Martini Hour 030, in Which Deke Wishes Colleen Would Get with the Program

My Lovely Lounge Lizards, so glad to have you back again. Are your shoes off yet? Because we have an episode chock full of classic lounge segments sure to lull you into a relaxed state of graphic education. We start with a question from our Viewer Mail hotline, in which Deke not only distinguishes between Opacity, Fill, and Flow, but also throws a spontaneous secret handshake into the mix and graciously puts up with my ineptitude at using text in Photoshop. We follow that excitement up with an unusually amiable He Said She Said regarding whether it’s easy to “write” in words or pictures first.

Here are the specifics on my cryptic allusions above the graphic:

Question of the Week

From Steve, talking in a very loungy voice which precludes my catching his last name, asks about the difference between Flow, Opacity, Fill, (OK, we’re not sure if he meant Fill or Flow so we cover both) and what kind of experiments you can do to demo the difference to yourself. The latter part Deke completely sidesteps because he fearlessly goes on to explain what the differences and nuances to the point where you don’t need no stinkin’ experiments. And he does so by using the concept of a layered cocktail no less, despite the fact we don’t need no stinkin’ layering of our libations’ clear ingredients (unless you count olives).

Inadvertent Secret Handshake

During the above discussion, there’s an unscheduled Secret Handshake when Deke reveals where the Scatter value lives in the brushes panel. Take note Adobians, if you need an expert just to find the panel, it’s obscure or problematic UI design.

He Said; She Said

Less confrontational than usual than your standard “He Said; She Said,” this time Deke and I discuss the writing process and whether it’s easier to do the writing (me) first or the illustrations (deke). The question arose due to the revival of the Photoshop Elements One-on-One book that we’re working on right now. Tensions are reduced because the one thing we both agree on is that writing these books will kick your ass no matter where you start, but it’s totally worth it for the pride we can take in the end product.

Toast of the Week

We toast the aforementioned One-on-One series, because one has to respect something that tries to kill you but actually inspires you to some of your most excellent work in the process.

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  • Ohh I remember…

    ... how I wondered what the HECK the difference between Opacity and Fill was supposed to mean ^^ Didn’t do much with layer effects back then so I kinda couldn’t find out on my own <_<

    Thankfully, after ages of Dekefication on lynda I’m smarter now tongue laugh

    Anywhoo loved this one as always! (I listen to the Martini Hour under the shower every week before work)

    Sheesh you even have fans in Germany… Imagine that!




    “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    - Douglas Adams

  • Forums and olives

    Really pleased to hear that there will soon be forums here. Maybe colored olive for Colleen?

  • Ssshh

    we don’t admit that we like a good laugh, what would people think!

    Oh and by the way, I mostly enjoy my martini hour in the tub. Learning photoshop while washing your armpits is so obvious, isn’t it? You don’t even have to bother kicking off your shoes.

  • Ohhh I forgot…

    ... we have to keep up that nasty bada** image all over the world. Le Gasp!

    Yes you’re absolutely right! I mean it’s as obvious as if it was written in the Martini Hour manual! smile

    And really, what’s better than Martini Hour WITH actual Martini in a hot tub?

    (Now I wonder if Colleen, Deke and David would consider having a whirlpool episode just for the heck of it ^^)


    “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    - Douglas Adams

  • BTW I have a question!

    Somehow Photoshop doesn’t really seem to have a failsave function like let’s say InDesign has. As when it crashes that it tries to recover the last file from the scratch disk data. Am I right, or just too stupid to find that capability?

    Cause well I know “Save all the time” is the word, but well sometimes you forget and it ALWAYS happens when you forget! Not when you save, nooooo only when you forget to do so. smile

    Soo oh wise one… is there such a function? Or at least some trick to crack open the scratch disk files and rummage around in them once the unspeakable has happened?


    The Duke

  • Thanks for answering my question

    I just finished listening to your long, thorough, entertaining answer to my opacity/flow [fill] question.  One small add on: Density.  In the mask tab there’s a Density slider. I’m thinking it is more like fill, but is that right? Could it be flow [spacing]? This is just curiosity, and to cement my understanding here; the acid test is always what does it do to the underlying image?

    By the way, I asked that question over Skype, while getting over a cold and trying not to cough on you, thus the “loungey” voice. As you guessed, I did mean to ask about fill rather than flow, but it was a useful mistake in that it opened the door to another, related issue and gave you a chance to teach us all about another secret handshake.

    One more aside: when I wrote “Web Security Field Guide”, which was a mostly tutorial book, I did the task and took a zillion screens shots, then brought them into the editor (Word) and added text to describe what I did and why.  The publisher then did the In-Design or other postprocessing work.

    Again, many thanks for a great answer.

    Steve Kalman

  • Certification Question

    Hey Deke,

    Going through Photoshop one on one series and loving it.  Question I have is by completing the vids, how prepared do you think I would be to get Adobe Certified and what Certification would I be ready for.


  • Great!!!

    I would love to go to something like this!

  • photoshop is worth

    photoshop is worth admiration.its always fun and interesting working in it.though am a beginner.i find it brilliant

  • New Segment Addition

    If you’re thinking of adding a new segment to the Martini Hour, I have a great idea.

    There are usually multiple ways to accomplish one thing in Photoshop. And I’m sure we can all find at least one way to get something done if we have to. But wouldn’t it be perfect to know “How Deke Does It?” We can ask how to best go about a task, and either Deke or a poll will choose the best one to answer, say, once a week.

    It might be even better suited for text, like a FAQ. Just something short, like 1 minute, or a paragraph or two. I’m sure it would become a popular resource when people hear about it.

    Or maybe I’m just crazy smile But I think it would be well recieved and Deke is the perfect guy to come out with such a thing. He knows the ins and outs, and he has a history of producing original and helpful content.

  • What should Deke’s next video cover?

    Dekester, u’ve dun every feature in ps4.

    How bout this as a “theme” for next vid(or series): What features of PS CS4 do people often overlook, perhaps due to the-way-they-had-to-do-it in earlier versions? What timesaving trix and techniques do you find or would folks find savetime/produce better results/are just generally easier? What’s the biggest mistakes people tend to make as they move to zenlike at-oneness with this mass of bits we call photo shop? I’m a web-only guy. Print tho what I did exclusively preCS, is now a quaint and mildly amusing topic. Like darning socks. Or waiting for the milkman.

  • photoshop is worth

    I agree. I really love using photoshop because it is very user friendly.

  • The Best!

    Photoshop is the best!

  • Don’t we all think this way!

    Don’t we all think this way! lol!

  • I am still trying to figure

    I am still trying to figure certain things out.

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