Photoshop for the iPad: the Layers

Merry Happy, Everyone. For those of you who have been wishing for a mobile version of Photoshop for many-a-Christmas, Deke has a third episode this week in which he shows you how we might be inching ever closer to that bright shiny future.

Deke finishes up his review, and his Iceland golf course landscape, this week with a look at the Adjustment Layer and Layer Mask making capabilities of Photoshop for the iPad. You can see his episodes on”> introductory composition making and file moving and retouching in the past two weeks episodes.

If Santa brought you a new iPad or iPad Pro today—or if, like me, you don’t wait for mythological creatures to bring you what you want and you’re heading out to use your Apple gift cards tomorrow to purchase one of these beauties—then this dekeSplanation is a great head start to your mobile Photoshopping lifestyle. And Adobe is promising even better stuff to come!

Deke’s Techniques, feeling the holiday love for all the dekes down in dekeVille. Thanks for another great year.


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