks for sharing your site, Roger

    Roger, your site is 1st rate. Love the 5-book stamp graphic. Hands, philatelists? Seriously, if you love print, you gotta like 19th-century postage stamps. The smell of ink on old paper . . . I love that #$&@. I’m sniffing that #$&@ right now. Gosh, that’s some good #$&@!

    (Oh, and by #$&@, I mean, super-dense petroleum-based ink soaking into a highly porous wood-based substrate. But it’s just so much easier to enter #$&@.)

    Thanks for confusing me for Donnie. That’s high praise. (It’s when folks tell me I remind them of that Mad Money guy I get depressed. Severely so. See that knife? Share.)

    Chris et al, there will be more. We have a total of 8 episodes in the can. Where intensity is concerned—if 101 Tips is 9.5, the upcming ones are 5 to 7. But IMHO, the others are funnier—if 101 Tips were, say, 4, the others are 6 to 8.

    Jeepers, I like my new rating system!

    The very next episode, in a little under 2 weeks, is on the topic of metadata. (Sounds dull? No, no, no!) I think you’ll like it. If not, you’ll let me know . . .

  • Not Nada!

    It reminded me very of the ‘Has-been’ album by William Shatner from a few years back, especially the track with Henry Rollins - that’s not a bad thing by the way. A very clever album.

    Great video. Doing one a fortnight will kill you though!

  • Finally, someone mentions WIlliam Shatner + Henry Rollins

    When Garrick Chow of The Jellybricks and I were trying to figure out the tone of the audio piece, he said, “Listen to this” and cranked “Common People.” “That’s Joe Jackson on chorus,” he said. I was like, “William Shatner sings Nada Surf. Yeah, okay. That could work.”

    Toss in some Samim + Vampire Weekend + everyone’s favorite OK Go on the video, and you have yourself a thing. Try it at home, kids.

    I don’t take offense at “Has Been.” One of the most hilarious, ridiculous, honest albums I know.

  • My idol!

    This video is the reason that I know who you are. I watched it on life hacker and immediately loved it. Thanks for being so freaking cool!



    I featured it on my blog.
    George Logic just makes sense!

  • sooooooo funny

    if I understood better the English, certainty, I will laugh and will learn more about the photoshop that I am fanatic users wink)

  • Need more

    This was actually pretty educational.  I demand simliar for Fireworks!


  • Deke Pod


    Excellent! Great job on the video. Creative and informative. Doesn’t get any better than that. How much time did it take to produce? It looked like a lot of work. Looking forward to the next one.



  • Go Deke!

    OMG, you are one crazy man, you get 1000/10 points for new definition of creativity… and another 100 for courage, ha ha.

  • dekePod in Photojojo

    Hey Deke!

    We featured your very exceptionally awesome video in Photojojo today. Check out the link here: http://photojojo.com/content/tips/photoshop-tips-video/

    You rock our socks.

    -Kelly (from Photojojo.com)

  • *clap* *clap*

    Good job dude. Love the video! And I love your work on Lynda.com too.

    John (www.photowalkthrough.com)

  • Syncrhonicity


    While you were writing your comment, I simultaneously writing my fireworks post with a link to your great site. Your fun with photography rocks. And, yesterday when my magnetic photo ropes arrived, the extra treat you included made my 12-year-old’s day (that, and the bubblewrap). I feircely heart Photojojo.


  • I’m in lurrrv!

    Thanks, Deke. I’ve been a fan of yours since I bought the Total Training DVD’s for PS CS2. I caught your first podcast, but then you disappeared, so it’s great to see that you’ve returned to it. Thanks for all your work. And, I must say, you’re very easy on the eye, too. wink


    Petra in Noo Zeeeeland

  • Crazy!

    Deke, I ‘ve just seen 101 Tips. I have no doubt of your Photoshop skills, BUT… you really ought to be on the stage, or in Hollywood! Great stuff, and I look forward to seeing more.


  • Awesome video

    one of the Best videos I’ve seen in years

    good job Deke.

    hope seeing more videos like this smile

  • the 101 tips video I saw in

    the 101 tips video I saw in photojojo is Amazing!!!
    so good! and so excellence made
    that I have to thank you (your team)
    for making such good creation!!!

    Felicitaciones desde Argentina!!!

  • Thank you Photojojo!


    Talk about sock rockin’. In the time it took me to go to rural Michigan and lose myself in three days of no electronics whatsoever (which is strangely wonderful, btw), our odd little video went from something like 45K cum views to half a mil. Needless to say, I want to kiss you.

