Bert Lets Me Go Nuts

Episode #141, “Smart Objects Are Pretty Smart,” marks the third and final episode of Bert Monroy’s Pixel Perfect in which I appear. (For now, anyway.) And this time, Bert lets me freeform. It’s a little bit smart objects, a little Camera Raw, with some live type that inverts everything in back of it thrown in for good measure. Click the movie above to see what I mean.

Remember, these videos start with an ad. A really shitty ad that you can’t skip. But then we get into the no-Go-Daddy goodness. I stroll on about 3 minutes in. If you decide to watch the entire thing, be prepared to watch me laugh in a way that makes laughing look painful. (See below.)  Yeah, I’m quite the character, but it’s genuine, so whatever. I also sniff my own underarms. I’m not proud. This is all just by way of full disclosure.

I know, the above, it looks like Bert and I are savoring some horrible end-of-days scenario. But it’s just an auburn image of a chapel. Which is, frankly, scary enough.

Otherwise, I have nothing to say. I keep thinking I might, which is why I keep writing. But I don’t. Enjoy.

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  • Great

    You guys are great !

  • I see back light at Bert,

    I see back light at Bert, its annoying. I like to try this awesome!

  • Man he was dogg’n on you.

    I liked how red he got in the end when he was make’n fun of you Deke ha ha. Anyways keep up the good work.

  • And here I thought I knew absolutely everything about…

    ...Photoshop! Live and learn, eh wot?

    You’re a lot better at Photoshop than you are at killing Bert Monroy, Deke. He looked a lot like he was still alive in this video, not entirely, but a lot.

    Good job!

    “Thanks again, for another day full of something that I
    just can’t put my finger on.”—Kim Knoche

  • I am not sure also

    Thanks for this video!

  • that is so much fun!!

    that is so much fun!!

  • wow

    this is awesome. you are great at this. this is excellent!

  • I love to do things like

    I love to do things like this!

  • Very nice!

    You guys are great!

  • looks great

    looks great

  • really interesting

    and well written article!

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