dekeKeys for Download

Ever since the dawn of my One-on-One book and video series nearly five years ago, I’ve been nurturing two collections of custom keyboard shortcuts that I call dekeKeys. One is for Photoshop, the other is for InDesign. (For some reason, I haven’t been quite motivated to do one for Illustrator. Maybe when my book comes out early next year.)


Both shortcut sets grew out of a need, not to help you (c’mon, I love you, you know that), but to expedite my personal workflow. It started with Photoshop: Ctrl+Alt+I (on the Mac, Cmd-Opt-I) for Image Size and Ctrl+Alt+C (Cmd-Opt-C) for Canvas Size. I later talked Adobe into integrating those two as defaults, so no need to customize them. But I’ve come up with lots more custom shortcuts since, all of which make my life much easier at any rate.

For the first time, I’m making my dekeKeys shortcuts available to any dekeOnline member, whether you own a copy of one of my One-on-One titles or not. To download the files, right-click one of the following links:

Both are ZIP files. You’ll need to unzip them and install the desired shortcuts document, PC or Mac, into the proper location.

To install, quit Photoshop or InDesign. Then copy the dekeKeys file (just one is required per program) according to the following instructions. (Windows users: You’ll need t adjust your Folder Options so that you can see hidden files and system folders.)

If you’re using Photoshop, copy the shortcuts file to the location below (depending on operating system, where the red user indicates your login name):

For those using InDesign, copy the shortcuts file as follows:

If you can’t find an InDesign Shortcut Sets folder, make one. Be careful to spell the folder name accurately or InDesign won’t see it.

Now with any luck, you can restart Photoshop or InDesign, choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts, and select dekeKeys from the top list. Then click OK and you’re ready to use my custom shortcuts.

Best of luck! And happy shortcutting!

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  • Linky?

    Well I thought maybe it was because my caffeine levels weren’t high enough, but after a big, strong cup of white tea…I know I’m not a real caffeine junkie. But good loose leaf tea is so darn yummy. And apparently it will make you smart, healthy and rich, so why not?

    Anyway, after consuming caffeine I still fail to see any links to the dekeKeys here. Am I missing something?

    Deeeke! Why you gotta tease us, buddy?

  • ditto Linky?

    Likewise, I’ve had my caffeine, a large yummy homemade cafe latte ... and I similarly fail to see the link.  But it could be right in front of my nose, and I might miss it.

    Please, PLEASE tell me there’s a Flatten File shortcut.  I know, I could make one myself , but I’d have to figure out how to do that first ...

  • Working on the links!

    There appears to be a bug on the site that prevents anyone but administrators from seeing the shortcuts link.

    Sorry about that. I’m creating a couple of manual links now. Should be up in a few minutes.

    Bugs suck, man!

  • OK good, I’m not crazy

    OK nevermind…I had a screen shot just to prove I’m not loco, but you’re workin’ on it. Smash that bug!

  • Okay, should be working now

    Thanks for the warning bells.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

  • Deke is the Man

    You rock, Deke. Thank you!!

    A Tip for (unwitting) XP users like me: If your C:Documents and SettingsUserApplication Data folder is missing, got to Control Panel>Folder Options>View tab, and select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

  • Different than what’s on

    I got dekekeys as part of a download from - the Photoshop CS3 mano-a-mano. Have you changed them since that batch?



  • Nope, these are the same

    as the shortcuts posted to (for Photoshop CS3 Channels and Masks, which is the most recent series to employ them).

    Just making them available to everyone else. For the betterment of mankind. And all that.

  • Flatten Image Keyboard Shortcut

    You can assign a Shortcut as follows:

    Goto Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts then in ‘Shortcuts For:’ select ‘Application Menus’

    then scroll all the way down to the 5th option from the bottom in this category - ‘Flatten Image’. Click in the Shortcut column just after ‘Flatten Image’ and press the key combo you want to assign (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F was still free in my test).


  • I love it!

    In dekeKeys for Photoshop, I set Flatten Image to the extreme-mash-your-fist Cmd-Control-Shift-Option-E on the Mac, but nothing under Windows. (Too bad you can’t assign the Windows key to stuff.)

    But Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F makes so much sense! Mind if I steal that for dekeKeys CS4?

    Oh, and obviously, if you good peops have ideas for other shortcuts, feel free to suggest.

  • Installing InDesign shortcuts on Windows

    I run Vista & CS3, and I noticed when I went to install the dekeKeys back when I started the one-on-one book that I didn’t have an ‘InDesign Shortcut Sets’ folder on my comp. I had to first make one based on the path written above and then I put the file in there. 

