Finishing Your Adobe Sketch Artwork in Photoshop

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode, Deke moves his Halloween-themed, Jordan Peele-inspired homage to Joan Miró from Adobe Sketch into Photoshop to do some clean up.

Once he shows you how to move the file, and fix the faux “background” created by Sketch, he reveals how the full power of Photoshop can help you with all the nooks, crannies, blind alleys, creepy attics, and clammy dungeons of your Halloween work.

If you’d like to see some work from Deeeeke’s Halloweens Past, you can just type “Halloween” in the search above or follow this link. Here’s one of my favorites.

HORROR written in standard type and oozy terror type

Deke’s Techniques, inspired by everything, even the spooky stuff!

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  • nice post.
  • I think actually Illustrator is a good tool to learn how to draw on. In fact you can take images and add them to your illustrator file and trace over them. This will assist you in becoming familiar with all the tools, but it does take some time getting use to though. Personally I prefer Photoshop because it has more features that Illustrator doesn’t have.
  • I was looking at the Photoshop 2020 New Features on LinkedIn and wondering were you got the patterns and gradients. I have updated to 2020 but my patterns and gradients are very limited
  • you will have to learn how to optimize the media files for which you export them. Learn how to make professional or home-printed final prints and learn how to export images in various digital formats (images exported from the web or PDF to social networks).

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