Deke’s Techniques 003: Rendering Type in Gold

Today’s installment of Deke’s Techniques is about rendering type in gold. Here’s the official descrip:

Welcome to this week’s technique from Deke, in which author Deke McClelland shows you how to turn ordinary type into extraordinary gold. And being the noted Photoshop trainer that he is, Deke manages this feat of alchemy in under ten minutes. This is no garish fool’s gold, but a lovely soft, volumetric effect that will lend luster to your own creations. And because it’s all done with Photoshop’s layer effects, your treasured text can be edited at any moment if you change your mind about its gilded message.

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  • Pure Gold

    Au = 
    Absolutely unbelievable.

    Awesome use…  of PhotoShop… would undervalue this element.

  • Love the shade of gold you

    Love the shade of gold you have achieved!

  • Jewelry photography enhancing technics.


    Please include in your Technics section more videos hoe to enhance jewelry pictures, how to make dazzling gems and outstanding metal reflection.



  • what about that background

    great tutorial! but i want to know what you did to create the background.

  • Well, you’re in luck!

    The background is the subject of next week’s Techniques.


    Hey, Deke, you outdid yourself this time! Not only is this technique excellent, it is easy to do.

    Thanks a mil.


  • Stein4

    Very interesting text jobs in several of the films. It would be really helpful if you could record these actions into a actions file - which we could download. This is not just because we’re to lazy to learn - in a job situation action files are really good at getting things done, especially when you don’t have the time to check out the videos and freshen up all the details.

  • Lynda is a paid training

    Lynda is a paid training site, I have an account there and it’s very useful for me. But if I had known Deke to give free techniques, I would’ve chosen the latter. - The Elevation Group Mike DIllard

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