Delightful Doggies

So, okay, good news: I went ahead and rerecorded my highly pornographic version of “The new tabbed window interface” video. Which illustrated our ability to cycle between multiple open images by clicking on tabs and pressing keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS4. But in a very lewd fashion. Or so I’m led to understand.

Bad news. I had previously employed some provocative images of lightly clad beautiful women. Fortunately I came to my senses and switched ‘em out. For chihuahuas.

Nice doggies

Aw. They’re so cute, don’t you think? And pugnacious. They come to us from photographer Teresa Guerrero. (Awesome photos!) And just to be extra safe, I chose only those images in which the tiny dog was fully clothed, so as to be modest.

(This is real. This video will go live soon.)

I’m calling my movie: “The new tabbed window interface (Doggie-Style Edition).”

What d’you guys think?

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  • Poor dog, lol. And you sure

    Poor dog, lol.

    And you sure the censor won’t delete the ‘doggie-style edition’ part? wink

  • doggie-style

    I think you’re having fun with this, in spite of whatever negativity you’ve had to endure. And that’s a good thing. Carry on!

  • dog style

    Surely the CRG (chihuahua rights group) will find these photos totally appropriate.

    If you’re back to posting Deke I presume you’ve finished your homework, aka the CS4 book?


  • Out with the filth!

    I think this is so clean no one could object to it:


  • Still Concerned

    The way she’s looking at me is kinda Provocative. That come hither stare that says yes! But you just know shes teasing. The kinda girl you would buy the expensive chew toys for, and still end up sleeping alone. I think I will just stay with my ol dog shep. He’s loyal and still looks good in no clothes.

  • Your ol dog shep

    Sounds hot!

  • I am still cracking up, Deke

    I think that the dogs are truly so cute.  I am however rolling in laughter on the floor at 1. the allusion that they are fully clothed and 2. the reference to “doggie-style”. If anyone finds a sexual slur to that well tough them!  Great work Deke.

  • There is no sexual slur

    C’mon. These are dogs. They have no original sin.

    By which I mean, they copied their sin from us. (Puppy plagiarists!)

  • Which came first

    Cute doggies or Mr. Human?

  • So…

    If 20 of us complain that we don’t like chihuahuas, you might have to make the video again, Deke? Hmmm. smile It might take longer than you think to create this CS4 series. smile

    I look forward to many long hours with you through the Photoshop CS4 series, that’s if you can get past the new tabbed interface video. smile

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