  • The Energy, the merciless pounding, the Humanity of it all!


    Man, what can I say that has not been said.  Your dekePod is a master piece of adrenaline.  Love the humor, intensity and the whole Fuc-personing thing.

    Looking forward to 101 layers tricks you can use as an excuse to do another one of these crazy things!

    Best regards,


  • Great

    Great job Deke! It’s one AWESOME,CRAZY video!!! Learned a lot! Love your work.

  • Woo

    Oh Deke…I LOVED IT. /guitar

  • Great one

    Oh my god, Deke,

    I always loved your teaching videos out there at lynda.com, but if I knew that it is possible to present .. no, to rap 101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes like that, I would have built you an altar wink

    Great one, man, go on with this PLEAAASEEE!!!

    A visitor from Germany wink

  • dekePod 101 Pshop tips

    Amazing! i didnt think i’d learn anything out of this bc it looked too fun, but seriously, i kept pausing to go test out the tips. Now i can be an even geekier Pshop geek! Thanks Deke!

  • Take a deep breath…

    Great video…by the way Nada Surf called, they want their song back!!!

  • Another country for your list

    Greetings from Iceland - Hoping to pump up the color on your map - more green outside of the USA! Love your podcast - addiction around the corner! DON´T stop : )


  • Land of the Ice and Snow

    Which is greener than Greenland, as everyone knows.

    So with your post, we went from 1 Icelandic visitor to 24. Lára, you did something. What is your sway?

    We north of the Line of Cancer (and yet still south of you) want to know.


  • Breathe in – Breathe out – and strech

    Love the energy,

    Now I can prove to my students I don’t talk too fast,… just start up with this.

  • You are smashing

    Hey Deke,
    You’re really amazing.
    I remember when I first bought a book from you - Photoshop 4 Bible.
    Since that moment I really enjoy each second when read or watch your tutorials.
    You make the things easy to understand and to have fun at the same time.
    Just keep that way!
    I’m a huge fan of yours.



    I am not young enough to know everything.


    All Deke fans, please join the facebook fan-group here:


  • Can’t keep up…

    ...I mean, I’m trying really really hard to scibble all of these shortcuts down but I just can’t go that fast. Is there a .pdf or something out there?

    p.s. purchased TT for CS2 about a year ago…finally getting around to watching it (having a newborn means you no longer have a life, don’tcha know)...now I know masks aren’t just for Halloween pictures!!! Woohoo!

  • Hi randy

    most of it is covered in the transcript here.

    You can find a great overview of PS shortcuts on this site



  • One on One and new features in CS4

    Hello Deke, I just love the presentation on Lynda.com and I already bought the cs4 PS and waiting for the release of the masks.on PS CS4 in December.

    I have one specific question for you in regards of the video on lynda.com new features. You’ve done something that came to my attention and I just can’t figure this out.  I wonder if there is any way to contact me on my email so I don’t have to flood this board?

  • CS 4

    Once you get hands on CS4 you won’t go back.
    1) The simplified interface
    2) OpenGL
    3) Bridge and Camera Raw 5 + big plus +++
    4) if you use Mac well that’s a different story
    5) Deke’s one on one series is something that u are going to love and with CS4 finally.

    Good luck

  • Awesome! Thanks so much :-)

    Awesome! Thanks so much grin

  • Hey, Archee

    You’ve probably sussed it out by now, but just post wherever.

    We’ve looking for better organization, but in the meantime, it’s Q&A Free 4 All.

  • Done

    hey m8, its done. That was the question about the red sky road horizon and I just found out the 32 bit preview.  Which is not actually the preview but 32 bit exposure down on the status bar of document window once you click the black triangle. I couldn’t find this for long but yesterday I did. This was completely sudden because I just hover with my airbrush over it and it just blink.  If I get hands on 32 bit camera like the new Canon I will definitely use this. It’s similar to exposure in CR but all images has to be 32 bit.  Also in Shorcuts I setup the preview in 32 bit. Just to see. I still don’t know where this menu is actually hidden. Here is one for you do you use Cintiq or just pen tablet? If yes, would integrate part of your books to proper use with tablets? This is not for me. Since I have 2 tablets and Cintiq home but people sometimes ask me how hard this and that there is no many tutorial how to use it with PS.  I told them that that’s not true. There are actually many but here we go again - Collin Smith. So that’s what we say no no.

    I tried the new plug in. It’s fun. I’ve seen these with AE and I think even Kai. It’s too bad that most of the old plugins wont work on new versions.

