Photoshop Top 40, Feature #24: Curves

Normally, I write these Photoshop Top 40 posts from my home or office in Boulder, Colorado. But this week finds me in the pastoral countryside of Côte du Rhone, France, enjoying a little time off. Alas, the nature of a weekly podcast is that, even on a break, I have to give it the gas.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if I keep this post short:

After sixteen Photoshop Top 40 movies, you may wonder what’s next. While now you needn’t, because here it is.

See? That was short.

Feature #24 is Photoshop’s preeminent luminance-adjustment feature, Curves. The Curves command gives you independent control over highlights, shadows, midtones, quartertones, three-quartertones, and much, much more. Like so many of Photoshop’s most powerful features, Curves demands its pound of flesh in terms of experience and expertise, but holy cow it’s capable.

As usual, the base photo comes from image vendor Fotolia. But instead of using one of the affordable photographs, I chose a really expensive one —  #5319843, a so-called Infinite Collection image from Mike Watson. Click this link for a special deal.

(For a list of all Photoshop Top 40 videos thus far, click here.)

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Now back to France, previously in progress.

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  • Private Video?

    When I try to view the video, it says that’s a private video. And I can’t see it.

  • Locked up

    Yup, it’s locked up here as well as at the blog. Guess we will have to be patient and wait.

  • I can’t see it too.:)

    I can’t see it too.:)

  • Private Video due to nature of curves?

    Just wondering. . .

  • iTunes Podcast Available

    Yeah, bummer on the private YouTube video.  And at first, I thought the deke pod podcast had stopped updated.  Well, I guess it has.  But it’s apparently currently available as a different feed, it’s not deke pod anymore, it’s its own photoshop top 40 feed.

    Click on the link that says “podcast from iTunes.”  You can get to this episode from there, at least.

    As a side note, I found the sign up process rather difficult.  Almost not worth completing just so I could leave a comment.  Deke, if you’re listening, maybe try a different registration process.

  • Photoshop Top 40 #24 - Curves

    “This video is private”. Why Deke? You don’t want us to see it?

  • Photoshop Top 40 #24 - Curves

    “This video is private”. Why Deke? You don’t want us to see it?

  • Hey, me too on that private stuff!

    I’ll bet you’re already fixing that.

    What’s Tuesday without my Deke’s Top 40?

  • Hey kids, working on unprivatizing…

    Deke leaves the country and everything goes awry. Working on un-privating the video asap.


  • Video feed is fixed

    Sorry for the inconvenience dekeSters. The video should be revealed to all. Torture will be administered to the defilers. And hopefully, Deke’s sound asleep in France.

  • *hands folded*

    (patiently waiting..)

    Your videos are great Deke.


    Edit:  *pressing play, sitting back*  ahhhhhh…

  • wow..

    nice, it never occurred to me to change the blend mode of an adjustment layer like that. i can envision interesting effects with this.

    Have a good trip Deke and Thanks Colleen!

  • Thanks, Deke!

    Just a great big THANK you for your guidance and knowledge sharing!!!!!!

  • Thanks Colleen

    You’re a Deke-Saver!!

  • France

    I want to go to France!

  • Is 16-bit Photoshop really only 15 bits?

    Since 2^16 = 65 536, why is the maximum value in a Photoshop 16-bit file only 15 bits worth: 32768?

    I’m wondering if the other half of the numbers are used for negatives, but 8-bit files don’t do that, so I imagine 16-bit ones don’t, either.

  • Only One Word

    Only one word to characterize such a great post: “WOW!” That was a very interesting read.

  • The might of Curves

    A well-written post—I like it!

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    This video is really great!

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    We use Photoshop a lot! This feature will make everything easier.

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