Martini Hour 002, In Which Deke Admits He’s Fighting a Losing Battle

Hello, friends, and welcome to a very special second episode of Martini Hour. Which is our chance to catch up with you. Over an adult beverage. Or not. By which we mean, we would rather you were listening to us relaxed, with a cool clinky drinky at your beck and call. But if you choose to listen to us while you, say, drive: Aagh! For the love of all that is sober, do the world a favor and switch it to coffee!

(Really, we don’t mind. Show still works.)

Oh, and gosh, here’s a revised logo, now in cool “Sapphire” blue:

Naturally, this episode of Martini Hour is for you. Here’s what it has in store:

When Drinking Doesn’t Help

Deke finally faces down a question from Steve Newton that I’ve been hiding in my inbox since December. (Sorry, Steve!) Steve wants to know about that warning you get when you’re generating a PDF from InDesign: the one about the document transparency blend space not matching the destination color space. Deke explains that most documents aren’t going to be effected, but if you do happen to have some blend mode chicanery going on in your document, you so want to control the transparency blend mode.

He Said, She Said

Deke still believes in calling panels “palettes.” In fact, he insisted on it in his latest round of One-on-One books and videos. Colleen thinks we should get with the program and accept that Adobe now calls them “panels,” whether we likes it or not. In the end, Deke can’t argue with the irrefutable evidence of his own video-captured self saying “panels” during a not-so-long-ago dekePod episode.

This Week’s Toast

Finally, we raise our glasses to our friends at Adobe: specifically John Nack and Jeff Tranberry, who helped us get that special Flash panel (ha! told you so, Deke!) ready for the Channels & Masks book. (Oh, and if we’d known at the time, we would have added the newest Hughes to our toast. Congratulations, to Photoshop PM Bryan Hughes and family.)

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Here’s the high-quality (320kbps) file. You’ll definitely want to download this one.

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And by all means, we welcome your comments.

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    I was talking to Colleen the other day and she could not stop crying.

    “0 comment!” she kept saying. Do you guys know what that was about?

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  • You know it’s because of…

    ... that mindless, yet strangely addictive, Twitter nonsense, don’t you?

    But you know I love you guys. Hell, I could listen to Martini Hour all evening.


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