  • the line image

    Deke, you seem to have alot of influnence with Adobe. So here is a new plug in for photoshop that you should pitch to them.  The Line Image (not trace). Back in 1970 I dabbled in Photography to include having my own dark room.  During that time a found a technique called the line image.  Here is how it works;  Stack a positive and negative on top of each other, now this should produce a pure white image on the paper.  But if you slightly offset one of the films then the exposure light can get through the “cracks” producing an amazing line image on the photo paper. when you stack the film it is film backing to film backing so that the coatings are slightly separated.  I think a plug in could be created to stack the pos and neg on top of each other inside photoshop, slightly off setting one so that the “crack is visable” to photoshop.

    Now all photoshop has to do is identify these cracks and create a black line image.  If you know someone that has a darkroom have them demonstrait this for you and I believe you will be truly amazed.

  • Try this, lloyd21136

    Open an image and copy it to a new layer (cmd or ctrl + J). Set the blend mode to difference. It will turn black. Select the move tool and then tap the arrow keys a couple of times either up or down, and a couple of times left or right. This will bring out the lines. Then stamp visible layers to a new layer (ctrl+shift+alt+E or Cmd+shift+opt+E), invert that layer (cmd or ctrl + I), and then desaturate it (shift ctrl or shift cmd + U).

    Is that the kind of effect you are after?

  • Petra’s way is one approach

    And a really good one, BTW.

    There’s a Find Edges filter that behaves very similarly to Petra’s Difference technique.

    Plus several of the Filter Gallery filters produce edge tracing effects that are successful to varying degrees.

    Did you check out my two-part line drawing article here on the site? This is part 1, this is part 2.

    If none of this is what you’re after, send us an example. (You’ll have to post elsewhere and link here.) Or email colleen@deke.com. And we’ll see if we can come up with a match.

    As for lobbying Adobe, I have a pretty long list . . .

  • Sketch

    There used to be a lot of of sketch plug ins available through independent channels that created line art, sketches etc. The last compatibility was with CS2. Allien Skin Eye Candy or so. You could line art photos, digitize etc. Many people lately don’t want to use plug ins. a) they are expensive b) most of the things you can create other way with presets.

  • The first First Pilot - the one about scanning dough

    I thought I’d make some bread. wink

    Back in the beginning, Deke, when you said “let there be pixels” and the pixels begat dekePod, which lay in quiet repose for a couple of years, your first pod was about scanning money and the work around through Image Ready.

    Now, all this time and a couple of versions of Photoshop later, sans Image Ready, I thought I’d give the scanning money thing a go. I was able to scan and print money to my hearts content - so what’s happened to the security thing that had to be worked around? Does it not matter any more, or is it just that Kiwi money isn’t really money (something I had always suspected)?

    (Oh, and a quick caveat: I do not condone the practice of counterfeiting cash and I’m far too chicken and far too honest to ever try it. I was just curious after going back through my dekePods an’ stuff, is all.)

  • \“Lake\”?

    Ok, the other colour names in your wheel are great. I can dig ‘em. Visualise ‘em, even. But “Lake”?!

    I live in a lake district, and if any of our lakes were that colour, they’d have signs warning people not to swim or fish there.


  • wow , this tips helped me

    wow , this tips helped me tremendously and i have improved a lot and i can use my creativity very well thank you.

  • You Can’t Do It

    There is no way a human being could make a video like this every two weeks!  How would you have any time to Photoshop!  If you can do it, you must be super human.

    This is top notch stuff Deke, I can’t remember half of it, but it was great anyhow.

    Is there a link on here somewhere that will let me buy everything you ever made at one time?  Boy, I’d like to do that.  I think you sing better than Scott Kelby too.  Not to mention you could beat him arm wrestling. 

    Ken Walker

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  • Nice Tips

    I did find an article like this. Very nice for the designers. Thanks.

  • retouching in CS4

    I’ve been working my way through “Channels & Masks” - currently on lesson 7 and have a question.  How can I slim a face in Photoshop?

  • Just so all you know

    Spam links no longer work.

    It’s an unfortunate measure, but it does mean you’ll have to go jati diri bangsa someone else’s site.

    I hope you still get your 1-cent-per-site spam fee. Because I have this recurring fantasy that the guys who hire you get individually gang raped.


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    And I like the procedures given by you. Thanks for it!

  • cs4 one-on-one

    Check out deke’s other book on the liquify filter for all the pixel-pushing power you need.