    Hope that helps anyone with similar wacky Windows wierdness…

  • Report of missing folder

    I got to the part where (on my Mac) InDesign> Library>Preferences>Adobe InDesign>Version 5.0> ? ???
    I am missing the “InDesign Shortcut Sets” folder!

    Should I just create one or place the file in the “Version 5.0” Folder?

    Do you suspect that someone broke into my office and actually stole this valuable folder?

  • Make that folder!

    Stuart79 mentioned this, and I should have as well.

    If you’re missing an InDesign Shortcut Sets folder (very likely b/c of roaming gangs of folder thieves), then make one.

  • Thank you!

    Thank you, Deke for the downloadable keys.  And thank you, Gfx-Dzine for the specific Flatten image shortcut instructions.

    I’m grateful grin

  • Not the right kind of document?

    I’m trying to save the dekeKeys for mac, and I get a pop up that it’s not the right kind of document?  What is that?

    Forgot to mention, i’m using photoshop…

  • Your browser is giving you that error?

    In other words, can you download the file or no?

  • dekeKeys for PsCS4?

    Are dekeKeys for PsCS4 available?

  • Yes

    Yes they are in One on One APSCS4 Book

  • dekeKeys for PsCS4:clarification

    Are dekeKeys for PsCS4 available for free public download, to people who don’t own any of the PsCS4 training products?

  • DekeKeys for Illustrator??

    Have you done any DekeKeys for Illustrator CS4?

  • You know . . .

    I haven’t created any dekeKeys for Illustrator yet. Why not? I haven’t really come up with a critical mass of commands and other features that require shortcuts.

    Suggestions? I’m all ears and eyes.

  • speaking of Illustrator

    Hi deke, love your site, books etc.

    As I have been working through my IDCS4 1on1, I noticed there is an Illustrator CS4 1on1 ‘upcoming’.

    Is that still the case? I have learnt so much from your books, podcasts, videos.

    I want to know more!!!!!!!

  • Channels & Masks/Preface page XX, All Windows Shortcuts Question


      Having trouble with my Mac accepting the shortcuts suggested on Preface page XX.

    F11, F12 accepted, but the shortcuts for F9, and the other two involving the space bar will not change to what the book lists.

    When I click, and hold ctrl, then press F9 to change the shortcut, the F9 button functions(or shows a crossed out circle, like a no smoking sign, except no cigarette in the middle) but will not change.

    When I click and hold ctrl/F9 together at the same time I get the same result.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank You!

    Just got the book, so I do not want to go forward until I get this resolved. I don’t want to be stuck later on, I am really looking forward to learning a lot of new things with the book.


    I should add that I am using a MacBook Pro, version 10.4.11

  • Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks: Missing File

    I have an autographed copy of “C&M” obtained from “The Master” at Mac World in January. Unfortunately on my CD the file Ancient doorways.psd has an error and would not open.

    Is there a site where I can download that file or can you email it to me?

    I would love to complete Lesson 7.

    I am having great fun and learning a lot from “The Master”.


  • Posted Below, need some help.


      Anyone can see my posting below where I need help with the PS CS4, Channels & Masks book.

    I know that I’m probably in the wrong place, is there anyone out there with info for support, or I am going to have to return the book, it’s useless if I can’t follow the book with the shortcuts not functioning.

    Any help is appreciated, hopefully there is a forum, or support phone number/website that can help me.


  • visual guide

    Hey Deke, I’ve been working through photoshop cs4 fundamentals one on one

    and have started advanced….

    i think it would be helpful if i had a visual reference for the deke keys and photoshop shortcuts…

    something like this…

    do you have anything like it made up?

    Thanks Deke!!!

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one photos missing

    According to the instructions on page 23…the Balloon Thief folder should have 6 photos.  My disk has only the first one.  Is there some place I can download the additional photos?

  • shortcuts reference

    Not as pretty as the pdf you referenced but photoshop can generate an HTML file of the shortcuts, which can of course be put into other applications.

    edit>keyboard shortcuts>summarize

    and then you point it to where you’d like it to save the shortcut reference.

    This is for CS4, I’ve no idea if it works it earlier versions.

  • here they are

    Deke linked to this in another post;

  • Ancient doorway file

    Click this link to get to the missing Ancient Doorway.psd file.

    On a general note, the search function in the top-right corner of the site works pretty darn well. To my knowledge, all missing files for all books are found somewhere on the site.

  • F9 key problem

    Sorry for the delay in answering. It is Summer and we’re sometimes out of pocket.

    It sounds like you might be having problems getting around the Fn key issue.

    Click the Keyboard tab at the top of the System Preferences window. Then turn on the Use All F1, F2, etc. Keys . . . check box. Now retry the tip in the book and see if it works.

