Martini Hour 041, in Which Colleen Admits She Has No Tattoo

I can’t believe you just showed us that! Oh, get your minds out of the gutter, dekeDeviants.  I’m talking about Photoshop Guy Dave Cross’s maple-leaf+bar code tattoo. After lounging with Chief Photoshop Guy Scott Kelby last week, in this, the fifth of our live episodes recorded at Photoshop World in the Eyecandy lounge at the Mandalay Bay casino, we sit down with the “other” Photoshop Guys, the aforementioned dapper Dave Cross and the equally magnificent Matt Kloskowski.

This rather raucous edition covers subjects ranging from Bridge, tattoos, Lightroom, JPG, raw, keywording, answering sassy questions, and more.

During the interview we have a mini-He Said/She + the Canadian Said discussion of Bridge vs. Lightroom. When do you use which and why? If you’re a photographer processing scores of well-shot images, then why not bring them into your Lightroom catalog. But if you’re a stub-fingered blogger trying to get an image ready for this week’s post, maybe you’re putting everything in Bridge where you can quickly process them, and then delete the shots you never want to see again forever. And which Photoshop gurus are notoriously bad keyworders? (She wonders this as Deke is on the phone wondering where he put that cool image of Dave and Matt from Vegas…). And is it sometimes better to shoot JPGs instead of raw? Could be, and you’ll find out why in this fun-filled frolic.

The toast this week is from our Canadian Hall-of-Fame friend, Dave Cross, who encourages us to be more tolerant and patient in our lives. And Matt Kloskowski, who dreams that one day Dave Cross will start using Lightroom.

Want to enjoy this rousing round of debates over USA v. Canada, Lightroom v. Bridge, and JPG v. Raw? Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

And don’t forget the usual blather: Subscribe via iTunes. Call 1-888-dekepod with your questions. (That’s 1-888-335-3763.)

Thanks again to all those who made our live show so fun and entertaining. Stay tuned for more live and lively fun!

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  • Olives


    I’m new here, and I’m still catching up with old episodes (just finished “Hour” 30). So, I’m not sure if anyone has suggested this before but my all time favorite drink, what I order anytime I saddle a barstool, and the drink my friends know to order for me, is a Tangueray and Tonic, WITH 2 OLIVES.

    In Hour 30 you were drinking Gin & Tonics and lamenting the lack of olives. I have always included the olive in my G&T, probably because I’m too much of a light weight to drink a Martini!

    I hope you’ll give it a try the next time your pouring Gin & Tonics.

    And, thanks for the entertaining education you deliver in each episode. I’m a Lightroomer who occasionally ventures over to CS4. Much of your Photoshop stuff is over my head, so you are definitely expanding my horizons every time I listen! 

  • Welcome aboard

    Nupilot:  It appears that somehow the normal habitués of the area have overlooked your post, so in their behalf, Welcome to one of the best places on the net!  The gang that hang out here have sharing down to a fine art and Deke has lots of Photoshop stuff available in his books and videos that start from grass roots basics.  That’s roughly where I started.  Mind you, you will need to hold on to your hat, it accelerates fast, but it’s a fun trip.  And from what I gather it’s an good cross from Lightroom.  (I’m a Bridge guy )

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