Deke’s Techniques 384: Creating an Origami Flower in Illustrator

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques movie, Deke shows you how to take last week’s dynamically created petals and fold it into a virtual origami chrysanthemum. (He actually never uses the word "chrysanthemum," but I always enjoy creating a little virtual spelling test for myself.

So here is the starting point (which—-if you didn’t create it last week and still want play along this week—-you can download here):

Final petal effect in Illustrator from last week

Much like last week, this week’s tutorial takes you on a visual adventure (a particularly hypnotic one if you ask me—-every time I looked away to the Appearance panel, the actual artwork started pulsating in the corner of my eye. Good thing Deke uses his powers for good and not evil.)

What follows are the highlight interim steps along the way, but watch the video for even more interesting effects that you may find of use in your own eye-bending projects. Here’s what happens with the default Zigzag effect applied:
 The Zigzag effect in Illustrator

Here is the Zigzag settings adjusted for this particular project:

The adjusted Zigzag effect

Then, and adjustment to the existing Pucker & Bloat settings nicely folds up the petals:

After adjusting the Pucker and Bloat effect

Finally, the center gets its own Zigzagification:

Final origami flower effect in Illustrator

And if you’re a member of, check out the exclusive movie this week in which Deke shows you how to apply a gradient color to the individual petals. Not a member? Get a free week, wait, make that a free 10-day trial, by signing up at More time to explore more hypnotic effects to explore in the Deke’s Techniques library!

After applying this week's exclusive technique on creating gradient petals

Waaaaatch Deeeeeek’s Techniiiiiiiiques, every weeeeeeeeeeek.

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