Drawing a Pool Cue in Illustrator

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques, Deke finally(!) finishes his pool hall clock by using Adobe Illustrator to construct the minute and second hands out of pure rectangles which magically turn into pool cues.

So here’s where we left off last week with our pool balls representing the ours of the interminable days.

Colored pool balls around a clock face with a cue ball in the center

The first cue/hand begins with a simple rectangle:

A long white rectangle on a green field in Adobe Illustrator

Next, Deke makes a custom gradient to add the color and roundness of the wood.

A custom gradient in shades of brown across the rectangle on a green field

Next, an ellipse added at the tip begins establishes the tip:

A small ellipse added to the rectangle

And then Deke joins the far corner points of the original rectangle to the new tip:

Having connected the rectangles end points to the top of the ellipse

The other end is rounded off using some carefully placed points and the Rounded Corner feature in Illustrator:

The rectangle has become a pool shape by joining primitive shapes

The banded colors of our cue are supplied by rectangles of varying colors and opacity, using the original shape to mask to trim the colored rectangles.

Smaller rectangles are added over the top of the pool cue to supply banded colors

And finally, it’s three o’clock, pool time!

The finished pool cue

If you’re a member of LinkedIn Learning then Deke’s got an exclusive movie in which he shows you how to create another clock hand and precisely set the time to 3:53. I don’t know why.

The hands indicating 3:53.

Deke’s Techniques, with a capital D and that rhymes with Three!

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