    Bear in mind, the Preface of the book contains recommendations, not imperative instructions. I believe the quality of the material in the book transcends the behavior of the F9 key.

    Here’s a link you will need, however: Click here for the missing Balloon Thief files.

  • Illustrator One-on-One

    Is in the works, but we missed the opportunity to get it out for CS4. Instead, we’re shooting for the next version of the software, whenever that may hit.

  • V is last consonant in the word MOVE

    At first I thought A and V were odd choices, but I think adobe chose A and V for its arrow selection hotkeys because both letters look like arrowheads

  • You may be right!

    I hadn’t considered the physical appearance of the letterform.

    Does that mean S selects the small poisonous serpent tool? Press Y to locate the nearest source of water.

  • short cuts

    can we also use these for CS4?  thanks

  • That’s a good idea

    I’m going to have to agree with you on that one. I never thought of that before though.

  • Good question, Can someone

    Good question,

    Can someone tell us if these are the same for indesign cs4?

    I am using his book as a guide to better learn “Adobe InDesign CS4 one-on-one / Deke McClelland, with David Futato.” and unfortunately his “Shortcut keys” which were included in the CD were blank, and I’m stuck.

    Does anybody know where we can get them from???

    Thank you

  • deke keys for ps cs4

    I love all of your tutorials. I have been following your work and am working my way through all of your tutorials. How can I get your deke keys for cs4? I have the cs3 version but am a cs4 user!!


  • Illustrator CS4 keyboard shortcuts

    Deke, you are amazing.  Thank you for all the great material.  I just finished going through your Illustrator CS4 one-on-one advanced series at and you gave instructions for loading the Illustrator shortcut keys from the example files.  I do not have access to those example files and was not able to load them.  Throughout your blog here, you indicate you have not created Illustrator CS4 shortcut keys.  Are they now available from your web site somehow?  I also would like to get access to your “Best Workflow CS4.csf” file if it is available.  Can you help here?

  • Trying to find the Best Workflow Settings for CS4 download here

    All I seem to get is “Dekeskeyes for CS3” when I do a search. I’m following along on the Lynda paid site and want to synchronize all the color settings etc. in Adobe Production Premium through Bridge.

  • workflow download

    I have not seen it here (does not mean it isn’t hiding from my wanderings)

    You can download them from  Go to Deke’s Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals group, and click on the Exercise Files tab at the top.  There you can download a zip withboth DekeKeys and Best Workflow…

    Have fun!

  • Wacom Boards

    Not sure where to post it, so I’ll try here. First of all I love the lynda videos. I’m new so I’m starting with the 1 on 1 series. You mentioned the wacom boards. Due to my budget I can’t afford the nice one you mentioned you used. Instead I bought one of the bamboo ones, much cheaper, just not as nice I guess. Do you, or do you plan to have videos on properly using them? That may be a hard topic to cover, but figured if anyone could it would be you. Any feed back would be great. Thanks,


  • Wacom’s Bamboo Tablet Issue

    A brief interjection: Last Thursday, I bought a Bamboo Pen & Touch. I got it to carry with my Macbook Pro. After installing the driver, I looked forward to putting it through its paces. I was very disappointed to see the terrible response from the time I drew a line to the time it appeared onscreen.

    This problem did not occur every time I tried drawing, but it occurred more than half the time. It happened with very short strokes as well as long. With a lot of pressure applied and with little. I’d draw 4 or five lines and some seconds later, they would appear in the order I drew them. I don’t know what the issue is, but it’s going back for a refund tomorrow. I use both an old Wacom Graphire and Intuos3. I have never had a similar issue with either of these, (4GB of RAM in the Macbook Pro) Just an FYI. 


    “Thanks again, for another day full of something that I

    just can’t put my finger on.”—Kim Knoche

  • dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts

    I give up because I have a headache now from trying to figure out how come I don’t have the option to change my keyboard shortcuts to dekeKeys IDcs4 1on1 in the Keyboard Shortcut menu at the Set pop-up menu. I use to have it when I had Adobe InDesign CS4 which was a standalone program. I uninstalled that program and loaded Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium and no longer have the option. I have Windows Vista and checked to make sure I still have C:/Users/user/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/InDesign/Version 6.0/en_us/InDesign Shortcut Sets and I do. Might I need to use a different path since now my InDesign was a package with Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. Please help. I don’t know what else to do.

  • Wacom Tablets - how to totorial !

    I own Wacom Bamboo, and I am interested what are Your (I am talking to You Deke) preferences when u use one. I understand that You more pro Wacom Tablet (I will get one too sooner or later), but a proper tutorial what express keys U use and how to “do it right” will be great !!!

