Deke’s Top Five Favorite New Features in Photoshop 2021

Adobe has announced Photoshop 2021, and Deke has announced his favorite new features. This movie is unlocked for all, so check it out and find out what’s worth learning. (And then learn it from Deke in the rest of the new course!)

The top 5 countdown from Photoshop 2021 New Features by Deke McClelland


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  • I just found it very interesting. Actually I’m a writer at and many times I have to create my own images so I was looking for any Photoshop new features and ideas. I have also read many of Deke’s blog.
  • This looks interesting. I will definitely join the new course and try to learn it from Deke.
  • Its look interesting actually I’m graphics designing student and this inspired me a lot.
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  • good article
  • good

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