Introducing the Photoshop Marketplace

Hey, dekeIputians. I wanted to tell you guys about the new Photoshop Marketplace over at Adobe. It’s a great place for anyone with “offerings” on Photoshop (videos, books, webinars, etc) to post their goods for the world to find. Deke and I were up late as usual and managed to get the two One-on-one books up first. I have proof:

(Tip: lock in “Most Popular” by being “Only.)

To post your own offerings you just need to fill out an extremely tedious form (one time) then fill out subsequent relatively tedious forms for your specific goods and services. But the upside is that you get to get the word out to the Photoshop-loving community about the useful stuff you have to offer. Pretty cool of Adobe to create this virtual agora for the Photoshop community. (And did I mention we were first?)

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  • Best starburst ever

    I have nothing more to say.

  • Hmmmm…

    -Star-burst…. me neither Deke..

  • OUCH…


    dont ever spend 20+ minutes writing something - REALLY witty - and then click the

    “more information about formatting options”

    then click the back button..


    I want to vomit right now.

    I basically just spent the past 20+ minutes typing out how appreciative I am of deke, and my fellow PS’ers and everyones questions and replys.  I spent about 5 minutes of that bashing the Adobe forums because all of those guys over there are mean, spiteful, and nasty.  As all they seem to want to do is have a pissing match to see who can be the rudest to the new people. My favorite answer to a question is :  You didn’t look for the answer hard enough. go back and type your question in the search bar and look for it…

    Well, if I wanted my dad, I would have called him.

    2nd. I did that, don’t you think if I am smart enough to create my very own big girl question, that I would have had an ounce of common sense (and courtesy) to look for said question in the bowels of the forums AND in the newer posts?


    Im just glad you are here deke (and users).

    Seriously, my other post was the schizzzzle. (yeah, I said shizzzle, give me a break, I have been up since day before yesterday - I am a tad loopy)


    (must find Wacom solutions… anyone have any TIPS on where to go??) come on, that was funny…..

  • I’m so pleased you’re not a spammer!

    I just read the previous post (the one you lost) and only found a url, and thought “I ain’t clickin’ that - I bet it’s not a design/photo site - I bet it’s kinky, sticky porn involving foodstuffs and fun…, I mean *weird* “toys” or something”. But you fooled me! Shame on you! :-p

    And welcome, btw. I have yet to see mean, spiteful or nasty people here, so you chose well. And besides, Deke’s way prettier than any mean and nasty peeps. Colleen, too. So your loppy shizzzle is safe at dekePod, as all loopy shizzzles outta be. grin

  • Someone said they could find me a tablet

    with which I would improve my starbursting.

  • I, Too, Came to Compliment the Starburst

    At first I thought you landed Perez Hilton to mark up your screen grabs. That would be a coup!

  • Loopy shizzles,a loaf o-bread,gallon o-milk,& a stick o-buttah

    * you don’t have to read this. it doesn’t mean anything or bring any value added* just writin back to miss Petra.  :>)

    No, it was just my unfinished signature nothing sticky, nothing icky, nothing questionable with the acception of the owner of said link to nowhere. I am trying to not embarass myself too much just yet. I need to pace myself and be a jackass just a little bit at a time.

    Plus, it’s reducing my carbon footprint by being there for me daily as a gentle reminder to get on the ball, and go to Wix or something and put together my website. Even though I am painfully aware that websites are obsolete for advertising and such. Now, educational type sitchis’ websites are perfect-o-mundo. This has been very evident even more so over the last 8-12 months.

    Yet, I still had to spend the last $9.27 in my pocket. That’s a 1/2 month of Kelby or Lynda training. Noone ever accused me of being a Rhodes Scholar… (be nice - nothing from the peanut gallery.