  • Are you drawing in Photoshop?

    More often than not, the “lag” issue has more to do with Photoshop trying to catch up than the tablet or driver supplying tardy information.

    When this happens, try painting a fast line with your mouse. If you notice a similar delay (or Photoshop stalls and then draws a straight line), quit Photoshop and start it up again. If the problem persists, restart your computer. And if that still doesn’t solve the problem, restart Photoshop while pressing the Cmd, Shift, and Option keys, which will reset the program’s preferences.

    I ran into a spate of painting delays while working on my videos for The IT team ultimately wiped the computer and all was well again. I’m just saying, it’s not necessarily the tablet’s fault.

  • Another way to install dekeKeys

    I just recently figured out an easier method on the PC:

    Locate my original dekeKeys file. Right-click on it and choose Copy.

    Go into InDesign. (This works with Photoshop, too.) Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Click on the little Save As floppy disk icon. (Cuz we’re always saving to floppies these days grin

    In the ensuing dialog box, right-click and choose Paste. Now the file is in the proper location! At that point, I believe you cancel out. Then you should see dekeKeys in the Set menu.

    Let me know if that works.

  • Deke Keys for photoshop cs4 for Windows 7 users

    I tried installing the DekeKeys for Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 PC, but it didnt work. I was wondering if a windows 7 compatible dekeKeys is available.



  • Folder in Windows 7 for Dekekeys

    Where do I install the DekeKeys in Windows 7? The instructions only cover XP and Vista.


  • Windows 7 for dekekeys

    I got mine to work by extracting the dekekeys and saving into the keyboard shortcuts folder in this location

    C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS3PresetsKeyboard Shortcuts.

    Then in PS, change the keyboard shortcuts as usual, it will appear in the dropdown selection. (resatart of PS may be needed).

    Hope that helps.

  • or if you have CS4

    I have not saved up for that yet… try this location

    C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS4Localesen_USSupport FilesShortcutsWin

  • Saving the Keyboard Shortcuts and other files

    I have a question… I am using CS4 - Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.
    I am on a Mac w/ Snow Leopard

    I have a Wacom Intuos 3

    I went to save the dekeKeys - and it occured to me that I am confused on a certain point. In the past, I used to save all Presets and Plugins - (i think)  in the specific folder for that Application.

    Now, I am seeing where the instructed location is in LIbrary > Application Support

    Can anyone tell me if there is a problem with using the Presets folder in the Applications folder

    or the necessity of using the App Support folder in the main Library folder

    I am even confused how I started doing this, was that how it was done before there was an App Support folder in Library? I have way too many dupliated files, etc on my computer that I hope to streamline things, like where is best to put things, etc. I imagine this started when I bought my newest Mac and was transferring things from previous versions of Creative Suite, and from the previous Mac O.S. versions.

    Hope someone has an understanding of where they go best

    i realize one can just go dump them in the proper folder of App Support, but leave it to me to want to understand the history of it, or even why.  So if you have some background on this, I’d love to understand it. t.i.a.

  • Then again

    After trying it in person on my brothers computer today; use Deke’s method below… strange but it works; go figure!

  • Adobe has changed where it squirrels away its files

    More than once. It changed to the Application Support path with CS3 and looks likely to remain there. This despite the fact that there are many duplicate subfolders in the Applications > Presets folder.

    I understand your desire to streamline. But where prefs are concerned, it’s better to let Photoshop determine the location of the file.

  • Adobe TV - exercise file folder

    Your video for Indesign is very good, thanks.

    But you refer to an exercise file folder, where can I get that?



  • CS4 Indesign Deke Preferences

    I have CS4 InDesign also window 7 - 64bit and looking for your shortcuts. 
    When I upgraded my computer from CS3 my preferences were not transferred across and the Preserences from your Adobe InDesign CS One on One book disk will not open for CS4.

    Where can I download your preferences for CS4?

  • You really know your

    You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

          jump higher exercises

  • dekekeys_one_on_one


    Do you give seminars/classes in Nevada or California?

  • dekeKeys question

    If I load these keyboard shortcuts will I lose all of the shortcuts I have already created?  For example, I use CTRL F12 to run an action to add a vignette using lens correction. 


    Bryan Conner

    Ravensburg, Germany

  • dekeKeyesPS51on1?

    Are these downloadable (for the poor-man Lynda subscriber)?



  • Where Do I Copy Best Workflow CS4.csf on Windows 7???

    can you pleas advise me of the location to install on windows 7 pc

  • DekeKeys Installation Error

    I am having trouble setting up my shortcuts fold in CS3.  Everytime I double click on the"dekeKeys PhCS3 1on1 Mac.kys” file, I get an error that reads “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.”  Can anyone please help with this?

