Martini Hour 013, In Which Colleen Revels in Classic Simplicity

After the entertaining wildness of a couple of episodes with John and Russell, Deke and I decided this week to have a quiet tete-a-tete with just the two of us: shoes off, classic martinis, and some classic Martini Hour segments like the secret handshake and reader mail. (Oh, not to worry, we’ve got some wonderful guests lined up for upcoming episodes, but for now we’re relaxing in the eye of the loungy storm.)

Here’s a graphic that is only possible with the information imparted during this week’s show. Check it out:

Photoshop Secret Handshake: Unsharp Mask

What could be more of a secret handshake than something that’s called “unsharp” but is designed to add sharpness to your image. Listen as Deke reveals the secrets about this classic feature that he’s learned through the years. Listen as Colleen once again trots out her psychology degree. Listen as we both ponder the human desire for “edge.”

When Drinking Doesn’t Help: How to Scan and Print Money (for personal use within legal boundaries) in CS4

When you don’t call your own questions into the hotline, we hire a celebrity voiceover from our friend Dragan Petrovic. This week, Dragan reads a question from dekeOnline member Zilla, regarding how to scan money in Photoshop CS4. Those of you who saw the original dekePod pilot may recall that Deke showed you how to get around Photoshop’s limitation with ImageReady CS2. Learn how to copy money in order to use it in your own artwork. (Thanks to flyboy for your insights on this.)

Toast of the Week

The US Secret Service, US Treasury Department, and the friends we missed at Photoshop World. Not to mention some darn delicious olives.

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  • Whoa!

    Am i a celebrity now? If not, what is that warm feeling inside my tummy then? wink

    Nice martini hour once again Deke & Colleen (tho i must say its best one (yeah, im an egomaniac wink).

    Thanks to Dragan (Greetings to a Serb neighbour from sunny Croatia /wave)) for reading it up for me/ us, and to Flyboy for sorting my question even before this martini hour.

    Love your work, keep it up!

    Catch ya around,


  • Wazzup with the Balkan connection?

    Dragan, Zilla and yours truly, all from the same part of the world? Along with Col’s Jedi master being mentioned in a movie, that’s quite a few synchronicities in one thread, I think. Ripe for some experimentation at Stanford, I tell ya (you two can take the placebo; I’ll go for the real stuff).

    Cheers from a former Belgradian, Zilla! How’s the sun back home? I ask cause it sucks here in Vancouver (7°as I write this*). Makes me wanna get a full tray of burek with cheese and go on an grease-devouring binge.

    Mmm, burek - I miss you so… Geez guys, I’m getting all nostalgic and emotional-like now.


    *That’s 45° Fahrenheit folks! It ain’t funny anymore; who’s holding up the global warming down there? Colleen, I’m talking to you - quit hogg’n’ it all up!

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!


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