Photoshop Top 40, Feature #13: File Info

This week comes Lucky Feature #13. A feature so great, I forget to use it all the time. Seriously, don’t be like me: Every night as you go to bed—right after you finish saying “Good-night, Mary Ellen” and “Good-night, John Boy”—I want you to promise yourself, “I will remember to use File Info.” Because if you’re sending files out to clients or posting them on the Web, you need to document them. Complete with author and contact and copyright and, best of all, URL. Otherwise, when that image makes its rounds (as it inevitably will), who the hell will know who (you!!) made it?

It’s not a hard command to use. It’s just hard to get in the habit of using. Hopefully, this video will inspire you. Or cajole you. I don’t care which as long as it works.

The lovely woman in the photograph comes (as always) from image vendor Fotolia. This is file #11404196 from lennywolf. For an exclusive dekeOnline deal, click this link.

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  • this is awesome

    looking forward to having this software…

  • Mind boggling…

    This is the reason I fell in love with Photoshop… great stuff! smile

  • a shortcut for file info

    Right-Clicking on the header bar of the image opened in Photoshop brings up a quick menu with a “file info” selection option.

  • Thanks.

    Thanks for the tip of recompression in Photoshop versus bridge when saving an image.

  • Mash-hand i; good shortcut menomic!

    Good info, esp about bridge. Ifranview does this too. About the lossy saves, I got really worried recently as I had outputted a lot of files with full resolutions (in pixels) but with a document property of 100ppi rather than 300. I had to find the right psds with the right tweaks or resave. I found a blog whereby a guy had saved a clear picture of an eagle 30x at jpg max before there was any noticeable noise, so went for a mix.

    Found the info property useful recently after saving slices for web the colours on my pngs came out wrong. It seems you can set profile embedding for jpegs in the ‘save for web’ dialog, but not pngs, it follows the jpg settings, but browsers don’t honour png colour profiles. I later deleted the profiles on the pngs from the advanced tab in the file info dialog and they looked normal, well, less horrible!

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