Photoshop World Vegas Keynote Video Available

Hey all, just back from forever on the road (Deke didn’t even mention the dekePod recording session we had in SF; I think he wants you to think that these works of brilliance pop fully formed out of his Zeus-like head and land on iTunes). As you know, Photoshop World happened. As you also know, you can get a sneak peek at the CS4 launch by registering here. But I also wanted to point you to a video of the key sections of the PSWorld keynote posted by Adobian Terry White over at the Creative Suite Podcast. When you watch it, you’ll see there was a bunch of stuff about Lightroom 2 that neither Deke nor I mentioned (‘cause you know, we’re so of the moment we can’t be bothered with a 2-week-old application, we have to talk about the ones that aren’t even here yet!). It also includes John Loiacono and our Friend of dekeWorld John Nack demo-ing juicy bits of Photoshop “Next” live.

One little instructional thing about Terry’s link…

...once you get to Terry’s site, you have to either click here or here to download the MP4. I know, we like the stream, but if you’re interested in what an Adobian recorded two other Adobians saying about “Photoshop Next,” it will be worth the download.

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