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Today, I announce the birth of digital twins. The first is the very site you see before you now. Gone is the cartoon Deke against the green background with the interchangeable socks. (Though I have to say, those were some great socks. Kudos + my unending gratitude to my brother, Daniel, for creating that site,, and keeping up with it for more than a decade.) In its place is the more streamlined and expansive, which offers access to short-topic bursts (dekeBlog), long-topic articles (dekeStuff), irreverent videos (dekePod), and much more.

Which brings me to my second cause for celebration: In mid-2006, I published a podcast (dubbed dekePod, after the name I had inscribed on the back of my personal iPod, below) devoted to the topic of scanning, opening, and printing money. The movie was shockingly popular. Problem was, dekePod cost a lot to produce and I had no realistic means to replicate it.

As I scrambled to assemble funding, I received almost daily emails asking me for more. (Honestly, it was a one-off people. Assume your previously occupied lives.) But that was okay. The two-year respite was good. As I retreated into my cave, I developed ideas, wrote scripts, urinated into jars, watched dailies, bought more airplanes.

When I emerged, I had “101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes.” I really don’t know what else to say. That’s what two years in a cave got me. Kids, don’t go into a cave for two years — clearly, that’s the moral.

And that’s just the beginning. “Metadata Forensics: What a Crock,” “Stealth ‘Shop: The Virgin Histogram,” “Don’t Fear the Lab Mode,” “Spirograph on Steroids,” and much much more. Oh, and wait until you see our special Halloween episode. I talk to a skull and howl like Scooby Doo — it’s really scary!

But why spoil the surprise? I’m just saying, I’m excited. I hope you are too. You’ll let me know. You always do.

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  • Heard about dekePOD via

    Heard about dekePOD via HOWblog—the Photoshop 101 is fabulous!

  • angle brush shortcut

    Hello mr.Deke
    Sorry that i’m doing it this way. I’m new on your site.
    BTW I’m a big fan of your tuts
    But : I’ve been reading a forum on rotating the brush angle with a keyboard shortcut
    And I must admit that the gentleman was totally right in saying that it would be a big approvement if there would be a shotcut for it. And as you replied there was no such thing .
    Here’s the thing I don’t understand : Why haven’t the programmers and Big shots of Adobe
    already developed shortcut for this requirement .We all know that this is peanuts for them .
    Couldn’t it be possible that You could maby use your influence to confince Adobe that it would be
    an improvement to Photoshop if they would give an update to this tiny problem .
    Sorry I’m asking you this .but I don’t know any other way cause I can’t find a way to contact
    Adobe myself .
    thank you for your attention on this.
    B.T.W. the tut on masking and channels gave me lots of new idea’s to extract hair and other stuff thanks very much !
    I’m trying to buy the dvd on this subject but I only have IDEAL Ing postbank abbility

    to pay on the net. Are your DVD’s also available in shops in Holland ?


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