  • Deke Keys CS5, windows 7 file location

    I cannot located the disk that came with my CS4 One On One book, and I’m trying to get back to where I was before I had to completely re-up the machine this last weekend.

    I have downloaded the file and extracted it, but now cannot find any of the suggested locations in which to place the file so I can get it from PS..


    thanks… I have come to depend on Deke for darn near everything!!


    ...if you keep publishing the marginal shots, you’ll never stop taking them.

  • Try dragging it onto the Ps icon

    So that your system knows you want to open the file in Photoshop. You can also right-click on the file and choose Properties (Get Info on the Mac) and select to open the file with Photoshop.

    Anyway, my guess it that a .kys file is somehow linked to the wrong application on your system.

  • Fixing Pet Eye

    Is there any chance you will do a video on fixing pet eye? Most of the fixes I’ve found were simply painting over the glow with black and then using white to put the glint back which is not a very good technique. I’ve had some passable results using multiple layers with differing opacities and colors but it is time consuming and still doesn’t give me the result I would like.

    Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

  • I didn’t know this is

    I didn’t know this is possible but it will make my work so much easier, thanks for sharing! I’ve had some troubles with installing the software though, I am thinking to install a regcure on my system and set some order, maybe that would make it all work.

  • Help


    I have just got your Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 1on1 books and was going through the recommended preparation in the Illustrator book ... but stalled at reassigning the Mac OS X Shortcuts.  I can get to where I need to be under System Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts and highlight per Figure 11 but when double clicked, the F12 shortcut does not accept the Control F12 input - I just get the volume up effect and the shortcut stays as F12.

    My Control key works.  I have tried removing my keyboard USB connection and reinserting it, tried Restore Defaults in the Keyboard Shortcut pane and starting again, tried resetting other shortcuts… all without success.

    I can move on without resetting the OS X shortcuts but this is annoying.

    Any ideas?

  • Dohhh

    Never mind.  Took what should have been the obvious trip into Keyboard and clicked the box “Use all F1 F2 etc keys as Std function keys” and all works as intended.

    Move on everyone, nothing to see here.  Operator error again!

  • Hilarious

    Thx for the comment and conclusion.

    The smallest things can hang you up.

  • cs5 trouble

    Try as i may i cannot get dekekeys into ps cs5. missing parser or some such. any help?—steve

  • Go to the dekeKeys CS5 page

    Click here to get there.

    It contains an updated file and more up-to-date instructions.

  • keyboard shortcuts

    Help ... trying to install dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts to indesign CS5.5 on my Mac.

    When copying to Library, I have Version 7.5   ???  What do I do now?

  • Deke Keys

    Hi all, What an informative site!! I noticed the loads of questions about the Deke keys but the problem I have is that I can’t even get them. I downloaded the tutorials from the site but the 00_Set up is missing.
    Any chance of getting a download from here? I’d be very grateful!!!
    Chris. T.

  • Deke Keys

    I feel a right PRAT.
    Just noticed the download. {Dummy}!!!!!!!!!!!


  • KWS are wrong (Out-Dated CS3 Not CS5)

    What a pain… After sorting out how simple it is to get the KYS onto my CS5 ext and finding the keyboard shorts had changed they are not the same as the shortcuts shown in the One-on-One Tutorial. Any hope of getting the revised KYS?
    This is so frustrating knowing that they will be needed as I follow you further into the course.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts - InDesign 5.5 Mac - path to copy dekeKeys

    Not sure if this was answered before but I have located the path for copying dekeKeys for InDesign 5.5 (CS5.5).

    Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > Adobe InDesign CS5.5 > Presets > InDesign Shortcut Sets > en_GB (or your preference country) and bingo! Drop the file in there and you can then pick it up from InDesign > Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

    I managed to do it with InDesign actually open. Seems to work fine (so far!)

    Good luck

  • CS6 compatible?


    I noticed that PS CS6 has some newly integrated shortcuts so I was wondering if this old PS CS3 .kys file will work with PS CS6?

    Also, where can I view the html file for these shortcuts?


  • Do the InDesign dekekeys

    Do the InDesign dekekeys still work for CS6?

  • what about Cs5 Dekekeys?

    where is the LINK,plz?

  • dekeKeys shortcuts for Windows 8

    Is there a dekekeys shortcuts for Windows 8?  Help

  • Help!!!! Need Dekekeys for CS5 Windows 8

    I have been on phone with tech support and they say the DekeKeys will not work with windows 8 without an upgrade.  Please help.

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