Two Days Left to Vote for Martini Hour at SXSW

Hey there, dekeOphiles, especially you fans of that refreshing auditory cocktail known as Martini Hour. Deke and I are proposing a panel at next year’s SXSW in which we try to pull off a live version of what usually goes on behind secret velvet doors at the dekeLounge. We’re calling it “Martini Hour Presents: Adobe CS4 Under the Influence,” and we hope to get some luminary friends of the lounge to join us. If you think this is a delightful idea, you can vote for our “panel” (just replace “panel” with “cocktail-sipping discussion” in your mind) by clicking on the graphic below then giving our gin-soaked idea the thumbs up by clicking the…thumbs up button. If we get enough votes, maybe we’ll see you in Austin—shoes off, libations in hand.

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  • You’ve got my vote

    Fo’shur! :-D

  • on-site listing of all audip & video episodes

    Between dekePODs,Top 40’s and few seemingly random episodes ... all while sharing a few Martini’s (and Martini Hours), I’m becoming less assured that I’m remaining current in dekeWORLD.

    Being a relatively new Dekefreak, I was wondering if it would be reasonable to suggest having an on-site “numerical and titular (sp?) listing’ of all the various ‘past and present’ dekefforts. That way, all us noobs will know if and what we may have missed in dekedays of yore and also any deke-thingeys that may have eluded our clinging grasps in recent weeks.

    Cheers and a million thanks for all the great stuff.

    TMH (the mad one)

  • newbie

    I am a newbie here and liking all the stuffs posted by you guys!

  • We hope to provide additional \“buckets\” in the future

    Currently, Martini Hour is just part of the big blog stream. The best way to keep up with every episode is to subscribe to it from iTunes. Eventually, we’ll have a Martini Hour area, but that’s a few months out.

    The dekePod and Photoshop Top 40 videos live together in the dekePod area.

    The random videos are, uh, random. And there are more than a dozen of them, as I recall. Flowing gently down the blog stream . . .

  • if only i lived in texas!

    if only i lived in texas!

  • Burn it up!

    OMG! ending so soon.

  • PACK

    Will there be the entire pack available for downloading ? or sale ?

    Because from what i see it has a lot of success :D

    Designers are the lazy Dreamers smile

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