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  • How You Can Do It

    Are you sure, how you can do that, give explanation 101 tips photoshop only 5 minutes, amazing video

  • Non-Photoshop stuff I’ve learned from this video and site

    - This site exists! I found the video during an unrelated Google search, which led me here. How I’ve managed to miss that fact that this site exists for the last 2 years I have no idea.

    - Deke can swear! Who knew? Good gravy, after watching his videos from the golly gosh darn Total Training CS2 series (which I have on DVD) through to some but not all of his overwhelming number of Lynda topics (prior to my subscription expiring), I didn’t know that ability existed in the Dekeverse! (My subscription expired only because Lynda has some honking great holes in its course list (notably SQL Server and Visual Studio), so I’m back at TT for a year. But Lynda has Deke, so to Lynda shall I return in due course even though I haven’t gone to CS4. Hey, I haven’t even watched all of the CS*3* stuff yet…)

    - I still don’t know why Deke switched from TT to Lynda, but he did and come my upgrade to CS3 I followed him. I was rather disappointed by the absence of pantaloons in the first Lynda CS3 video that I saw; indeed Deke seemed almost apologetic for the “off the wall” nature of the CS2 series, even though he didn’t refer to it explicitly. (Which admittedly some may have loved and some may have hated; my user name shows which camp I’m in.) This video hints at some of the background to that, but what does it matter since with DekePod, even though I’ve watched only 3 episodes so far, it seems that we get pure, unrefined, 100% Deke! Dam…er, I mean, gosh darn straight, don’t let The Man keep you down!

    - When I followed Deke to Lynda I discovered the (woefully underutilised IMHO) Garrick Chow who rocks as a DW trainer almost as much as Deke does as a PS one. So you can imagine my pleasure at seeing the Jellybricks (incorporating one Garrick Chow) as being the backing group for this video.

    Now I just have to find the time to watch all of the other DekePods…

  • Bridge thumbnails

    Hello.  I have a quick question regarding thumbnail rotation in Bridge.  After highlighting images (landscape that need rotation), neither rotation buttons can be used, and menu rotation commands are shaded also.  Do you have any ideas as to why tis is?


  • genial!

    buenisimo este video DEKE! sos un maestro!!


  • Helpful

    This phoshop tips really help me any way, since I am newbie in photoshop, thanks

  • nice post. very informative.

    nice post. very informative. that really helps a lot.

  • Thanks to you

    mmm mmm, thanks for your tips . . .

  • Well

    There used to be a lot of of sketch plug ins available through independent channels that created line art, sketches etc. The last compatibility was with CS2. Allien Skin Eye Candy or so. You could line art photos, digitize etc. Many people lately don’t want to use plug ins. a) they are expensive b) most of the things you can create other way with presets.

  • Simply a masterpiece

    What I can say? :D Awesome. That’s the way to do entertaining education videos. Like a music video from early 90’s. Haahhaahh. Deke, you have the touch to do some awesome art. raspberry All people should follow Deke, enjoying what ever you are doing. :D

    Nicely done!

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    great tips, thank you for that information

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    Interesting post. I’ll likely be coming back to your blog. Keep up great writing.

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    Awesome!!!!!! Thanks!!!

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    Good articles and tips…thank you!

  • W-O-W

    After all the positive comments I read, can’t help but to watch what they’re yapping about… and oh boy!  This is really a great share!  Not a disappointment to watch the whole video. 

    BTW, how do you pronounce your name?  “Deke”

    Allan SEO UK

  • Wonderful!!! I was looking for these tips

    for a long time. They helped me tremendously and I have improved a lot and I can use my creativity very well—thank you!

  • Thanks

    Nice sharing,  but I think the interesting part is the trick to convert the output to Flash Movies. I’m a photoshop newbie and am grateful for this very useful tips

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  • I’ve seen your tutorial

    I’ve seen your tutorial videos in the past, they’re what got me started in Photoshop. You always seem to make tutorials with your own unique style and this latest one continues your trend.

  • Great tips it will help

    Great tips it will help many new guys smile

  • Making Geekdom Wicked Cool!

    Ever thought of going into the auction biz?  You defiantly have the innate skills for a spellbinding career… Oh I forgot - You already have a spellbinding career! Thanks for the entertainment and of course, the tips!

    Later, LisaLi


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  • Tips to restore black and white photo

    Any tips on how to…restore vintage black and white photo(97 years old) I have used CS4 to clean it up, but it has a muddy look(esp facial features)
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