Channels & Masks Ancient Doorway File

(Well, if you’re going to refer to me as the “Incomperable Colleen” I’m certainly going to try….)

If you’ve made it to Lesson 7 in Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One and are finding that the practice file Ancient doorway.psd is behaving badly, it’s because the file is truncated, i.e., corrupt. (No idea how it happened, just that it did happen.)

But no fear. I’ve attached the full file in all its splendor. Just right-click on this link here or the image below and choose Save or Download. Unzip the 18.8MB download and it’ll grow into a 26.2MB PSD doc. Copy it over the bad file included with the book and you’ll be good to go.

I’ll get it up on the O’Reilly errata page on Monday. Thanks for the heads up. Someone (kindly?) identified it there as a “minor technical problem” instead of “My %&#@ing file won’t open!” I dont’ think it’s been there long, because Deke is supposed to get emails everytime those items go up and he would not have abandoned you on his male-bonding snow-mobiling adventure if he’d known.

I’m also downloading the disk image to see if I can spot where things went wrong (you know, so I know where to subtly but scathingly place blame), but I’d also encourage you to report the difficulty to O’Reilly Customer Service ( That way they can track the occurances of the problem and figure out how best to resolve it in future editions. And because some people will report their frustrations there first, and while they may not be as cool as you dwellers of dekeWorld, they still deserve a working file.

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  • Ancient Doorway attachment

    Hi Colleen. Thanks for addressing the issue with this file but I can’t find how I can get the file that worked on your computer onto my computer from this post.

    Perhaps you could point us right at it because all I am finding is a cropped jpeg.

    Whoops, I just found where you said, “I’ll get it up on the O’Reilly errata page on Monday.”

    You’ll have to excuse me because I am partially blind. (quite a bit so actually)

    I’ll check for it next week.

  • No, criisderaud, you’re right.

    It should show up as an attachment to my post here too, but it’s not and I don’t know why. I’ll keep working on it.


  • OK. Ancient Doorway download should work.

    Click the image in the post and it should download the compete file.

  • It does work

    Bingo, we’re in the mix. You are incomparable Colleen!!

  • elements 5

    Hi Deke
    I have a friend who has elements 7. I’d like to get him your elements 5 tutorial dvd. Is the setup(interface) of elements 5 nearly the same as elements 7? In other words(he’s a real novice) would elements 7 be so radically different from elements 5 that he would just get confused?

    P.S Have a couple of your books and videos and really enjoy them. Keep up the good and neccessary work.

  • Elements 7 is pretty different

    Basically, Elements comprises the Organizer and the Editor. The Organizer (which I cover in Chapters 1 thru 3) is always in a state of flux, so it could be a little confusing. The Editor (the topic of Chapters 4 thru 9) is comparatively locked down.

    For a few $$ more, you could offer your friend a subscription. That way, he could fill in the gaps with “Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows Essential Training” by Jan Kabili. Or test out her series in advance and see what you think—who knows? It might be all your friend needs.

  • Elemants 7

    thanks for the reply Deke.


  • green screen chroma-key

    Sorry to interrupt the flow (?) of this thread, but how about a podcast on lifting a subject from a green screen without a $100-$150 plug-in? I haven’t been able to apply your example of masking the black hair on a white background using any of the channels to make a mask of a face on a green background. I’ve seen a few more or less lame tutorials scattered across the web, but preserving the hair on a model is tough.



  • Well, there’s always the option of spending $49.99 on a book

    In which case, I know this one called Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One. It explores blue and green screen masking techniques.

    Or check out Chapter 14, “Calculations (aka Channel Operations)” in my online video series Photoshop CS3 Channels & Masks: Advanced Techniques.

    This link,, gets you 7 days free.

    Or stay tuned for Channels & Masks Video Lesson 10: “Calculations versus Apply Image,” in which I introduce you to a blue screen technique that you can easily adapt to green screen. (Remind me and I’ll tell you how.) Colleen’s supposed to get Lesson 8 up any minute now, so Lesson 10 should be up in one or two weeks.

  • Duh! thanks!

    Duh! thanks!

  • Reply

    I’m a big fan of the one-on-one series. If you need to learn about channels & masks, this is the book to get. The tutorials on masking hair and alpha channels are 2nd to none. The fact that this book also comes with 3hrs video training makes this book the obvious choice for learning about this subject.

  • Channels and Masks book/vids

    really are topnotch study tools, I completely agree.

    Not sure about the big dick link, though - seems that penis enlargement would be best suited for chapters on warp and liquify techniques.

  • I took out the spam link

    Not sure what motivates someone to write a kind post and then add a link to a virility enhancement product at the end. And then top it off with the subject “Reply” so that I can find it and eliminate the link easy as pie.

    Perhaps a guy like achet can fill us in on what madcap and undoubtedly profitable fun it is to be a spammer.

  • Spammers

    are the scourge of the internet. And, like cockroaches, they are hard to eliminate. Sadly.

    Don’t let them get you down. grin

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