Drawing 3D Isometric Arrows in Adobe Illustrator

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode, Deke starts another chapter of the Seamlessly Repeating Summer, this time with an arrow-based volumetric ball pattern.

Step one is to define the arrow, which you’ll see in the video. After making the six-pointed star with Illustrator’s good ol’ line segment tool, Deke uses the pieces of the star to make a perfectly fitting arrow:

A six pointed star with an arrow protruding

Alas, as you can see from the image up top, this guy is not going to quite do the trick for a perfectly fitting ball of arrows. So in this week’s member-exclusive movie, Deke shows you how to adjust it so that it fits in nicely with all it’s other multi-colored arrows.

A hug of intertwining arrows with a patterned example element

Deke’s Techniques, where a little adjustment can help all the arrows fit together in a giant hug ball.

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