    More importanly - sticky porn, is that like kettle corn? The only difference I know of is when washing hands, you need antibacterial soap and the other you just lick your fingers off. Now, you decide which is approprate for which situation.. EEEEW - EEEW - ew…

    Now, on the serious tip. I am so excited that there aren’t any nasties in here. I was so relieved, for my first read of the day, I was pleasantly surprised. I will never go back to Adobe Forums again (unless its to see what my peeps deke-nator and colleen have posted. I gotta supports my peeps.

    Thank you everyone!!

    (this is the link to my site that isn’t there yet… too broke from buying almost 4 bones in books and monthly access to Kelby and his merry band o’ fabulous fools and and in a couple of weeks, at $89, I am gunna sign up to be a NAPP member - (i said member)

    when I grow up, I wanna be a photographer… good thing I am a teenager.

  • When I get a tablet (ahem), you guys will miss my mouse doodles

    The nuanced preschooler mood of Colleen-O-Vision drawings depends on the complete lack of control provided by a trackball.

  • I have nothing more to

    I have nothing more to say.
    but let vsetaki will make attempt rasrkyt’ this theme

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  • Colleen, it’s a lie. I

    Colleen, it’s a lie. I bought a tablet and it didn’t teach me how to draw or write any more neatly:

    I hope to still enjoy your FINE starbursts for many years, tablet or not!



    Adam Jury | Dirty Words Design videocast

    a video podcast about Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design

  • I dunno, Adam

    I think it makes you look like a more critical map reader.

  • The joy of rebuilding

    The joy of rebuilding fictional maps based on a real-world location ... grin

    Adam Jury | Dirty Words Design videocast

    a video podcast about Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design

  • Where can I….?

    Where can I download the best photoshop without paying?


  • error 2048:H

    I’m trying to run the video lessons of Adobe Photoshop CS4 which came on DVD when I bought your book ‘Adobe Photoshop CS 4 one on one’.
    My operating system is Vista so I downloaded Quicktime, but after running “PsCS4.htm” and choosing lesson 1, I keep getting “error 2048:H”.

    I googled for an answer but couldn’t find it. Please HELP.

  • Corona and Lime plus CS4

    I have several of your CS4 books and I love ‘em. (As for the CS3 and previous versions, the local library was lucky enough to receive them)
    While reading the latest Photoshop User magazine (which arrived today) I knocked over my bottle of Corona Extra Beer (with lime) and it (gasp) spilled on my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one.
    I quickly grabbed a towel; however, it was too late. The pages were drenched with Corona and lime.
    The pages are currently drying out but are wrinkled.
    I know you can flatten layers in Photoshop, so there must be a wonderful tip for flattening your book pages. You are so good at removing wrinkles from images.

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Absolutely

    I got a tablet and it only made my inaccuracies more precise than the mouse.  I still can’t draw :(

    But on the other hand, I love my tablet and have a hard time doing any serious Photoshopping without it smile

  • In prison

    By which I mean, that’s where you’d have the most free time to look into it.

  • Paper is like fabric

    If you get a page wet, just lay it flat and put something heavy on it like a dictionary.

    Problem is, that technique works best on a page-by-page basis. If you soak, say, 50 pages, you’re in for it.

    But who cares? The best book is one that looks like it’s been read. And spilled on. And then employed in a bank robbery and set on fire in the middle of a high speed helicopter chase. (Oh sweet book, you should be so lucky!)

    Now that your particular book has been properly broken in (beer is a wonderful character-enhancement agent), get out the Sharpie and really go to town!

  • Great post!!!

    I still think of my self as an artist of sorts. A good site should look nice, it should be artistic. But not as dramatic or profound as a painting. Don’t totaly dismiss the artistic side.

  • Corona and Lime Redux [Reply to Paper is like fabric]

    Thanks Deke!
    I am now looking at this in a whole new point of view.
    If all my Deke books are nice and pristine then I must not be using them correctly.
    I simply must properly break them in.
    You have set me free to scribble notes, highlight pearls of wisdom, spill beer, bend pages, etc. with nary a fear.
    Have I told you before that you are the finest (or at least funniest) Photoshop author?
    (Colleen is better looking, however)

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